MOP Products and Processes
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MOP Products and Processes

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MOP Maximum oil pickup, products and processes.

MOP Maximum oil pickup, products and processes.

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  • 1. MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc It’s NOT MAGIC . . . It’s MOP Maximum Oil Pickup, Sorbent and Solutions
  • 2. MOP’s Mission & Vision MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to creating sustainable approaches to oil spill remediation and filtration. Using the most cost-effective and performance-efficient sorbent on the market, our patented MOP, (Maximum Oil Pickup) Sorbent to create products and processes that yield a more environmentally sound and financially beneficial end result by re-capturing or recycling the oil or energy and reducing the generation of hazardous wastes where removal of oil from water, water-based coolants and other related products can be achieved. Cradle-to-Cradle Green Manufactured using green, low-head hydroelectric power, MOP’s 201 and 301 sorbents are the only cradle-to-cradle green oil spill remediation products on the planet. Introductory Video
  • 3. We Started with an Idea
  • 4. What if you could take a Recovered Material . . . A recyclable with no existing market stream
  • 5. Added a Green Energy Source (and a very nice view!)
  • 6. Could You Solve an Important Problem?
  • 7. Made from 100% Recycled, Organic and Recovered Materials. Introducing MOP Sorbents & Solutions 100 % Biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-irritating Safe for plants, animals and people. Cleanly recovers up to 95% of the absorbed oil simply by squeezing. Absorbs up to 30 times its own weight in oil, the highest rate in the industry More than 4 times more cost effective than other sorbents based on material cost. More than ten times more cost effective when disposal cost is considered. The Sustainable Solution to Oil Spill Pollution Cradle-to-Cradle Green
  • 8. The Products & Technology: MOP Sorbents
    • 3 Formulations:
        • MOP 201 is optimized, and certified by us under EPA guidelines, for use on open water.
        • MOP 301 optimized for land use and certified by us under EPA guidelines, . Contains environmentally safe oil consumptive microbes that are released when MOP is spread on a spill. Creating a consumptive environment where the microbes consume any trace amounts of oil not picked up by the MOP.
        • MOP 401 Universal sorbent that captures hydrocarbon based liquids and water based liquids including coolant, blood, paint and more.
  • 9. MOP Sorbents form the foundation of an extensive set of products and solutions to oil-related challenges. Safe for plants, animals and people.
    • Hydrocarbon spills generally are grouped into two categories:
      • Operational : Those, expected and unexpected but common incidents related to day to day operations of a company.
      • Environmental : Incidents that are outside of the norm of day-to-day operations and often carry a more serious threat to the environment.
    • MOP Sorbents offer a Solution to the Challenges of BOTH types of spills in any environment - land or water.
  • 10. Vertical Markets: Direct to the Consumer -- Ideal for leaks and spills from Auto, RV, Motorized Home Equipment and Used Cooking Oils. Commercial Industrial -- Every company with machinery has a need for MOP. International Spill Response -- MOP as the First Response is The Best Option for All Oil Spills on Land or Water. MOP Products provide solutions to Operational and Environmental Challenges at multiple levels. Safe for plants, animals and people.
  • 11. The Products & Technology: MOP Sorbents
    • Maximum Oil Pickup  sorbents are "cradle-to-cradle”* green products that comprise the basis for the most effective oil spill recovery system on the market.
    • MOP is an aggressive oleophilic and hydrophobic (oil attracting and water repelling) recycled fiber;
    • Manufactured using low-head hydropower,
    • 100% recycled and fully biodegradable components.
    • MOP 201 - optimized for water - Will NOT Sink.
    • Can be deployed above water or below the water.
    • Not subject to weather conditions or waves.
    * From Wikipedia: Put simply, the term “ C radle-to-Cradle ” is a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste free.[1] The model in its broadest sense is not limited to industrial design and manufacturing; it can be applied to many different aspects of human civilization such as urban environments, buildings, economics and social systems.
  • 12. Absorbant Booms & Socks are used - in most cases - to contain oil inside the booms. This allows MOP loose sorbent to be delivered onto the oil inside the booms and absorbed. Sorbent-Based Products: Absorbant Booms and Socks
