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Wayne Schmidt Enterprise Learning
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Wayne Schmidt Enterprise Learning


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  • 2. Wayne SchmidtVitals Statistics:Education:Masters Degree: ManagementBachelors Degree: CommunicationsLeadership Experience:Learning Oversight: 15+ yearsDevelopment Presentation: 3,080+ hoursReports: 7 (F/T Professional)Intern Reports: 90 (lifetime)Negotiations: $30+ Million Cash FlowFinance Management: $1+ Million PortfolioBudget Management: $8+ MillionSales Experience: 5 yearsFortes Learning/Education/Advancement/Technology/MIS/IT Project Management/Team OptimizationLocation:Central Connecticut 2
  • 3. Enterprise Training and DevelopmentMr. Schmidt managed learning and development processes and aligned corporate vision with training initiatives and market needs. Drove staff development and training campaigns - United stakeholders under a single vision. RETOOLED AND TRAINED STAFF TO DEVELOP A $4 MILLION REVENUE COMPANY. Negotiated training based partnerships with external Firms. Cash Value: $30+ Million. Responsible for ROI based training systems Developed and Managed multiple educational budgets; Developed and implemented vision based training and development SOP and infrastructure; maintained through internal communications efforts. 3
  • 4. Strategic Learning Process:Mr. Schmidt worked to accomplish a learning strategy to drive growth  Selected Strategic Plan Components • Clearly Understand Corporate Vision. • Identify Internal and External Stakeholders. • Analyze stakeholder metrics to determine improvement areas • Develop meaningful and relatable training and development techniques. • Include carefully selected sourced resources. • Prepare internal constituents for new initiatives • Measure results. Evaluate.  RESULT: Increased product users from 700 to over 100,000 persons. 4
  • 5. Sourcing for Trainingand Development Mr. Schmidt sourced internal and external resources for hybrid training operations: INTERNAL  Cox Media LEARNING  Yale University  National Association of Broadcasters INTEGRATED TRAINING  Connecticut PACKAGE Broadcasters Association  Other Learning Firms Program grew BU staff and provided a feeder for upper level talent needs 5
  • 6. Multi-TeamOptimizationMr. Schmidt created an integrated multiple-team training and development environment Enhanced Interdepartmental communications systems Clearly Defined Purpose Clearly Defined Goals and Expectations Actively promoted collaborative problem solving and solution based environment.Oversaw and grew 3 learning teams across 2 Business Units; Incorporated resources from partner firms.Hunted and Sourced learning opportunities with: National Industry Training Providers Partner Industry Commercial Firm Local Workplace Improvement Firms 6
  • 7. Wayne Schmidt Results: Cash Flow Benefit$7 Millions$6 Execution of Wayne’s Learning / MIS Initiative$5$4$3$2$1$0 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 2000 2001$1 Revenue: Local and National Accounts 7
  • 8. Results: User growth Users (Arbitron) 120,000 Technology Initiative •Technology Growth; 100,000 MIS Learning Launch Marketing Initiative •Sourced Learning 80,000 •Acquired Competitor •Sales Support Paradigm Shift 60,000 •Emp. Develop and Learning 40,000 20,000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Annual Arbitron Measurement Period*Persons 12+ 8
  • 9. Market Share Impact Other Other Clear Clear CoxChannel Cox Chnl Media Media CBS CBS Yale Yale Point of Hire Point of Exit 9
  • 10. Change via LearningMr. Schmidt accomplished an internal and external paradigm shift Developed an enterprise based employee development and “new initiatives” curriculum. Re-tooled the organization e-training business unit training technologies. Supplemented e-learning with lectures and practical education systems. Recruited key personnel. Reduced crisis and systems failure rate 90%. 10
  • 11. E-LearningSolutions Mr. Schmidt proposed project and gained approval for a $750,000 comprehensive learning and productivity facility refit.  Developed multi-channel learning system across 4 properties  United 3 supporting Corporation cultures with singular training initiative.  Designed and Managed Lan/Wan Refit  Designed MIS: T- 1, Satellite, Microwave, Secure Server, and Cloud Technologies  Integrated training environments with It and MIS operations.  Project completed on time and 10% under budget. Wayne planned and installed several generations of secure LAN/WAN learning and productivity systems across multiple platform, data, and special use environments. 11
  • 12. M&A:TacticalBusiness Learning Wayne planned and drove M&A/Change management based learning solutions to support the purchase of a competing broadcast facility.  Secured $775,000 funding package  Developed Internal and External support content to prepare business units and acclimate stakeholders with evolved SOP. Realized $800,000 additional revenue annually 12
  • 13. SOP and Training Mr. Schmidt Proposed, Drove and Authored his company’s corporate training manual. Comprehensive Reviewed Annually Integrated publication with corporate communications and MIS 13
  • 14. Research, Metrics andAuthored Materials  Transformed research and market metrics for practical use: Leveraged Arbitron, Nielsen, Focus Groups, and Partner Firm Research studies  Researched and authored Corporate Critical Review . Presented report to C-level executives. Document initiated paradigm shift and management system reorganization. Project research time1 year.  Researched and Authored comprehensive Collegiate Broadcast Health Report for the Connecticut Broadcasters Association.  Researched and authored white paper and ensuing proposal for the acquisition of a bankrupt competitor; successfully negotiated package.  Completed all research for, and collaborated with Board of Directors to author comprehensive statewide broadcast station market- health report.  Developed and authored comprehensive Company HR Manual for professional staff and interns.  Wrote Grant funding broadcast news program for The New City Foundation; Project valued at $200,000.  Authored business articles for Radio And Records,, and other publications. 14
  • 15. Public Speaking  15+ On-Air Talent experience  Offered 8 week lecture series at Yale University (12 year running)  Promoting Individual relationships as the foundation for successful business 15
  • 16. Wayne Schmidt -Added Value-“The best way for me to do my job is to help others become the very best at their jobs…” -Wayne Schmidt Thank You 16
  • 17. Find Wayne Online… twitter:@schmidtwayne LinkedIn:…and at these industry organizations: Corporate Communications Network Communications Media Management Association LEAN Communications Network Training Magazine Project Managers Network 17