How I Saved My Sister's WordPress Website From Being Hacked In Under 10 Minutes
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How I Saved My Sister's WordPress Website From Being Hacked In Under 10 Minutes



This pdf is a simple guide to help you in knowing how to secure your WordPress website. ...

This pdf is a simple guide to help you in knowing how to secure your WordPress website.

In this book I will introduce you to the iThemes WordPress plugin (formerly know as Better WP Security).

You will learn about the benefits that the iThemes Security plugin will bring to your WordPress website and offer tips on the best settings to use as an initial set up.



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How I Saved My Sister's WordPress Website From Being Hacked In Under 10 Minutes How I Saved My Sister's WordPress Website From Being Hacked In Under 10 Minutes Document Transcript

  • Table of Contents THE YEAR MY SISTER'S WORDPRESS WEBSITE GOT HACKED...................... 3 4 BENEFITS TO USING THE ITHEMES SECURITY PLUGIN................................ 4 1. CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOGIN LINKS (URLS) ........................................................ 4 2. CAMOUFLAGE YOUR WORDPRESS DATABASE TABLE PREFIX.................. 5 3. ITHEMES SECURITY LET'S YOU ENFORCE STRONG PASSWORDS............ 6 4. CREATE AND SCHEDULE BACKUPS FOR YOU WORDPRESS WEBSITE..... 7 EVEN MORE BENEFITS FOR YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE............................ 7 CONCLUSION ......................................................................................................... 8 Website security is an increasingly and pressing issue for our clients. There are constant reports that surface on the web day in and day out about someone's website being hacked.
  • WordPress alone is pretty secure and is getting a lot better with each update, but when there are more than 20% of the websites in the world using becomes a target for bad people that do bad things. In other becomes a Hacker's haven. Just over a year ago, my sister Yukia got her WordPress website hacked. Not just once,... but 3 times in less than 2 months. She was getting frustrated, irritated and didn't know what to do or where to turn. At that time she didn't have any WordPress security installed on her website, which explains why her site was getting attacked. Then one day she got an email from Hostgator with a message that suggested she install the iThemes Security plugin (at the time it was called Better WP Security). So my sister calls me on the phone and told me her story. She told me that she was losing clients because her website was always down, cuz it was always getting hacked. (I snickered a little because I couldn't understand why she didn't contact me in the beginning when it first happened.) Anyway, I told her to send me all of her Login info along with the message that she received from HostGator. I immediately installed the plugin and set it up for her. It's been over a year now and she hasn't had any further problems of having her website hacked. Needless to say...she's a happy camper and iThemes Security has saved her a lot of frustration and helped increase her customer retention.
  • My sis is already benefiting from the suggestion of HostGator -- and me installing the iThemes Security plugin, by helping her retain more customers, but there are more benefits to be aware of before you install it on your own website. Most hackers know that the best way to gain access and control of your website is to sneakingly access your Login screens. The are some real butt-heads, but are really good at what they do However.... The iThemes Security plugin helps to keep your Login screens safe (wp-admin and wp- login.php) from hackers that attempt to access them. This plugin is so slick -- in that it allows you to change the site links to your login screens to something that you can easily remember. In other words... you can customize links to read something like:, and BAM! The hacker won't know where or how to get to those vital WordPress login screens. View slide
  • When you first install the WordPress software it creates a prefix for all of the 11 tables that WordPress uses. Hackers know that this is a weak spot that they can attack, and will do there damnedest to do so. The iThemes Security plugin allows you to randomly change the prefix to your WordPress database tables -- that will leave the hacker frustrated and pulling their hair out. That's what I'm talking about! View slide
  • Now, I don't know how these hacker fools go off and guess passwords and stuff, but they do it and they do it very well. As a matter of fact, I've researched it before and found out that they have some real high tech scripts and other jive... break it all down, find weak passwords and crack them. Stupid jerks! But don’t fear... Because iThemes security has a feature that allows you to enforce strong passwords, which is a benefit that ensures you have passwords that are hard to crack. TIP: I use a strong password generator for my passwords. And if I forget... I just click on the forgot password link and just reset it.
  • Back in the day (2001) I was a integration technician for the Dish Network. In this position we would use UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) boxes as a backup in the case of a power outage. These power supplies purpose was to kick in and continue feeding power to the equipment that I installed. iThemes Security plugin will benefit your website in the same fashion. You have the option of backing up your website manually or scheduling backups that can be sent to your email or server as you choose. So if there is any type of trouble that goes on with your site or if you want to recover content from...let's say a month earlier -- iThemes Security allows you to do so. In this article I've only covered 3 benefits of the iThemes Security plugin, but there are so many more. You can read about the other benefits on the website here.
  • This is the FIRST plugin that I install when developing or working on any of my client's WordPress website. It puts my mind at ease, and I can sleep better at night knowing that my site and my clients sites are secure, safe and shielded from them damn hackers that get a kick out of making your life a living hell. I have helped all my clients to keep their WordPress websites safe, because it sucks to have your website down and lose money. If you need help to get your WordPress website secure, then give me a buzz and I'll help you win and defeat those pesky good-for-nothing hackers.