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Arapidis lighting, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting
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Arapidis lighting, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting


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Arapidis lighting, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting

Arapidis lighting, Waterproof Outdoor Lighting

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  • 3. Corporate History 1969. Michael Arapidis, machinist, and George Chatzoglou, specialized metal craftsman, found INTERFOT, a small crafts-type lighting spots company. The first spot, the 107 model, is designed for big concrete box structures and still exists today while being no 1 in sales 1982. The proprietary 3.000 m2 building in Metamorfosi Attikis is raised, and serves as the current HQ of the Arapidis Co. 1999. The sons, Dimitris Arapidis, mechanical engineer, and Kostas Arapidis, Economist, assume key positions in the company. They expand the product range and launch waterproof lighting. Arapidis’ client base now comprises over 800 warehouses throughout Greece. 2004. Arapidis starts exporting to Europe and the Middle East 2009. Waterproof Arapidis lighting is now unique around the world, with 3 global patents, and is found on storage shelves in 4 countries in the Middle East and 2 countries in Europe 2012. The most innovative range of high quality plastic waterproof fixtures is developed 2013. The new P series waterproof lighting is
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  • 5. Manufacturing process The Arapidis organization is fully equipped, in all manufacturing sectors, producing high quality waterproof lighting fixtures. Our exclusive series comprises 100% aluminum, stainless steel, or bronze waterproof lighting fixtures. You can't find similar products in any market, because of our 3 global unique patents.
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  • 7. What makes our products different value for money: our products are 15-20% cheaper from any European, American or Australian similar products. We offer the best value-price relationship that you can find we provide a full guarantee for any waterproof lighting fixture patents: we have 3 world bestowed patents in waterproof lighting fixtures design: modern, minimal, with absolute accuracy material: top quality material in any product range usage environment: our waterproof lightings can be used in any demanding environmental conditions, like, for example, near the sea or even on a boat product lifetime: many competitive products have a lifetime 1/5th of our products’ lifetime, so they effectively cost 5 times more, since the customer has to replace them 5 times more often performance: all fixtures always exhibit extra performance, compared to ordinary similar products, and quality that remains unchanged
  • 8. What makes Arapidis unique market knowledge: this is due to our long-term construction experience, since 1969. deep knowledge of new technologies regarding construction fixtures from plastic, 100% aluminum, cast aluminum, stainless steel and brass 3 global unique patents full range of recessed downlights in interior or exterior space the manufacturing process is done in-house and is 100% controlled by us, from raw material to the final finish quality: our product liability rates are well below 1% of the total production customer support: we guarantee immediate and direct replacement of any faulty items, at no additional charge phone support: available during normal working hours at +30 2102801220 flexibility: we adapt to whatever our customers’ requirements might be capacity: production of waterproof lightings can reach 100 items/day extensive client base: all reputable lighting stores in Greece, the Balkans and the Middle East
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  • 15. PE 404/9
  • 16. P 402/7
  • 17. P 401/7
  • 18. 500/10
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