DDI Forum 2011 - Watt International Workshop


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Thanks for letting me share some ideas on with you about “Creating Holistic Brand Experiences” at the 2011 DDI Forum. I hope you found the workshop both inspiring and insightful.

The following is a slightly condensed version of the presentation, along with the polling results from the session. Please feel free to drop Watt International a note if you want to discuss the presentation further.

And good luck in your quest to develop Holistic Brand Experiences. Let us know if we can help in any way – if you enjoyed the workshop, just imagine what it would be like to work with us!

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DDI Forum 2011 - Watt International Workshop

  1. 1. The integrated Retail AgencyCreating HolisticBrand ExperiencesA Watt International perspectiveprodmell@wattintl.com
  2. 2. Thanks for letting me share some ideas on with you about “CreatingHolistic Brand Experiences” at the 2011 DDI Forum. I hope you foundthe workshop both inspiring and insightful.The following is a slightly condensed version of the presentation, alongwith the polling results from the session. Please feel free to drop me anote if you want to discuss the presentation further.And good luck in your quest to develop Holistic Brand Experiences.Let me know if we can help in any way – if you enjoyed the workshop,just imagine what it would be like to work with us!Kind regards,Patrick RodmellPresident + CEOWatt Internationalprodmell@wattintl.com416.364.9384 x 324
  3. 3. Watt International | Overview Integrated Retail Agency Founded in 1966 We help retailers develop brands and sell MORE things, to MORE people, MORE often. “Watt International is a unique group of talented people, encouraged to think beyond their specialty…”
  4. 4. What We Do We work with ourintegratedinsights, define winning retail strategies, The clients to uncover retail agency…then bring them to life through products, actions, people and physical expressions. …with the store as the core
  5. 5. We’re proud of the many industry accolades we’ve won...DDI Portfolio Awards 2011 - Longo’s MLS - Best Designed Stores of the Year | ARIDO Awards 2011 - Longo’s MLS - Award of Merit | Progressive GrocerStore Design Contest 2011 - Exito del Este - Gold, Best Overall Store Design – International/Hypermarket | Progressive Grocer Store Design Contest 2011 -The Market by Longo’s HBC Centre Store - 1st Place: Best Overall Store Design, Urban Format | PAC Leadership Awards 2011 - Ontario’s Own - BrandMarketing/New Brand Category & Best of Show | PAC Leadership Awards 2011 - Longo’s Private Label Signature Line - Brand Marketing/New BrandCategory – Silver | Chain Store Age – Retail Store of the Year 2011 – Corona - First Place, Hardware and Renovation Category | A.R.E Design Awards2011 - Longo’s MLS - Outstanding Merit in Supermarket/Grocery Store Category | American Package Design Awards 2011 - Zellers Sentiments PrivateLabel Line - Award of Excellence
  6. 6. ...but it’s what our clients think of us that really matters.
  7. 7. We are global Our work can be found in over 40 countries around the world. We are not a global company; we are a company that works globally We see the world on foot, not through the internet.Fashion Grocery Drug Mass Department Stores Specialty Financial Telecom Convenience Shopping Centers Sporting Goods Hardware QSR
  8. 8. Let’s talk about…. 1.  What is a “brand”? 2.  How does “brand” apply to retail? 3.  Will brand behavior of tomorrow be the same as today? 4.  “Three Words: a workshop to explore the connective tissue between a brand and the retail environment
  9. 9. “Do NOT touch merchandise on display” “Do NOT bother the staff”“Ask for assistance ONLY IF you are going to make a purchase” “Do NOT thank the staff for a free look” “Do NOT complain about the hours of operation or make personal enquiries”
  10. 10.     
  11. 11. What is a Brand? The set of expectations in the minds of your stakeholders It’s not your expression; it’s their impression Done right, these things align.
  12. 12. What is a Brand? A brand is a promise Symbolized by an identity Experienced through senses Delivered through actions That creates expectations Which shape perceptions and behaviors And ultimately, delivers value
  13. 13. “I want”
  14. 14. “I am”
  15. 15. Nothing new under the sun “Brands are selected when the cluster of values represented by a brand match customers’ rational and emotional needs, thus enabling them to reinforce and communicate aspects of their personality [through purchase or use of the brand].” Gardner and Levy, “The Product and the Brand” Harvard Business Review, 1955
  16. 16. Positioning a BrandThe Brand Position has to be:Differentiated Do you stand for something?Relevant Will the right people care?Credible Will they believe you?Sustainable Can you keep it up?
  17. 17. How powerful brands are created Brand Image Name Identity Colors, Fonts Internal Communications Public Relations Marketing Sponsorships Advertising Events Website Launches Social Media Promotions HR Business Planning Recruitment Store Formats Retention Store Operations Training Price Programs Incentives Supply Chain Rewards Strategic Partnerships Offering Store Environment National brands Architecture Private label Décor Services Layout
  18. 18. Left Brain + Right Brainbridging the gap between: Every brand choice is driven by a combination of emotional and rational influences
