Attack Of The Penguins


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The first part of a story i am righting

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Attack Of The Penguins

  1. 1. In this very universe In This Very Universe
  2. 2. One Thing
  3. 3. Rules All
  4. 4. <ul><li>He couldn’t sleep…he knew there was no point in trying. It was the last sleep he would have of his life. They were coming. No one could stop them. It was, as all thought, impossible. </li></ul>I Shall Tell You A Story
  5. 5. <ul><li>Time after time they were outsmarted. They realized fighting was just a waste so just sat there helpless losing more everyday. Jack didn’t like it he thought they should do something. They couldn’t just be destroyed by a species they once thought unintelligent. That was just absolutely idiotic. </li></ul>A Story of Hardly Any Sense And A Bad Plot Line
  6. 6. <ul><li>He knew he could do something he just didn’t know what. He had to think and suddenly he knew…he knew exactly what he would do. Jack smiled at his own thoughts. </li></ul>A Perfect Story Just Before Halloween
  7. 7. <ul><li>He knew just how to get those horrendous birds he just needed a plan on how to do it. Jack paced. He knew his plan was impossible…but that was what he liked about it. He knew if he could find a way to cause an asteroid the size moon to fly into the Earth it would completely shatter the Earth. Of course he could just use the moon itself. He could live on a large chunk that was left. He just needed a rocket with a harpoon or something of that sort (not so easy to come by) and it would be very easy. But who was he kidding the possibility was nil. </li></ul>The Attack of The Penguins
  8. 8. <ul><li>Lily was walking down the street. The penguin crisis was crazy and didn’t make half a bit of sense to her. They were just dumb birds how did they become so intelligent. Of course after global warming Antarctica is a great place to live. They even have some cities that ran on nuclear reactors. She was stunned. Her mind had just solved the puzzle. She had heard about a nuclear chemical spill near Moonlight (a city in the country of Tundra which is obviously in the continent of Antarctica), and how some penguins had been affected by it. This was 20 years ago. The chemicals must have given them a quicker evolution ability. They had already taken over almost 75% of Antarctica, 10% of Africa, 2% of Australia, and 30% of South America. They were slowly making there way throughout the world. There adaptation ability was also made quicker too she suspected. Otherwise they would have stayed in the southern most part of Antarctica where it still snowed. She congratulated herself on her findings. She was grateful she lived in Canada, otherwise, she would have had much more problems with the penguins. Little did she realize what a bad spot she was in. </li></ul>Chapter 1 Lily Crawford
  9. 9. <ul><li>Lily couldn’t believe her eyes. She lived on the Eastern Coast of Canada. What she saw was a ship. A well crafted ship made of what look like titanium. Surprisingly it had rusted a bit. She knew it wasn’t human made. The penguins got off like wildfire. She ran like the wind. She was glad to see the penguins still needed to waddle to move. She ran behind a building in her cherished seaport town knowing that soon it would all be gone. All the penguins were gone in a matter of minutes, probably destroying the town she loved, so she got out from behind the building. She nearly lost her lunch when she saw a penguin right in front of her. She thought she was doomed, but then the penguin shook its head as if it didn’t want to fight. It started speaking in a bizarre language that she didn’t understand, but at the same time she understood what it meant. She was pretty sure by the way and the movements it made while it talked that it didn’t want to fight, and that he was forced to ride with the penguins who were now destroying Lily’s beloved town. Together they high jacked the boat and were happy to be away. </li></ul>Chapter 2 Lily's Suprise
  10. 10. <ul><li>Jack was one of the few crazy people in southern Venezuela. Those who weren’t driven away by the heat of 120 degrees or more should have been driven away by the ongoing threat of the penguins getting closer. Jack wasn’t though. All who had met him said he was absolutely crazy…and they were right. Jack was crazy. He had thought of a very idiotic idea to destroy the penguins and he was just weird. Right now he was sick. He was lying in bed with heatstroke. This had happened to him all to often. The penguins had just taken over Brazil, Suriname, and had taken Panama through ship. Venezuela was surrounded. The penguins were on the horizon. Their arms were glowing purple. It was an odd weapon they had developed. It made their arm as sharp as a sword and destroyed any enemy, but wouldn’t but a scratch on one of its own kind. Scientists still couldn’t figure out how they programmed the purple glow to be able to sense this. It also destroyed bullets and projectiles that came the penguin’s way by clinging onto the projectile and destroying its atoms. They couldn’t be destroyed. The penguins had made it to Jack’s town. Jack wouldn’t let them kill him. He got out of his house and ran. Even though he was the only one left in the town, the penguins had no mercy. He was killed the instant he had taken a step out of his house. </li></ul>Chapter 3 Jack's Death
  11. 11. <ul><li>Lily didn’t get it. Why were all the other penguins trying to destroy them but this one didn’t want to? She decided that since it was a baby penguin it might have only received the intelligent genetics of its parents but hadn’t received the genes for wanting total power. It was a odd way of thinking about it, but she decided it was true. They were heading south as if heading back to the terrible carnage of the continent that the penguins had originated from. She was worried this might be true, but she trusted the little penguin. They were already at the tip of Africa then they turned and went north-east. They were heading to Asia. Of course the penguins hadn’t laid flippers on Asia. They stopped in India. Big mistake! The locals wanted the penguin hung. Lily and the little penguin ran until they were far into the craggy wastelands of India. They stopped there. The little penguin pulled out an odd machine that he put over his eye. It shot out a purple ray at a plant, and then it said some gibberish. The penguin tore the plant of the ground, ripped it in half and offered some of it to me. The machine must decide what is safe to eat and what is not. The plant was edible but it was hard to choke down. She loved the safety of the little penguin even if he was decades younger than her. </li></ul>Chapter 4 Where the Boat Got to
  12. 12. <ul><li>The penguin was smart. He got a stick and drew a map of the world in the dirt and not just a badly made doodle it was actually in fine detail. He put an ‘X’ on Southwest Russia. Lily understood immediately. They were going to go there. It would be a very safe place. The penguins were in the far south, but could go up by sea, so an inland place surrounded by many miles of land would be a good place to stay…for a while. The penguin was slow, but they were making progress. She was a track star so she wasn’t tired. She was starting to understand the penguin’s language, and she thought he had picked up hers very easily, but she asked him to continue talking in the penguin language unless it was urgent so she could learn it. She thought they had covered about 18 miles by the end of the day. It would be awhile before they actually got to their destination. She was happy to have the little penguin for company. He was so kind and nice. He was always happy too. </li></ul>Chapter 5 Off to Russia