Work/Life Balance


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Work/Life Balance workshop for Business Growth Network Lower Blue Mtns 20th August 2013

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Work/Life Balance

  1. 1. Work/Life Balance
  2. 2. a good balance between work and home life is when you do not go home worried about work and when you do not go to work worried about home Work/Life Balance: A definition
  3. 3. Work/Life Balance: Some things to consider…. • Work/Life balance means different things to different people. Everybody is responsible for creating their own sense of balance • If you’re feeling great, love what you do, and don’t feel overwhelmed, guilty or lacking in either your work or your home life, then chances are you’ve already achieved your Work/Life balance.
  4. 4. Work/Life Balance: Some things to consider…. • As we move through different ‘life stages’ our work/life needs will be change, creating an ongoing balancing act • Personality, up-bringing and life experiences are major influences over the expectations we have of ourselves. Expectations of ourselves influence what we think we ‘should’ be achieving.
  5. 5. Work/Life Balance: Some things to consider…. • Balance can be achieved by challenging what is expected of you by yourself or others, and determining what you truly want out of life. • Having a clear plan of the changes that you want to make is a great place to start creating work/life balance. But be patient… there are no quick fixes!!
  6. 6. Work/Life Balance: A Challenge Choose 4 of the following items which are most influential on your personal happiness and life balance at the moment: Fitness Friends Work Self-Image Colleagues Stress Sleep Learning Love Adventure Finance Direction Laughter Travel Animals
  7. 7. Factor: List your items from the previous list Importance: 0 = None 1 = Some 2 = Very Dissatisfaction: 0 = Okay 1 = Poor 2 = Bad Calculate: A x B (highest scores are your biggest priorities and opportunities Fitness 2 1 2 Learning 2 1 2 Sleep 2 2 4 Laughter 2 1 2
  8. 8. Work/Life Balance: Some Analysis Next… Identify what may be keeping you from achieving satisfaction in these areas of your life. Could it be: • Imposed expectations – either others or your own? • External factors – eg phones & emails constantly distracting you? • Time management – are you running out of time for enjoyment in your life because you’re losing too much time getting necessary tasks done? • Lack of vision – have you really asked the question.. What do I want from life?
  9. 9. Work/Life Balance: Making a Plan Factor Conflicting Influence Action Plan Target Date Sleep Imposed Expectations Go to bed by 10pm regardless of what is still to be done. Fitness Time Management Take a lunch break 3 x weekly for swimming (with a colleague) Learning Time Management Create a time during my work week to incorporate some learning & research. Laughter Imposed Expectations ????