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Adam evans audience research

  1. 1. Media courseworkSecondary research
  2. 2. The top 5 films on this list from the number 1 to 5 is the dark knight, Spiderman,Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3 and ironman. Firstly we shall talk about the dark knight, thedark knight has been successful in attracting audiences to watch the film as it takesinto account peoples likings and interests for example in the dark knight there ismainly action and fighting scenes but there is the occasional romantic scene. By doingthis the film attracts two different types of audiences one being action and fightinglovers and the other being romantic lovers who also enjoy action films and finallypeople who enjoy science fiction as all superhero films are science fiction. This filmsage target audience would be around 15+ as there is some unsuitable content foryounger generations but a lot of the older generations would gladly watch this movie.The production company who produced this film is warner brothers they are one ofthe top 6 American production company which straight away give the filmrespectability and give people a general idea of that the film is going to be good so thetitle of the production company can help increase the audience of the film. Also byhaving a large scale production company they can afford to put out a large scaleadvertisement including adverts, posters, trailers and so on further increasing theaudience of the film.
  3. 3. Secondly we shall talk about the Spiderman trio consisting of Spiderman 1 , Spiderman 2and Spiderman 3 I have decided to talk about these films together as they are based on thesame superhero and follow roughly the same type of genera throughout the entire series.The reason why the Spiderman trio of movies was successful in attraction a target audienceis due to the fact of the type of movie it is, Spiderman is a superhero movie with someaction and a relentless pursuit of a lover until he gets the women he always loved. Byhaving these characteristics in the movie the target audience is quite wide to who wouldwatch the film for example this film would appeal to both action lovers superhero movielovers and finally people who enjoy action and at the same time enjoy a romance. Also thefact that the content in Spiderman isnt as violent as the dark knight they have a larger agetarget audience as younger children can also watch the film the same as the oldergeneration for example I would say that the age target audience for these films would be10-30 this is due to the fact that most younger generations enjoy superhero films and thatthe older generations would still remember the hero Spiderman through comics and theymay also enjoy a good action film. The producing company of the Spiderman trio is Sony,Sony is a relatively large production company so with Sony producing the film itautomatically gain respectability and prestige through the fact Sony has produced othergood films. Also being a large company Sony can afford the advertising cost so they cansend out poster, adverts and teaser trailers on a large scale further increasing the targetaudience of the films.
  4. 4. Thirdly we shall look at the movie ironman placing 5th in the top 15 films. Ironman would besuccessful in attracting a target audience due to the characteristics the film possesses as it is aextremely high paced action film with some witty humour and explosive fight scenes alsobeing a relatively new idea more people will want to watch it. Anyone who has a taste foraction and explosions will lover this film even people who enjoy comedys could appreciatethe witty humour in this exciting film. So generally this film has a good target audience whichis further increased by the age target audience being around 15-40 as it would appeal to ayounger generation being a superhero film and having action in it the same applies for theolder generation as this is a good quality film that most people can enjoy. The film has alsogot hints of science fiction in it which also increase the target audience of the film further as itintroduces another type of person who would watch this film. The producing institution ofironman is paramount this being yet again a large production company the film yet againgains respectability and prestige as most people will trust the fact that if paramount made thefilm it is going to be very good and this will give the more ideas to go and watch the film. Yetagain with paramount being a relatively large production institution they can affordadvertisement costs foe example adverts, trailers, posters and even after the filmmerchandise. All these factors contribute to the fact that also of people went to watch thisfilm which is the reason why it has been placed so high up in the film rankings.