  • 13. MOP Pillows MOP Pillows are 12"X12"X2" (30.5cm x 30.5cm x 5.1cm) filled with MOP 201 or 301 sorbent. They can be used anywhere in the factory or the home. MOP Pillow-Absorbs 1.5 gal (5.6 liters)/pillow or 12 lbs (5.4kg)/pillow. Filtration booms & skimmers use MOP sorbents to filter oils from Swimming pools and spas to manufacturing equipment to your pleasure boat’s bilge. Filtration Booms & Skimmers Spa and Pool Filtration Skimmers, pads and pillows to remove oils and extend the life and cleanliness of your spa and pool. Other MOP 201 sorbent-filled products:
  • 14. The Products & Technology: MOP Spill Kits
    • Using the MOP sorbents and other products, MOP Environmental Solutions has developed a large series of spill kits uniquely tailored for many special needs:
        • Tanker Ship Spill Kits - Required under OPA Codes
        • Tanker Truck Spill Kits - Required under Clean water act
        • Industrial Spill Kits - Required under CWA
        • Professional & Recreational Spill Kits - Often Required
  • 15. MOP Spill Kits Tanker Ship Spill Kits Required Under US OPA90 Law Tanker Truck Kits Required in US under Clean Water Act Industrial Spill Kits Professional & Recreational Kits
  • 16. Other MOP Products Spill Pads
    • Spill pads come in 3 general varieties:
    • Oil Only: Pick up oil and reject water
    • Universal: Pick up both oil and water
    • HazMat: Especially for Hazardous materials
    Spill pads are convenient, fast but do require treatment as Hazardous waste. (MOP sorbent can be treated as solid waste).
  • 17. Videos
    • Small land spills :
    • Spills on Water
    Click for Video Click for Video
  • 18. Rapid delivery of the product utilizing MOP's patented MOP Cannon will mitigate a spill of almost any size rapidly. The MOP Cannon can deliver 1000 bags of MOP onto a spill in 3 hours. Pickup is performed using a readily available commercial weed harvester or nets with sorbent trawled through the spill. Cleanup takes about 4 hours. 1000 bags will contain up to 75,000 gallons of oil. Click for Video
  • 19. The Products & Technology Recovery Technology Larger Spills on Land : MOP’s new patent pending RESCUE (Rapid Environmental Soil Cleanup Equipment) system is a system for removing oil from oil contaminated soil on site (in situ). Using equipment specially designed by MOP we can remove oil from contaminated soil in as little as 5 minutes. Click for Video Before and After RESCUE Process
  • 20. The Products & Technology Oil-Recovery
    • Oil can be recovered from the oil-laden MOP sorbent using several techniques. A standard press, or even a home-made press, can be used to recover up to about 70% of oil.
    • Special presses manufactured for MOP called the MOP PET (Petroleum Extraction Tool) can recover up to 95% percent and process up to 1000 gallons per hour, 24/7.
  • 21. The Products & Technology Disposal of Waste
        • Disposal : Disposal of the MOP sorbent in most states and countries can take a green, sustainable pathway as a Solid waste. Oil laden MOP is NOT classified as a Hazardous waste as long as the oil itself does not have hazardous waste in it.
        • Alternatives:From Greenest to Least Green
        • Carbon Negative Pyrolysis: Produces biofuel, heat and biochar soil amendment.
        • Land Farmed
        • Industrial Composting
        • Incineration
        • Landfill
  • 22. The Products & Technology Cost Pickup per pound , and price-per-pickup-pound MOP is the lowest cost alternative.
    • More than four times more cost effective than other sorbents based on material costs;
    • More than ten times more cost effective than other sorbents when disposal cost is considered. Classification as solid waste vs. hazardous waste.
    • Each pound of MOP captures up to 30lbs of oil.
    • A 20lb bag of MOP will absorb up to 600 lbs (272 Kg) of oil
      • 75 gallons (284 Liters).
      • The equivalent of nearly 2 barrels of oil 75lbs/84lbs.
  • 23. Testimonials
  • 24.  
  • 25. The Challenges of an Oil Spill “ In spill response, timing is EVERYTHING. If MOP Environmental Solutions had been summoned to the scene of Deepwater Horizon or Exxon Valdez within the first 24-48 hours of this spill, we would have been able to contain either spill within 48 hours. Part of our mission is to reach out to oil companies and others who may find themselves in a similar situation – with a spill on land or water – so that they keep this in mind in the future. This problem did not need to grow to the gargantuan size that we saw. A simple, environmentally responsible spill response plan could have prevented it. ” - The MOP Team
  • 26. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions about addressing a particular challenge. When in Doubt - Call MOP Out! 603-747-2200 Thank You