How vaginal yeast infection can be cured


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How vaginal yeast infection can be cured

  1. 1. How Vaginal Yeast Infection Can Be Cured - 5 Best Home Remedies For Treating A Vaginal Yeast Infection<br />Are you wondering how vaginal yeast infection can be cured? Well here are some effective and great home remedies for treating a vaginal yeast infection. In fact you can use these remedies to treat just any type of yeast infection you have.<br />Vaginal yeast infection can either be cured orally or by vaginal insertion. Most of these home remedies have been tried, tested and proven for their efficacy. You can usually cure yourself in the privacy of your home without the need to visit your gynecologist.<br />1- The Power of Tea Tree Oil<br />Tea tree oil is a known natural antifungal. Pour a few drops of undiluted tea tree oil on a tampon and insert into vagina. Do this morning and night. A couple of days should be sufficient.<br />2- The Power of Garlic<br />Make a paste of garlic pods and apply to skin around the vagina. It may burn a bit, but is very effective. This paste can be used for yeast infection in other parts of the body too. Another way to use garlic for the cure of vaginal yeast infection is to cut a few garlic pods fine and wrap it in a cheesecloth. Insert into vagina for about 20 minutes<br />If this is the first time you have had a yeast infection you need to be checked by a doctor to make sure that is what is wrong and not something more serious.<br />You can also buy things like Miconazale Nitrite Vaginal Cream or Monistat or Gynolotrimin over the counter at any drugstore or supermarket or Dollar General. Keep yourself clean and wear clean underwear (bleach all your underwear to help to prevent re-infection). Watch your diet cut back on sugars, starches, bread, beer things of that nature. Hope this helps<br />3- The Power of Acidophilus<br />Don't forget about the power of Acidophilus. Acidophilus is a group of probiotic bacteria cultures found in common foods like yogurt. Introducing these cultures into the body during a yeast infection is a great way to rebalance your PH levels and kill the candida overgrowth.<br />4- The Power of PLAIN yogurt<br />Many people, even doctors recommend applying PLAIN yogurt to the outside vaginal area. However, eating the yogurt should have the same effect more of a preventive measure. It's important to use PLAIN yogurt because flavored yogurts contain extra sugars that actually encourage yeast infections. So basically the answer is yes: yeast infection can be cured by OTC meds prescription from the doc and home remedies. One home remedy is natural yogurt NO SUGAR ADDED! Insert a tampon into the yogurt and then place it in. it’s messy but i heard it works.<br />5- The Power of The "Yeast Infection No More Guide"<br />Do you want to quickly and permanently eliminate your yeast infection? If yes, then I suggest you use the recommendations in the Yeast Infection No More Guide.<br />The yeast infection no more guide is a book which teaches people some effective natural ways of treating yeast infections so they never reoccur. The recommendations in this guide have helped 1000s of people allover the world to permanently treat their YI conditions, no matter how recurrent or chronic they were.<br />Click on this link ==> Yeast Infection No More Review, to read more about this program<br />