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Learn what activities are so engaging they are keeping people from going to sleep when they want - and how advertisers can take advantage of this

Learn what activities are so engaging they are keeping people from going to sleep when they want - and how advertisers can take advantage of this

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  • 1. SleepStealer Index
  • 2. ! Quantum Physics ! The quantum world exists as a series of probability waves, an infinite number of potential outcomes ! Only when something is observed or measured does the probability wave collapse and a single result is established ! Wave Collapse measures and observes the world in multiple different ways, collapsing the various probability waves and establishing a rich perspective on reality ! This multi-view approach provides the foundation for strategy optimization using research and insights to drive revenueCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 3. ! Online survey ! 500 people, 18-65 years old ! All own an iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry ! Conducted July 2012Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 4. Evening is a hot time for all media, but what is happening Post-Bedtime?Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 5. Why Do We Care About People Staying Up Later Than They Want? Engaging Keeping Content = Activity them Good for awake Advertisers Engaging in an activity on a device Sacrificing sleep to keep doing People’s engagement & pleasure is activity high which provides perfect context to present a message in an advertisementCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 6. 56% Stayed Up Later Than They Wanted Last Night And Own Nook Kindle Fire Apple TV More 56% Likely And Half Stay Up Later Than They to Be… Want “Almost Always”Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 7. Average percentage of smartphone owners that are staying up later than they want using these devices 26% 35%Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 8. Tablet and Mobile Activities are as likely to be keeping people awake as TV & Computer activities Of those that have done this activity in the past week, the percent that stayed up late last night doing this Watching a video, movie, or TV show on iPad/tablet 59% Watching a video, movie, or TV show on mobile 55% Playing a game on iPad/tablet 54% Tablet and Mobile are as Browsing the Internet on iPad/tablet 47% engaging, if not more so, Playing a game on mobile 46% Browsing the Internet on mobile 32% than TV & Computer Browsing the Internet on computer 64% Playing a game on computer 66% Advertisers need to Watching a video, movie, or TV show on computer 51% take advantage of this Watching a TV show on TV 74% environment Watching a movie on TV 62% Playing a game on console 51%Copyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 9. Computer Tablet Relaxed Anxious TV Mobile Computer Tablet Happy Sad TV Mobile Computer Tablet Focused Distracted TV Mobile Distraction is good for Advertisers since it means people are more open to engaging in content Higher feelings of anxiety mean that advertising messages may need to be refined for post-bedtime hoursCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 10. Recall of Ads & Perceived Relevancy 50% Low Recall/ High Recall/ High Relevancy High Relevancy 45% Video on Tablet Relevancy of Ads (T2B) 40% Internet on Mobile Game on Video on Console Computer 35% Game on Movie on Computer TV Show Internet on TV 30% on TV Computer Game on Internet Game on Tablet on Tablet 25% Mobile Low Recall/ Video on High Recall/ Low Relevancy Mobile Low Relevancy 20% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Recall of Ads •  Recall of ads while doing these activities when they stayed up later than they wanted •  Top2Box Rating of Relevancy of ads theyCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC recall seeing
  • 11. ! Tablets and smartphones are gaining on TV & Computer in keeping people engaged and awake ! In less than a couple of years, these devices are rapidly changing the landscape of engagement with content – how soon until people don’t have TVs in their bedrooms or Computers being shut down after dinner? ! Tablet and Mobile activities are as engaging, if not more so, than TV & Computers ! Engaging content means advertisers have a great opportunity to promote their message ! People’s mood as they are being kept awake by Tablets & Smartphones continues to offer advantages to advertisers ! Being a bit more distracted means that they are willing to be pulled into different experiences and engage with content ! More so than they would be at other times of the day when they are more focused ! Advertisers are making an impression in certain contexts ! Ads viewed when browsing the Internet on Mobile or when watching Video on Tablet are both highly recalled and considered highly relevant by people who are staying up later than they want ! Lots of room for improvement in relevancy for other contexts, however. Brands need to consider the message they are using for this day part and tailor it to the environmentCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC
  • 12. Joy Liuzzo 571.293.0021 joy@wavecollapse.com @joyliuzzoCopyright 2012 Wave Collapse LLC