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Audience research h i g

  1. 1. Audience research By Hannah Ibbs George
  2. 2. Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences The dark knight; This is a film based on a mysterious character called Batman. He appears to be an ordinary man who leads an ordinary life but when criminals try to enter Gotham city he becomes alive so to protect the community. The dark knight has made a gross of $533,345,358 and this is still rising. The film was released 18th July 2008 and had a wide release. Dark Knight was predicted to be a blockbuster and that is exactly what it became. The Dark Knight is and Action Adventure and pg 13. Therefore the target audience of the film was for teenagers up that have a particular interest in action, fighting and superheros. This therefore produces a rather large, varied and wide target audience that this film could capture. This along with impressive stunts, big fight scenes and car scenes resulted in big interest and the result of becoming one of the most popular films ever.
  3. 3.  suTUw0Dark Knight Trailer
  4. 4.  Spiderman; This is a film also based on an ordinary guy who has special powers that can be likened to a spider, i.e. Climbing walls, making a web etc. Spiderman is originally a geeky young teenager who dreams of being popular and dating his dream girl Mary- Jane throughout the film we see the romance blossom along with Spidermans strength, determination and skill. Spider man made a gross of $403,706,375 and this is also still a profit that keeps rising. Spider man contains both a romance story and action and thrill therefore targets a wide variety of people and target audience therefore making the film very appealing. It is also a very family based film which is another plus. All this has added so to make Spiderman an extremely popular film.Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences
  5. 5.  ybNJ2sSpiderman trailer
  6. 6.  Both Trailers not only give you an insight further into the film but also shoes another use of marketing the films and building up popularity which therefore increases audiences sizes, profit and overall interest.Trailers
  7. 7.  Spiderman 2; this is a follow on from Spiderman where the story continues. This film has made a gross of $373,585,825, and still rising and appeals to a very similar if not same audience as the original film. This film will also build popularity as those who saw the first film will be interested in seeing whats to happen next.Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences
  8. 8.  Spiderman 3; This is of course another follow on that carries the story of Spiderman even further, and develops the narrative This film grossed $336,530,303 and with the interest of the other 2 films and the story this is what made audiences want to come and watch the film.Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences
  9. 9.  Iron man; This is another Superhero film however it is very different to spider man and Batman as instead of an ordinary man gaining powers it is based on a story of an intelligent business man that invents equipment so to have the ability if a superhero such as the ability to film. The filmed grossed at $318,412,101 and was very popular and still is. It contains both action and thrill with a hint of romance and this attracts the audience in and captures peoples interests.Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences
  10. 10.  From focusing on these five film there are constant occurring factors. These include thrill. Action and romance along with a use of stunts and effects that draw peoples attention. All five of the films are superhero based therefore showing the large market that has been created and the popularity that they have gained. Due to this more and more production companies are trying to enter the market so to make a popular film that attracts attention and most of all makes a big profit. Marketing is also a big contributing factor as many of the films have a lot of money and support behind them and therefore popularity and audience interest can be built up before the film has even been released.Explain why these films have beensuccessful in attracting audiences
  11. 11.  The Dark Knight rises has a wide target audience. It includes people that are interested in the idea of having special powers and good defeating evil whilst having an interest and enjoyment in seeing stunts and therefore captures the attention of people who like action and thrill.Target Audience
  12. 12.  Iron Man 3 already has a wide audience as the two films before it have built up expectation, interest and attention. However this film will not only aim to keep its current audiences but widen it further. This will be done through development of the story/ narrative and further interest built with a possibility of further romance etc. The film will contain romance thrill, and action produced through stunts, actors performance and music so to build tension and keep people on the edge of their seat. Therefore people with a desire to be on edge watch fights and action scenes whilst seeing a man live a dream and beat evil will want to come and view iron man 3.Target Audience
  13. 13.  p?id=86827 The article above describes and explains the popularity of the three films, the possible profit they can potentially make and what the films are about. This will therefore build interest and make people want to go and watch them as the are recommended and planned to be big hits. Not only will this build popularity for audiences but production companies will also be interested so to see what happens and see if there is an opportunity for them to also join the market. The article not only uses words but the images used also show some of the best bits of the 3 films which will also attract more people that have a particular interest in the visual effects and stunts and therefore will want to watch to see them.Reasons why this article will helpfind audiences for the dark knightrises, the avenger and Theamazing Spiderman
  14. 14.  The Dark Knight Rises (opening July 20) is coming into the summer with a HUGE advantage, being the sequel to a $533 million grossing movie that really changed how moviegoers looked at superhero movies. Marvels The Avengers (opening May 4) hopes to prove the sum is greater than the parts by combining six characters from previous summer blockbusters into one large scale epic thats been the culmination of years of planning. Because the 4th of July takes place on a Wednesday this year. The Amazing Spider-Man is opening the day before on a Tuesday, hoping to get a bump from the holiday. The Avengers has a great advantage over the other two being the first movie of the summer which means it can explode out of the gate and get everyone excited about the summer (and the other twoThe articles believes these threefilms will find audiences because...
