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Web Crawling and Data Gathering with Apache Nutch
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Web Crawling and Data Gathering with Apache Nutch


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Apache Nutch Presentation by Steve Watt at Data Day Austin 2011

Apache Nutch Presentation by Steve Watt at Data Day Austin 2011

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  • 1. Apache Nutch Web Crawling and Data Gathering Steve Watt - @wattsteve IBM Big Data Lead Data Day Austin
  • 2. Topics
    • Introduction
    • The Big Data Analytics Ecosystem
    • Load Tooling
    • How is Crawl data being used?
    • Web Crawling - Considerations
    • Apache Nutch Overview
    • Apache Nutch Crawl Lifecycle, Setup and Demos
  • 3. The Offline (Analytics) Big Data Ecosystem Load Tooling Web Content Your Content Hadoop Data Catalogs Analytics Tooling Export Tooling Find Analyze Visualize Consume
  • 4. Load Tooling - Data Gathering Patterns and Enablers
    • Web Content
      • Downloading – Amazon Public DataSets / InfoChimps
      • Stream Harvesting – Collecta / Roll-your-own (Twitter4J)
      • API Harvesting – Roll your own (Facebook REST Query)
      • Web Crawling – Nutch
    • Your Content
      • Copy from FileSystem
      • Load from Database - SQOOP
      • Event Collection Frameworks - Scribe and Flume
  • 5. How is Crawl data being used?
    • Build your own search engine
      • Built in Lucene Indexes for querying
      • Solr integration for Multi-faceted search
    • Analytics
      • Selective filtering and extraction with data from a single provider
      • Joining datasets from multiple providers for further analytics
      • Event Portal Example
      • Is Austin really a startup town?
    • Extension of the mashup paradigm - “Content Providers cannot predict how their data will be re-purposed”
  • 6. Web Crawling - considerations
    • Robots.txt
    • Facebook lawsuit against API Harvester
    • “ No Crawling without written approval” in Terms of Use
    • What if the web had as many crawlers as Apache Web Servers ?
  • 7. Apache Nutch – What is it ?
    • Apache Nutch Project –
      • Hadoop + Web Crawler + Lucene
    • Hadoop based web crawler ? How does that work ?
  • 8. Apache Nutch Overview
    • Seeds and Crawl Filters
    • Crawl Depths
    • Fetch Lists and Partitioning
    • Segments - Segment Reading using Hadoop
    • Indexing / Lucene
    • Web Application for Querying
  • 9. Apache Nutch - Web Application
  • 10. Crawl Lifecycle Generate Inject LinkDB Fetch Index CrawlDB Update Dedup Merge
  • 11. Single Process Web Crawling
  • 12. Single Process Web Crawling
    • Create the seed file and copy it into a “urls” directory
    • Export JAVA_HOME
    • Edit the conf/crawl-urlfilter.txt regex to constrain the crawl (Usually via domain)
    • Edit the conf/nutch-site.xml and specify an
    • bin/nutch crawl urls -dir crawl -depth 2
    • D E M O
  • 13. Distributed Web Crawling
  • 14. Distributed Web Crawling
    • The Nutch distribution is overkill if you already have a Hadoop Cluster. Its also not how you really integrate with Hadoop these days, but there is some history to consider. Nutch Wiki has Distributed Setup.
    • Why orchestrate your crawl?
    • How?
      • Create the seed file and copy it into a “urls” directory. Then copy the directory up to the HDFS
      • Edit the conf/crawl-urlfilter.txt regex to constrain the crawl (Usually via domain)
      • Copy the conf/nutch-site,conf/nutch-default.xml, conf/nutch-conf.xml & conf/crawl-urlfilter.txt to the Hadoop conf directory.
      • Restart Hadoop so the new files are picked up in the classpath
  • 15. Distributed Web Crawling
    • Code Review: org.apache.nutch.crawl.Crawl
    • Orchestrated Crawl Example (Step 1 - Inject):
    • bin/hadoop jar nutch-1.2.0.job org.apache.nutch.crawl.Injector crawl/crawldb urls
    • D E M O
  • 16. Segment Reading
  • 17. Segment Readers
    • The SegmentReader class is not all that useful. But here it is anyway:
      • bin/nutch readseg -list crawl/segments/20110128170617
      • bin/nutch readseg -dump crawl/segments/20110128170617 dumpdir
    • What you really want to do is process each crawled page in M/R as an individual record
      • SequenceFileInputFormatters over Nutch HDFS Segments FTW
      • RecordReader returns Content Objects as Value
    • Code Walkthrough
    • D E M O
  • 18. Thanks
    • Questions ?
    • Steve Watt - [email_address]
    • Twitter: @wattsteve
    • Blog: