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Presentation on New Media Public Relations to St. Thomas graduate students 10.26.10

Presentation on New Media Public Relations to St. Thomas graduate students 10.26.10

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  • Lorin found me because I was speaking at the MN Blogger conf. recently. Many of my friends were in horror – there’s a lot of terror involved with working with new media. Tdday I’ll talk about the do’s and don’ts of working with bloggers and writers for websites.

  • Examples: Blue Zones (NYT bestseller) Nat Geo, Yale first viral video campaign – people come to me when they want to integrate an online strategy along with traditional media. Sometimes I work on a team, sometimes I do the whole thing. Worked with celebrities as well including Bode Miller, Ralph Nader, Jon and Andy Hillstrand, etc. Also still do a couple traditional events
  • The difference in new media is that you engage the writer or journalist in many different places. Twitter, conferences, community sites, etc. Define each. I do NOT mean the online portion of a traditional media. Those I approach in pretty much the same way as I approach traditional. .
  • Perez Hilton and the bunny slippers, VIP invitations for Blue Plate, certain industries where print trades have failed have become MORE influential online.
  • Know this market…
    They love events…Lian Dolan lexus event….Clinton at Edelman and
  • Alan Caruba, Elizabeth Weiss
  • Transcript

    • 1. WORKING WITH NEW MEDIA Bonnie Harris Wax Marketing
    • 2. EXPERIENCE  16 years in technology  8 years in communications  Specialize in blended strategy  Clients include medium-sized companies, publishers and online venture  BS Economics, U of M, MS Comms, WVU
    • 3. NEW MEDIA  Bloggers  Mom Bloggers  Freelancers  Community Sites  Twitter  Review Sites (amazon, goodreads, etc)
    • 4. BLOGGERS  Read their blog first  Engage with them before you pitch  Gain credibility for your own social media  Ask permission to pitch  Don’t send a press release or template pitch  Provide multi-media  Give them exclusives
    • 5. MOM BLOGGERS  Don’t be condescending  More than anyone else, build a relationship  Work the moms like a network  Look for influence rather than traffic  Use events  Pitch products through a network like BlogHer
    • 6. FREELANCERS  Dealing with much looser editorial guidelines  Tend to use same sources for multiple stories  Like to have GREAT copy written for them  Offer online Q&A  Engage in freelance communities/HARO/etc  Do not send blanket pitches
    • 7. TWITTER  Engage, don’t post  New media and traditional media  Twitter directories and twollow  Hashtags 
    • 8. RESOURCES        cision
    • 9. ADVICE FROM TWITTER  read blog and deal 1-2-1 and ask: some may like getting news at the same time as journalists and some not. @pennyhaywood  I would say getting personal with a dozen bloggers is more effective than sending out mass/generic emails to hundreds. @bethblair  get the blogger's name right. And maybe do 5 mins of research before hitting send to add some authenticity to the pitch. @karmak1
    • 10. Bonnie Harris @waxgirl333