  5. 5. Now I shall discuss who the target audience would be for 2 of the new upcoming releases.To start off with I shall begin to talk about the target audience for the upcoming moviemarvels the avengers, in my opinion I believe the film marvels avengers to have a relativelylarge audience this is due to the fact of that it has both action, superheros and explosivefights and that it is also the first film to put most superheros together in one films. Just fromthese characteristics there is already a large target audience as lots of people enjoy action,fighting and superheros even science fiction movies so lots of people already will watch thisfilm but also taking into account the age audience being around 15-30 this films targetaudience is further increased between both the older and younger generations. Theproducing institution that is producing marvels the avengers is Buena vista this being a largeproduction company and also well know from producing pirates of the Caribbean, toy story 3and finding nemo this would give the upcoming film marvels the avengers a reputation ofbeing good due to the fact that this production company produced it. Also being a largecompany they will be able to send out all the advertising methods such as adverts, trailersand posters this will further increase the audience that will go and see this new upcomingfilm, from the looks of the poster, trailers and adverts the film will be a big successes in themovie industry.
  6. 6. The next new upcoming film I shall be looking at the target audience for is the dark knightrises one of the follow up batman films. The target audience in my opinion for this film wouldprobably mainly revolve around action lovers this opinion is from the previous batman filmswhich are all action packed as well. Anyone who enjoys the action filled high explosive kind offilm will enjoy this as it Meets all requirements for a action lovers film. The target ageaudience for this film I would put at 15-40 as it is about batman which every child knows andloves also the older generations will remember him and if they have seen previous batmanfilms they will know that they will enjoy this film the same as the did the ones before. Theproduction company behind the upcoming film the dark knight rises is warner brothers one ofthe top 6 production companys this gives the new film reliability to be a good film justbecause it was produced by warner brothers as they have a long line of extremely good filmswhich have produced millions over the years. Warner brothers being a large productioncompany has the money to see the film having its advertisement to the fullest extent forexample adverts, trailers, posters and some times even special viewing for a few certainpeople. With all these factors considered the target audience for the dark knight rises is downto actions lover but dew to the production company and advertisement this films targetaudience will be quite a large group so this film will produce quite a lot of money.
  7. 7. In the article it talksabout how they believe the new film the dark knight rises and the amazing Spiderman and theavengers will be successful in finding audiences to watch them. In this article the say that thedark knight rises will be successful in finding a audience dew to the fact it will be running ofthe prestige of the previously top grossing films that drastically changed superhero moviesonce and for all the previous batman films. The next film they talk about is the marvel theavengers film they think that it shall even dominate the dark knight rises in profit due to thefact it combines 6 of the people favourite superheros in one almighty clash just from theprevious profits made from other superhero films they suspect this will be the most profitablesuperhero film so far. The next film they talk about is the amazing Spiderman the newupcoming film in the Spiderman series in the article they arent sure weather the film will be asuccess as they describe it the weak link in the new upcoming films. They assume that it mayhave a good response as it is a follow up from Sam Ramis Spiderman trio of films. They aremainly basing the opinions of the success of the film on the previous successes of theSpiderman title. According to this article it is suggested that all these new film will be bigprofiteers with maybe the exception of the amazing Spiderman but all of these opinions arebased of past movies.
  8. 8. How important are start actors/star directors in the success of the film being produced. Thestars and directors playing the characters in film can be very important lets start off fromthe directors side. The directors can have a huge part in the success of the film for instanceone comes from the ability to create a good film that people will pay to watch and theother is the ability to sell a film on the directors name for example the film JamesCamerons avatar was mainly sold on his name as the poster and even the film box has a bigtitle saying from the direction of James Cameron this is because people know who he is andknow films he makes are all good quality so people are more likely to go and see the film asthey would have a god idea of if the movie is going to be a success. The other side of thisargument is the stars/actors. The star and actors can play a huge part in the success of amovie for a example their performance and skill will decide if a film is worth watching ornow and on the other hand that actors home for example where they were born can play amajor part in who would watch the film for example in the boat that rocked when theyshowed it in America they gave a much bigger part to Philip Seymour Hoffman so that itwould appeal to a larger audience in America just because the biggest role was anAmerican so the stars can have a big part in weather the films succeeds