The best easiest way to cure a yeast infection


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The best easiest way to cure a yeast infection

  1. 1. The Best Easiest Way To Cure A Yeast Infection : What Are The Best Ways Of Treating A Yeast Infection At Home?<br />I believe I have what is called a yeast infection. I have tried the yogurt treatment methods. Freezing yogurt in a tampon dispenser and inserting it, putting yogurt on a tampon and inserting it. And I haven't gotten any good results from this. What should I do for this yogurt method? Are there better methods? If I do the yogurt method what should I do, how many times and how long do I leave the yogurt in there? Would it be better to just get Monistat? And I have been sexually active with my boyfriend, he has fingered me. So if that adds to anything please inform me. I have had this infection for a while and I’d like to get rid of it for good.<br />This is a question that was asked by someone suffering from yeast infection. In this article, I will give some few tips and tricks you can use to cure this infection and stop it from coming back to bother you: the best, easiest way to cure a yeast infection at home so you gain totally freedom from it<br />Try using Monistat for your yeast infection. That is what I use when I have this infection. I personally do not like the one day Monistat treatment. I prefer to use the 7 day one. For me it works better. The yogurt cure is an old wife's tale to me. The reason is that yogurt has yeast in it and a yeast infection as too much yeast in it. So you are using yeast to fight yeast; doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. That would be like using fire on a burn. However many people say it works for them so it might work for you as well. To prevent future yeast infection you need to wear underpants that have a white cotton insert that touches your opening area in your genital area.<br />Also make sure that when you bathe you use a gentle soap and that you rinse well. You should always shower instead of a tub bath. Dry that area real well and make sure that it completely dry. My ob/gyn suggested to me once that i use my hair dryer on low to make sure. Also avoid a lot of items that contain yeast since that can help cause a yeast infection. Avoid wearing tight clothes. Pants and underpants and pantyhose and tights can cause you to sweat down there and that can help cause a yeast infection.<br />For a topical treatment, you can also dip a tampon in plain yogurt and insert it into your vagina or simply rub some on the outside. I have found, however, that leaving it on for a prolonged period tends to have the opposite effect. It seems that once it has done its job, it is best to wipe it off or you will feel itchier due to the moisture.<br />Buy one of the over the counter yeast treatments and follow the directions. EAT the yogurt, which has probiotics (the good bacteria) which is what your looking for. You can also buy probiotics at a health food store in a capsule refrigerated (keep it refrigerated or they die).<br />You should also know that it may not be a yeast infection. Consider going to your doctor and get looked at as soon as possible. You could have an STD or just a mild bacterial infection or BV. If you have had this for a while and tried other treatments it’s time to get checked out. I would suggest no sexual activity until you see your doctor.<br />Don't be sexually active until this goes away.<br />A yeast infection is the same as jock itch for a guy and you WILL give it to him. Besides, having a yeast infection makes you have a lot of clumps and yeast and your boyfriend will remember and probably be grossed out. Heal first before you let him mess w/ you down there, you don't want him throwing this up in your face later. If you have never had a yeast infection before, you must see a doctor to confirm as it could be something worse and you don't want to take chances w/ your body and cause any permanent problems.<br />Do you want to quickly and permanently eliminate your yeast infection? If yes, then I suggest you use the recommendations in the Yeast Infection No More Guide.<br />The yeast infection no more guide is a book which teaches people some effective natural ways of treating yeast infections so they never reoccur. The recommendations in this guide have helped 1000s of people allover the world to permanently treat their YI conditions, no matter how recurrent or chronic they were.<br />Click on this link ==> Yeast Infection No More Review, to read more about this program<br />