Primary research 2 in depth responses


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Primary research 2 in depth responses

  1. 1. Primary Research 2-in depth responses By Seema Chumber
  2. 2. Person 1• The reason why I love to see celebrity casting in films is because they are inspiring and they are role models to many young individuals. I love to see singers starring in films such as Nelly in ‘The Longest Yard’ because it instantly connects with the audience because he is a well known singer and it is interesting to see their acting skills and their performance with other big stars.• I love voiceovers because they connect with the audience ,it keeps us entertained for example Disneys’ ‘Cinderella’ connects with the audience as the narrator explains the story thoroughly .I also love the different tones of voices used , they make the film more interesting and entertaining.• Inparticular I dislike violent superhero movies such as the ‘Spider Man’ franchise.There are too many scences of physical violence and this can stress the younger audiences I wouldn’t take my little siblings to watch violent superhero films as it can cause distress .• Another factor of a superhero film which I do not like is the common freatures a superhero movie has e.g a strong , cocky , middle-aged male.The reason why I have this dislike is due to the reason of it portraying a typical old- fashioned superhero movie e.g ‘Superman’ .I like to see a challenge to the typical superhero e.g a female superhero e.g ‘Catwoman’
  3. 3. Person 2• I love a gripping storyline in a film , that is why I tend not to watch franchises such as ‘Spiderman’ they tend to drag on and it loses my interests .I like to see films such as ‘Hancock’ it doesn’t have te typical superhero movie , the superhero in Hancock represents the black ethnicity and the superhero Will Smith is not only known for his acting skills but also his musical talent.This also attracts a wider audience e.g music lovers and generally any Will Smith fans.• I love movies that release merchandise such as t-shirts, pens, bags , mugs etc. I love buying items I have a keen interest on and through merchandise I can express to friends and family or even the general public on my interests and hobbies.Also it is a fab gift idea .• I also dislike the typical motivation that is used in Superhero films such as a ‘nerd’ who has been a victim of bullying then something provokes them into becoming a superhero.This is shown in ‘Spiderman ‘ when ‘Peter Parker’ is shown to be bullied on the school bus when he is tripped over by the bullies.