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Pavan managat evaluation

  1. 1. AS Media Coursework Evaluation By Pavan Singh Mangat
  2. 2. EvaluationOur chosen genre for this piece of footage was the superhero genre. Thefootage explains how two completely different school girls are actuallysuperheroes and there’s a plot from the headmaster to get rid of them. Thesetting used in the film was in a high school . We got this idea after viewingmany superhero films and films such as Spider Man and kick ass took thisconcept too. We kept this idea due to the fact it canrelate the the target audience we were targeting whichwas the female teenager audience. This follows ontoOne stereotypical factor of superheroes that we choseTo change. This is the fact that our main charactersBoth Females instead of males. We thought this wouldBe a good and beneficial idea as it would attract andIntroduce the female young market to superhero films.In Most superhero films, the hero is first seen as anunpopular person or that they weren’t to be seen with a certain social group.That is a strong theme in out film clip as the two females are part of differentsocial groups, in a sence this is a binary opposition that isFormed. This sense of individualization is also seen inSpiderman with peter parker being classed as a “nerd” andAlso in kick ass for the same reasons. We decided to goAlong with this as it can relate to pupils in school in sameSituations and also it shows that no matter what these two
  3. 3. EvaluationMost films in this genre start from the origin in the past and reasons for thecharacter turning out the way they are in the present, this is seen in films such asbatman and Xmen origins where the beginning is set in the past. Our film doesthe reverse and within the first 3 minutes the plot is revealedand characters are introduced. We chose to do this as itMakes the viewer more curious into the past and reasoningfor the characters attitudes and personalities and so later oneverything would be revealed.We introduced the voice over where the heroes are seentogether in a corridoor so they go there own seperate ways.The voice over is stating how things arent fair and thesituation is wrong. We used the voice over due to the fact that superhero filmsbased on students; again spiderman and kickass both have introducing voiceovers which go on to say how they are unpopular or the negatives in their life.
  4. 4. EvaluationIn the film we kept the conventional stereotype of costume which I say is a mask,the cape and a colour theme. I say these because in major films such as batmanand superman a mask is work by batman as he’s a vigilante, both of them havecapes and the colour schemes match the superhero.Keeping this aspect allows us to show how these twoCharacters are totally different (shown in the colourScheme) and how they are still a team (identical styleOf clothing).There is only one major way in which our clip challenges the typical stereotypedSuperhero films and that is in the gender of characters and target audiences. Thefact that we put it as a female based film makes it unique in the genre but stillfollows the action guidelines. Males still would watch this as they have beeninterested female side ons before such as wonder woman and cat woman. Sothis way the male population are still engaged by the film but also the femalepopulation can get into the superhero films without it being dominated by males.
  5. 5. EvaluationOur clip portrays three types of social groups in society. One groups being themales, the other group being theclassed “goth” group and a girlygirl group. Males in this clip areshown to be the more dominatingwith the villian having a moredirect voice and serious presence and a male student taking control of a situation and sorting it out.The more personalty social group of “Goth or Greebos” is shown by a maincharacter through mis en scene. Her clothing is of a dark and bold nature witha lot of dark purples and black being shown..
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