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Gcse media studies introduction
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Gcse media studies introduction


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  • 2. GCSE Media Studies What is Media Studies? The study of TV / film / internet / radio / magazines / newspapers It is the study of these industries, the products they make and how we engage with these products
  • 3. GCSE Media Studies GCSEs have changed ALL units can only be entered for at the END of the qualification – summer 2014 3 units The Individual Portfolio Production Portfolio Textual Analysis and Media Studies Topic (Moving Image)
  • 4. GCSE Media Studies The Individual Portfolio – Controlled Assessment …is something you do yourself You will get to pick an area for investigation documentaries / film genres /popular music /celebrity/ talk radio /soap opera / sport and the media / news /advertising / video games You will produce a comparative essay on 2 or more media texts You will carry out a production exercise linked to the essay You will produce an evaluation
  • 5. GCSE Media Studies Exemplar Task: Compare how men and/or women are represented in the romantic comedy genre by analysing three key sequences in each of your chosen films. Exemplar Texts: Bridget Jones Diary (Maguire, 2001, UK) and Love Actually (Curtis, 2003, UK/US). Production exercise: Two posters for a new romantic comedy with a prominent female and/or male star. Exemplar Task: Compare the representations of ethnicity in two music videos. Exemplar Texts: Africa Shox (Leftfield, 1999) and Like a Prayer. (Madonna 1989) Production exercise: A CD/DVD front and back cover for a new band from a musical genre of your choice.
  • 6. GCSE Media Studies Production Portfolio …is something you will do in groups Music video or Film opening sequence The Production Portfolio is:  The production itself  Production Log (evidence of research / evidence of planning / key dates, decisions, deadlines / record of each individual’s contribution)  Evaluation (written commentary / Powerpoint presentation / podcast)
  • 7. GCSE Media Studies Textual Analysis and Media Studies Topic (Moving Image) Assessed by exam Action-adventure film – unseen extract as part of the exam and respond to questions on the extract TV Comedy – exploring how and why TV comedies are scheduled a certain times and exploring who their audiences are
  • 8. GCSE Media Studies The road ahead –Y10 Sept 12 – Oct 12 – key concepts / skills Nov 12 – Jan 13 – Individual Portfolio February 13 – April 13 – Production Portfolio (research & planning) May 13 – June 13 – filming & editing June 13 – July 13 – evaluation
  • 9. GCSE Media Studies Y11 – Preparing for summer exam Action-adventure analysis TV Comedy work Mock exam – December 13 Real exam – June 14
  • 10. GCSE Media Studies Controlled Assessment units – 120 marks Exam unit – 80 marks Y10 work is extremely important – no room for error