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Audience research jaisal patel

  1. 1. Audience Research By Jaisal Patel 13/11
  2. 2.  Secondary research is Desk Research that can be gathered externally, in this case I used BBC, Long Distance Box office, and other Internet Based WebsitesSecondary Research
  3. 3.  The dark Knight- $533 million dollars - Spiderman - $403 million dollars Ironman - $318 million dollars The Incredible - $261 million dollars Batman - $251 million dollars Clearly I can identify that each of these films have made a significantly wide amount of profit, I suggest this was down to the extensive range of special effects and could be down to the use of different media platforms it was produced on. All films were put out on DVD and VCR soon after there release dates. Furthermore the films were then send to PlayStation and X-box which allowed an increase in revenues.Why The Top 5 Films are sosuccessful?
  4. 4.  My understanding of why superhero films are so successful is due to the vast amount of people in ordinary life visualise the life of those out of the extraordinary. Another Key reason why the films are so successful is due to the main actors, such as Christian Bale and Nicolas Cage who are well known which boost customer awareness.Why are Superhero Films soSuccessful?
  5. 5.  Spiderman a cult hero superhero figure was first introduced into the marvel comic to gather the younger audiences this then progressed and when the film appeared to the screens in the 20th century many of the older generation seem to be attached to the moving’s and findings of this superhero character.What audiences do they attract?
  6. 6.  Primary Research is a Marketing Technique used to gather Field Research, This can be done through questionnaires, surveys or through Focus Group.Primary Research
  7. 7.  Stimulating Interesting/Supernatural/Weird Eye-catching Variation of Special Effects Persuasive Advertising(These Key words where gathered from afocus group of young males/females whenasked the question – What do you likeabout Superheroes)What we Like about Superherofilms from Conventions, Narrativesand Characters?
  8. 8.  Fake Unrealistic Out of the Ordinary Love story like Films Stereotypical protagonist (These Key words where gathered from a focus group of young males/females when asked the question – What do you dislike about Superheroes)What we dislike about Superherofilms from Conventions, Narrativesand Characters?
  9. 9.  “Yohann Lovell”- In my Viewings of both of the films the one that captures that key moment is Spiderman. This is because the narrative is portraying torment over energy, The character Spider- Man is a good-quality, highly-entertaining action figure who responds emotionally through love.Spiderman/Superman
  10. 10.  “Steph Pawar”- From the film I watched on Saturday, Superman seemed to returns with the right mix of seriousness and humour to endeavour the audience to an action packed, love/hate relationship with miraculous uses od special performance.Superman/Spiderman
  11. 11. Go on Google and type in“Spiderman 2002” Trailer