Mobile Australia in 8 words


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8 words, 10 slides, 24 stats to describe the state of mobile in Australia. Oh... and a few closing comments as well.

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Mobile Australia in 8 words

  2. 2. wires... who needs ‘em2 wireless mobile is our leading internet access point 29m cable, 5% other, 8% mobile  mobile subscribers by end 2012 wireless, 49% 130% dsl, 38% mobile phone penetration1: BuddeComm, Australia ‐ Mobile Communications ‐ Statistics and Forecasts 2012    2: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Internet Activity, Australia, Jun 2012 
  3. 3. smart phones are everywhere... and their big brothers aren’t far behind the percentage of australians who claim to have a smart phone or tablet at home 80% smart phone tablet 75% 60% 59% 40% 47% 46% 44% 30% 20% 12% 0% 2010 2011 2012 2013 (intend)Sensis e‐Business Report, August 2012. 
  4. 4. the freedom to do what you want where you want (even if it’s a bit creepy) the most popular places in australia people are sharing 60% 54% adults teens 42% 43% 41% 40% 35% 34% 28% 19% 19% 20% 17%18% 18% 14% 13% 10% 11% 11% 10%10% 11% 8% 7% 6% 5% 4% 2% 2% 2% 0%Intel Corporation. Mobile Etiquette 2012. Sept 5, 2012. 
  5. 5. more comfortable  use facebook1 sharing information  online than in person2 small screen small talk so much for ‘me’ time used mobile social networking in the last 12 months 1 mobile social frequency among users1 80% 40% 38% 60% 33% 61% 53% 40% 20% 39% 32% 16% 20% 7% 7% 0% 0% 2009 2010 2011 20121: AIMIA Mobile Industry Group, Australian Mobile Lifestyle Index, September 2012   2: Intel Corporation, Mobile Etiquette 2012. Sept 5, 2012. 
  6. 6. think others divulge too much information online wish others practiced better etiquette with mobile device australia’s pet peeves: mobiles are pushing our buttons too 80% 60% 73% 67% 66% 40% 56% 55% 52% 20% 36% 26% 19% 0% texting or typing talking loudly in having the speaking about texting or typing talking while watching texting or typing taking up space when driving a public volume too loud private matters in the company driving a car inappropriate while walking in in a public place car in public in public of others content in a the street for an extended public place period of timeIntel Corporation. Mobile Etiquette 2012. Sept 5, 2012. 
  7. 7. mobile mapping users all going MAD2 they can’t stay away from their maps and directions at least 5 times  less often, 13% a day, 6% of smart phone users have  of mobile internet users used maps  looked for local information1 at least once  and directions in the last 12 months3 a day, 21% at least once  a month, 39%have taken action as a result1 at least once  of mobile internet users used  a week, 21% satellite navigation in the last  12 months31: Google, Our Mobile Planet: Australia, May 2012   2: AIMIA Mobile Industry Group, Australian Mobile Lifestyle Index, September 2012   3: Sensis e‐Business Report, August 2012. 
  8. 8. smart phones becoming the shopper’s best buddy. . .  and they’re obedient to the smart phone’s commands. . .  of private smartphone users who use the internet in general: of private smartphone users who look for information*: called the business or service 54% have researched a product or service on their phone looked the business up on a map or got directions to the 42% business or service visited the website of the 53% business or service look for local information at least once a week visited a business (e.g. shop 50% or restaurant) made a purchase from a 28% look for local information daily business in-store made a purchase from a 26% business onlineGoogle, Our Mobile Planet: Australia, May 2012   * Private smartphone users who look at least less than once a month for information on their smartphones   
  9. 9. only of australia’s small and medium enterprises are advertising on mobile1 5% only of australia’s small and medium enterprises have developed a mobile app1 3% only forecast australian mobile advertising spend in 20132 36m1: Sensis e‐Business Report, August 2012.   2: PricewaterhouseCoopers Media and Entertainment 2012 to 2016 Outlook. As reported in B&T, 20 July 2012
  10. 10. Over the last 15 years, there’s been a tendency for new marketing But there’s much more to the value of mobile than that.technologies to evolve in a three-step pattern. Mobiles and tablets are rapidly replacing large screen as the accessIt begins with usage. The advertisers then follow. Finally, the point of choice.advertiser platforms emerge. Sound a bit the wrong way around? They’re being used constantly. This means advertisers can reachWell, it is. This lag between advertiser entry and value-creating consumers regardless of where they are... or, perhaps, because ofplatforms is one of the reasons why many new digital media (e.g. where they media) struggle to justify their existence in the earlier years. And mobiles tend to operate at the business end of the purchaseBut mobile seems to be bucking this trend. It seems to have cycle, right when someone is looking to buy. People are usingskipped step two. In other words, mobile isn’t enjoying the technologies like mapping, search/local search and augmentedadvertiser uptake it’s usage should justify, despite the availability reality as ways of making immediate purchase decisions.of many ways to drive advertiser value from it. You get the sense that, over time, mobiles will be seen much more as a broker than a brander.In reality, mobile advertising spend is probably beingunderestimated, as many media businesses are treating mobile as In the end, it would be fair to say that mobiles are a way of life, notan add-on to digital spend. But even if this was accounted for, the just a technology.spend would probably remain low. They are fundamentally changing not just the way people use digitalThe result is lost opportunity. As has often been said, mobiles are media but the way they live their lives.the first truly personal advertising medium. They’re always on, And though it may take a while, they will have a big impact on thealways with you and highly personalised. advertising world as well.