  15. 15.  Obviously, one of the biggest selling point for "Avengers" is the return of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark--something that helped the two "Iron Man" movies gross $300 million The Avengers also marks the return of the Incredible Hulk since Universals The Incredible Hulk in 2008, with the character portrayed this time by Mark Ruffalo. The Dark Knight Rises is a slam dunk no-brainer if only for the fact that like with The Avengers, this is about the return of a fan favorite, which is Christian Bales Batman as directed by Christopher Nolan. In this case, the anticipation for their return has built over the four years since The Dark Knight and only a third of the people who saw the original movie (in North America) will have to go out to see its sequel opening weekend for it to set a new opening weekend record.The articles believes these threefilms will find audiences because...
  16. 16.  UK talent also features prominently and includes Belfast actor Ciarán Hinds, Welshman Rhys Ifans and Londoners Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy and director Christopher Nolan. Another UK actor, Christian Bale, returns to the role of Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, which has scenes that were shot in the Cairngorms in the Highlands and at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham. Next years Superman movie, Man of Steel, will star the first non-American to don the red cape - Henry Cavill, who is from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Above is some quotes that I have taken from the article ; highlands-islands-16365884How important are star actors/ stardirectors in helping superhero films tobe successful
  17. 17.  On the previous slide I have shown that the article believes that big names pull in big audiences and in many ways this is the case. When audiences recognise names they tend to be more enticed to the film. This could be for a variety of reasons whether this be due to liking them as a person, their looks, their ability to act or the simple assumption that the a good actor so it must be a good film. All these factors pull in people and build excitement around the film building popularity and increasing target audiences and in the quotes I have pulled from the article show just some of the big names that some superhero films plan to hire as this appears to be the most successful way of pulling in audiences.How important are staractors/ star directors inhelping superhero films to besuccessful
  18. 18.  Superhero films tend to be full of action and thrill that keep you on the edge of your seat Superhero films tend to have romance running throughout which attract audiences, particularly women. They tend to have a mixture of story lines which make good family films. Make you feel like a difference can be made and good will always overcome evil Get very repetitive storylines all tend to be based around the same sort of thing, good beats evil and the superhero falls in love.What people like and dislike aboutsuperhero films
  19. 19.  When looking at the points made above we can see the main things people like is the thrill, action, fight scenes and romance. However the main bad point was the superhero films become very repetitive with very similar story lines. When discussing this further with two people the specifics of the comments refer to loving the feeling of being on the edge of your seat and waiting for the action and fighting to begin along with the balance of romance and realism so to make the story feel believable and almost make the audience wonder and hope that this could happen in real life. As for the comment of repetitive narrative this refers to the narrative of ordinary man gains superpowers and defeats the bad, whilst doing this it often happens that the superhero finds his true love and this tends to be repeated throughout, for example spider man an super man where all these points can be referred to.What people like and dislike aboutsuperhero films in more detail