STAYING RELEVENT during long-term unemployment
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STAYING RELEVENT during long-term unemployment



I spoke to one of the nation's largest job clubs (LaunchPad Job Club, on 11/11/11 about volunteering to maintain skills & attitudes during long-term unemployment, ...

I spoke to one of the nation's largest job clubs (LaunchPad Job Club, on 11/11/11 about volunteering to maintain skills & attitudes during long-term unemployment, featuring my own story that led to the founding of Modern Health Talk.



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  • Was your job Outsourced or Automated? Despair replaces Drive Skills Decline Attitude=Altitude Reinvent Yourself
  • Understands Natural Language Context Adapts & Learns Reads & Analyzes200M books in 3 sec. WellPoint & Seton Healthcare
  • CAUSES: Deregulation, Housing Bubble, Banks & Wall Street, Political Corruption, Demographic Shift, and … TECHNOLOGY
  • My experience Volunteering led me to Founding Modern Health Talk

STAYING RELEVENT during long-term unemployment STAYING RELEVENT during long-term unemployment Presentation Transcript

  • STAYING RELEVANTDuring Long-Term Unemployment By Wayne Caswell, 11/11/11 Technical Marketing, Consumer Advocate, Futurist
  • BEYOND THE PCParadigm shifts for job seekers By Wayne Caswell, 11/19/10 Technical Marketing, Consumer Advocate, Futurist
  • Exponential GrowthTECH EVOLUTION • Processor • Memory • Network • Storage
  • Technology Replacing . . . JOBS
  • Technology Replacing . . . JOBS
  • By 2013, a Supercomputer will exceed thecomputation power of the Human Brain.By 2023, a $1,000 computer will; andby 2037, a $0.01 computer will.By 2049, a $1,000 computer will exceed thecomputation power of the Human Race.And by 2059 a $0.01 computer will. In Your Lifetime! What Career Implications? by Ray Kurzwel
  • Technology = Pay < worthProductivity =More for Less Sr.Mgt. Span of Control Middle Mgt. Write Letter$20? Labor Mow Lawn Manicure How much is 1-hr worth? Haircut V i s u a l i zi n g E c o n o m i cs . co m
  • 15K2008 Population TAXABLE 1% 1.5 million INDIVIDUALSDistribution 9% 15.4 million Middle Bottom 90% 137.2 million V i s u a l i zi n g E c o n o m i cs . co m
  • AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME2008 Income $27,342,121 (0.01%)Distribution $3,238,286 (0.1%) Top 1% $878,139 (0.5%) 20.9% of Income $443,102 (1%) 875 times Middle 9% $211,476 (5%) 27.3% of Income $127,184 (10%) Bottom 90% $31,244 51.8% of Income (90%) V i s u a l i zi n g E c o n o m i cs . co m
  • AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME2010 Income $27,342,121 (0.01%) >$40MDistribution $3,238,286 (0.1%) Top 1% $878,139 (0.5%) 20.9% of Income $443,102 (1%) 875 times1,500 $211,476 (5%) Middle 9% 27.3% of Income $127,184 (10%) $26,364 Bottom 90% $31,244 51.8% of Income (90%) V i s u a l i zi n g E c o n o m i cs . co m
  • All Individual Tax Units 152,462,0002008 Income All Top 0.01% 1 out of 10,0000 Individual Income cut off $9,141,190 Number of tax units 15,246Distribution Tax 0.1% 10 out ofof10,0000 Top Units Top 1% Top 10% 100 out 10,0000 1,000 out of 10,0000 $1,695,136 $368,238 $109,062 152,462 1,524,620 15,246,200 Bottom 90% Average IncomeTax All Individual $31,244 Units Share of Income $51.8% V i s u a l i zi n g E c o n o m i cs . co m
  • 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2010 Income 90% 70% Corporate 35% Capital Gains 15%Regan cut Top Tax Rate in HALF, raised Debt Ceiling 18 timesBush cut Capital Gains tax in HALF Bush-2GOP added 11 Trillion to National Debt Bush-1 ReganGOP now demands Austerity from the people
  • Growing Resume GAP1980 1988 1990 1993 1996 1999 2001 2005 2008 2010 ??? Your Career Progresses Nicely Until… What have you been doing? Travel Sabbatical Intern * Family Freelance Volunteer * School Consult Entrepreneur *
  • Marketing, Design, Health,… City, State or Zip
