Stepping Out of Your COMFORT ZONE


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This presentation for Marketing over Breakfast used my own start-up, Modern Health Talk, as an example.

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  • 20-30 min(10-20 slides) – Thank LAUREN for inviting me and choosing the topic – because I too have become too Complacent and Comfortable and needed a boost to encourage more Risk Taking.“One of the greatest diseases of the human race is doubt and fear.”
  • Taking on GoliathRemember the Fish Net?
  • InfoGraphic – Assisted Living vs. Nursing Home
  • But LinkedIn is a Professional tool, and discussions don’t include my audience.
  • The biggest obstacles to designing anaccessible kitchen are access to sinks, cabinets, countertops and appliances which are usually not usable for people who are sitting or in a wheelchair.The Oxo container with zip ties as the “handle”, crock pots, electric griddles, rice cookers, the blender that heats to soup, smoothie blenders that blend right into the travel mug so no pouring needed. self-stirring pots that can sauté, sear, braise, boil or simmer while automatically stirring ingredients; motion-activated soap dispensers that dispense soap with a wave of the hand (Simple Human); motorized wall cabinets that lower to the front edge of the countertop (Granberg Interior AB); or a blender that cooks soup (Cuisinart).Here are some other solutions: One-Handed Rolling PinUsing a rolling pin one-handed is tricky at best. You can make your own one-handed rolling pins relatively easily.Using SteamersUse a "Marguerite" (steamer) to cook vegetables. Most steamers are easier to lift than the whole pot, especially if the pot is full of water.Measuring CupsUse exact sizes measuring cups instead of the multi-purpose measuring jugs.Pot HoldersIf your pot only has one handle, you can use a camping pot holder to lift pots with both the pot handle and the camping handle.Mirrors to See in PotsIf you are a wheelchair user, you can use a shaving mirror with goose neck angled above the stove in order to see in the pots on the stove.Multiple Cutting BoardsKeep several cutting boards. It may be easier to change cutting boards than clean one up while in the middle of cooking a meal.Tap ExtensionsInstall a hose attachment on your faucet to fill pots directly on the counter rather than to have to lift a full pot out of the sink.Pull-Out ShelvesIt can be difficult to reach the back of shelves. Installing pull-out shelves for your cupboards will make it easier for you to reach areas that may be otherwise difficult to reach. Plastic Cups for Stored IngredientsGet plastic measuring cups that you keep in your dry ingredients containers. Electric Can OpenersYou may find a hand held electric can opener easier to use than one that resides on the counter top. Pot StabiliserUse a pot stabilizer if you’re cooking on the stove. It will hold the handle steady so you don’t get the content of your pot in your lap when you stir.Rubber MatsYou can find non-skid rubber mats or double-sided suction cups to place under bowls or cutting boards to prevent them from sliding around when you use them.
  • Stepping Out of Your COMFORT ZONE

    1. 1. Stepping out …of your marketingCOMFORT ZONE by Wayne Caswell Modern Health Talk
    2. 2. COMFORT ZONESafe FamiliarSecure Predictable Competent
    3. 3. CHALLENGE ZONE Risky FulfillingUnknown Confidence Retreat Unexpected Limitless Breakthrough
    4. 4. DANGER ZONESignificant Overwhelmingand Real OddsRiskAgainstDauntingOpposition
    5. 5. Governor All 9 Justices $34 BillionLt. Governor All but 5 Reps
    6. 6. Like Nemo, I gainedconfidence andskills, but … … I’m still in & out of my COMFORT ZONE
    7. 7. 300+ RESOURCE LINKS
    8. 8. BLOG
    9. 9. Key Word Search
    10. 10. K E Y WO R D SCO M M E N T S
    11. 11. Social Media
    12. 12. My Articles
    13. 13. Newsletter
    14. 14. 58,804 members But LinkedIn is a Professional audience, not My audience.Wow!
    15. 15. ACCESSIBLE DESIGN Stair Lifts & Pool Lifts
    16. 16. UNIVERSAL DESIGN Zero-Step Entry for: • Rolling Suitcases, • Baby Strollers, • Dollies … and • WheelchairsAccessible entry
    17. 17. KITCHEN DESIGN• Pull-outs• Knee Space• Lever Handles
    18. 18. KITCHEN DESIGN • Adjustable CounterMobility – ability to move in and around the kitchen, gross/fine motor skills Height • Motion-activated Soap Dispensers • Self-stirring Pots • Mirrors to see in Pots
    19. 19. BATHROOM DESIGN Grab Zero-Step Shower Bar with Grab Bars, Seat and Handheld Showerhead Lever Handle Lever Handles Knee Space Secured Rug
    20. 20. Old for a Day?MIT’s AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy Suit) simulates being 74,promotes Universal Design
    21. 21. Home Control & AutomationMulti-Light Dimmer wireless remote Programmable Thermostat Wireless Motion & Magnetic contact Fish Feeder Occupancy Sensor sensor
    22. 22. Smartphones & Tablets as Health Gateways High-tech Toilets and Much More
    23. 23. THANK YOU Wayne Caswell
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