  • WHAT IS AN INTERNSHIP? “Any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession.”The modern concept of internships essentially springs from the medieval apprenticeship, in which skilledlaborers (often craftsmen) would teach a young person their trade and, in exchange, that person wouldagree to work for the teacher for a certain length of time.The main difference between an apprenticeship and an internship is that internships are moreexploratory. Youre not bound to work for your employer after the internship is over (although manyinterns do receive job offers). If you start early enough to do a few internships throughout college, youcan use the first ones to get a feel for what career youd like to pursue and the later ones to build yourexperience.Internships can be paid or unpaid — though, if they are unpaid, they’re usually subject to stringent laborguidelines. In the U.S., federal law mandates that unpaid interns must not benefit the companyeconomically or be used to displace the work done by paid employees. Some states have their ownregulations regarding interns. For example, in California, unpaid interns must receive college credit fortheir work.
  • Start-ups
  • austin-resources/entrepreneurship-scene NETWORKING • Agile Austin • ATX Equation • Austin Black MBA • CoCreate • Austin Internet Mktg Entrepreneurs NW • Austin Women in Technology • Austin Emerging 100 • Austin Entrepreneur Meetup Group • Austin Independent Business Alliance • Austin Interactive Marketing Association • Austin is IT • Austin Lean Startup Circle • Austin Microfinance Network • Austin on Rails • Austin Podcasting Meetup Group • Austin Smartphone Entrepreneurs • Austin SEO Meetup
  • austin-resources/entrepreneurship-scene
  • MENTORSHIP • 3 Day Startup NETWORKING FUNDING SOURCES • Austin Lemonade Day • Acton • Agile Austin • Aggie Angel Network • Austin Inventors & Entrepreneurs Assoc. • ATX Equation • Baylor Angel Network • Austin Small Biz Development Program • Austin Black MBA • Central Texas Angel Network • Austin Startup Weekend • CoCreate • BIG Austin • Austin Technology Incubator • Austin Internet Mktg Entrepreneurs NW, AIMEN • Business Community Lenders • Baylor Austin Executive MBA • Austin Women in Technology • Capital Factory • Business Success Center • Austin Emerging 100 • Concho Valley Angel Network • Capital Factory • Austin Entrepreneur Meetup Group • Daylight Partners • Center for New Ventures and Entrepreneurship • Austin Independent Business Alliance • Emergent Technologies • DELL Social Innovation Competition • Austin Interactive Marketing Association • Emerging Technology Fund • EDCO Ventures • Austin is IT • Houston Angel Network • Entrepreneur Foundation • Austin Lean Startup Circle • North Texas Angel Network • Entrepreneurs Organization • Austin Microfinance Network • Next Step Capital Partners • Hoovers World • Austin on Rails • PeopleFund • Job Training Institute • Austin Podcasting Meetup Group • Slow Money Austin • Kingdom Business Development Center • Austin Smartphone Entrepreneurs • South Texas Angel Network • Leadership Austin • Austin SEO Meetup • Texas Coalition for Capital • PureWomanConnect • Austin Social Entrepreneurs Network • Wilco Angel Network • St Michael’s Catholic Academy Entrepreneur Pgm • Austin SPIN • Score Austin • Austin Tech Happy Hour VENTURE CAPITAL FUNDING • Tech Ranch Austin • Austin Technology Council • Alara Capital • The Struggling Entrepreneur • Austin Wireless Alliance • AV Entrepreneur Hours • TAB Austin • Barcamp Austin • Austin Ventures • Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center • Bootstrap Blog • Covera Ventures • US Dept of Commerce–Intl.Trade Assn., Austin • Brainstorm Co Working • DFJ Mercury • CleanTx Foundation • Emergent Technologies AUSTIN CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE • Digital Media Council • G-51 • Austin Chamber of Commerce • Geek Austin • Live Oak Partners • Austin Young Chamber of Commerce • Hi-Tech Austin • PTV Sciences • Capital City African American Chamber of Comm • Innotech Austin • S3 Ventures • Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce • Innovate Texas • Sante Ventures • Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce • International Game Developers Association • Sentient Ventures • Texas Association of Businesses • Mobile Monday • Silverton Partners • Texas Assn of Mexican American Chamber of Comm • Network in Austin • Womens Chamber of Commerce • OpenCoffee UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS ENTREPRENEURS • Perch Co Working • 1 Semester Startup ENGINEERING SOCIETIES • Refresh Austin • Venture Labs Investment Competition • American Society of Mechanical Engineers • Rice Alliance Austin • IC2 • American Society of Quality • Rise Austin • Idea2Product • Association of Operations Management • Solar Energy Entrepreneur Network — SEEN • Texas Enterprise • Central Texas Electronics Association (CETA) • Semantic Web Austin • McCombs Entrepreneurs • Discover Engineering • Sharp Skirts • Technology Entrepreneurship Society • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers • Startup District • Texas Evening Entrepreneurs • International Society of Automation (ISA) • SXSW Interactive • Texas Venture Labs • Society of Automotive Engineers • Technology Advisors Group • University of Texas Venture Fellows • Texas Society of Professional Engineers • Texas Medical Device Alliance • Texas Solar Energy Society NEWS TEXCHANGE • Austin American Statesman EVENT CALENDARS • TIE Austin • Austin Business Journal • Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce Calendar • TYE Austin • Door64 • Door64 Calendar • Web Analytics Wednesday • Austin Startup • NetworkIn Austin Calendar • Wilco Entrepreneur Network • StartupATX • HiTech Austin
  • My Resume CAZITech CAZITech mHealthTalk1969 IBM 1999 Dell H.O.T. Pro-bono Consulting Communications Director Social Entrepreneurism Life after IBM
  • My Resume CAZITech CAZITech mHealthTalk1969 IBM 1999 Dell H.O.T.
  • My Resume CAZITech CAZITech mHealthTalk1969 IBM 1999 Dell H.O.T.
  • My Resume CAZITech CAZITech mHealthTalk1969 IBM 1999 Dell H.O.T.
  • 4 Keys to Fulfilling Career 1 2 Physical Needs Social / Emotional • $ Minimum • Big Impact, Problem • $ Max Believable • Recognition 3 4 Intellectual Passion • New, Creative • Fun, Play, Experiment • Exploit Skills • Whining, Advocacy Last week from: Jeff Johannigman
  • Searching for the Next BIG Thing? Look for “Intersections” Business Trend Technology Trend Home Health Care Aging Smartphones Baby Boomers & TabletsWayne CaswellModern Health Talk
  • Rising Health Costs Home Boomers Health Tablets Care Social MediaWayne CaswellModern Health Talk
  • Rising Costs Wireless Telepresence Broadband Home Boomers Health Tablets Care Telemedicine Digital Sensors Social MediaWayne CaswellModern Health Talk
  • Rising Costs Wireless Telepresence Broadband Home Boomers Health Tablets Care EXTENDED RECESSION Telemedicine Digital Sensors Social MediaWayne CaswellModern Health Talk
  • A Smart Phone or Tablet The Ideal Health Gateway
  • SymptomNavigator“Where does it hurt?”
  • AirStrop OB iPhone App Monitor patient vitals on-the-go
  • Nike SS Smart Shoe
  • Nike SS Smart Shoe Shoe Cloud
  • BOSCH Health Buddy
  • Weight Oxygen SaturationBlood Pressure and Heart Rate Glucose
  • “Peace of Mind.”
  • “I do it myself.”
  • Cisco Cius tablet“I stay in touch with my doctor,my dad and grandpa too.”
  • “I no longer forget.”
  • Waldo Health “Saves Travel.”
  • Memory Loss“It’s dark, but dadcan’t rememberwhere the switch is.”
  • Joint Pain“Mom can’t reachhigh, so webrought thingsdown low.”
  • Nervous Disorders“Sue finds typing easier than writing.”
  • Vision Loss“Screen Reader getsme connected again.”
  • Blood Disorders“A daily prick at homesaves a trip to the lab.”
  • Home modifications prevent falls… … and a Broken Hip
  • Medication Management“So many pills, but Tim doesn’t forget.”
  • “Pat’s Kinect keeps her motivated.”
  • “I didn’t let mydisability keepme down.”
  • Old for a Day?MIT’s AGNES (Age GainNow Empathy Suit)simulates being 74.GOAL:Promote Universal Design
  • Stair Lifts & Pool Lifts
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN • Pull-outs • Knee Space
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN • Seat • Grab Bars • Handheld • Wheel in
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN• Lever Door Handles (easy open with hands full)• Single Lever Faucets (reduce burns)
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGNConvenient for Strollers,Dollies, Rolling Suitcases,and WheelchairsAccessible entry
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN Taken to a New Level
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN Taken to a New Level
  • Volunteer Opportunities#1. Research Specialist – Mine home healthcare news feeds and researchstories of interest to baby boomers for online publication.#2. Social Media Specialist – Manage communication through Twitter,Facebook, Google+ and other social media.#3. Website Consultant – Provide a critical review of our website and plans,make specific recommendations for improvement, and help implement thoserecommendations.#4. Freelance Writer / Blogger – Qualified and interested parties will betrained in WordPress and approved to post articles about solutions for Home Healthcare.Estimated Hours: Flexible, as time permits