  19. 19. Lifestyle Brands vs.Product Brands
  20. 20. Gatorade running shoes? Nike sports drink?
  21. 21.      Brand Impression
  22. 22. Service Perception Question: How many brand experiences demonstrate “Superior Service”?CompanyExecutives = 80%Customers = 8%Great service can overcome a bad store; a great store can’t overcome bad service
  23. 23.     Brand - Economy
  24. 24. What’s the Perception? What’s the Reality? Does it really matter?
  25. 25.     Brand - Economy
  26. 26. Generation M:•  Born after 1990: The coming consumer generation•  Don’t know life without the internet•  Short attention spans•  Don’t trust advertising – look to their social network•  Mobile technology is a commodity•  Sensitive to our environment•  Developing their consumer/shopper DNA during the global recession.
  27. 27.     Brand – Generation M
  28. 28.       Brand - Digital
  29. 29. Tesco’s Home Plus grocerystores in South Korea haveposted virtual stores inKorea’s subway system,enabling commuters to shopusing their smartphones toscan a QR code, while theywait for their train.Attracted 10,000 newshoppers and raised onlinesales by 130 percent.
  30. 30. Mobile AppsLoopt and Neer’s location-triggered reminder appsLoopt: limited-time perishable-inventory deals close to theirreal-time location.Neer: link tasks to retailers andsends a reminder message whenthe user is close by.
  31. 31. Virtual butterflies appear on shoppers’ phones as they approach one of the participatingshopping centers. Shoppers must “catch” the butterflies in order to activate the coupons.
  32. 32. Brand Apps to enhance experiencePizza Tracker is anapp that tracksyour DominosPizza, from theoven, to the rack,to the time it leftthe store, to whoyour deliveryperson is.
  33. 33. Since it’s inception, the digital world has tried to emulate the positive features of the real world. Well I say… It’s time to turn the tables.
  34. 34. What people love about the virtual world;1.  Limitless Horizons2.  Personalization3.  Connectedness4.  Engagement5.  Entertaining How can we create this in the physical world?
  35. 35. Step 1:It’s NOT about a retail experience; it’s about experience retail.
  36. 36. rewardssocial Personalized Retail Experiences access entertaining
  37. 37. Emotional Engagement:What can you do that will enhance the personal experience and build loyalty with your customers?
  38. 38. Hollister (Toronto)
  39. 39. d i g i t a l p r i n t i n g
  40. 40. AuthenticityToday’s consumer isskeptical about marketingmessages, looking forproducts and experiencesthat have a closerconnection with a truehuman element.
  41. 41. Why are we craving “Authenticity”? Are they real? Are they real? Wisdom and inspiration, or burden on our social system?Because we are compromising the very nature of human authenticity
  42. 42.      Brand - Conscientious
  43. 43. Electric CarsCharging Stations at Retail
  44. 44. Wine Self-Service Kiosk… in France!
  45. 45. Brand Loyalty Community Loyalty
  46. 46.     Brand - Local
  47. 47.      Brand - Marketing
  48. 48. Rewards programs are becoming ‘price of entry’ to shoppers….It’s what retailers do with the data that makes them valuable…or not
  49. 49.      Brand - Price
  50. 50. Average discount range affecting switching behavior = 25% Jacksonville, Florida
  51. 51.       Brand - Retail
  52. 52. The Apple Brand – it all fits! engaging store brand strategy great effective products communications
  53. 53. What makes this an “amazing retail experience”? Products, People and energy!
  54. 54.       Brand - Retail
  55. 55. The Value of a Brand RealityPositive Brand Value = Perception
  56. 56. The Value of a Brand Loyalty +Positive Brand Value = forgiveness
  57. 57. The next generation of shoppers will be more informed and less brand loyal,relying heavily on their social networks to decide where they shop and what they buy. Is your brand ready?
  58. 58. The integrated Retail AgencyThoughts? Questions?prodmell@wattintl.com
  59. 59. Murale is Canada’s beauty destination, offering a shopping experienceunlike any other in the world. Known for its unprecedented assortment ofbrands, each Murale houses a state-of-the-art dermatological skincarecenter, private cabine rooms for facials and esthetic services, a carefully-edited fragrance library stocking designer and niche scents, a Benefit browbar and colour cosmetic installations offering luxury and prestige brands.Murale provides access to the world’s best beauty brands and enhances theshopping experience with an elevated level of expertise and personalizedservice. Beauty Masters engage, inspire and enable you to discover yourown beauty with endless cosmetics, fragrances and advanced skin care.3 Brand Words:1) Expertise2) Engaging3) Inspiring
  60. 60. With over 86 hypermarket locations in Colombia, Exito is one of the largestretail chains in Latin America. Exito’s new store format is a tangible expressionof their brand positioning – fresh, surprising and innovative. The new storeconcept features inspiring destination zones, including an upscale freshmarket showcasing seasonal offerings, fashion, electronic and housewaredepartments, as well as cooking demonstrations by professional chefspreparing gourmet meals for customers. Electronic signage throughout thestore increases shopper dwell time by delivering targeted messages tocustomers, such as product information, pricing and recipes.3 Brand Words:1) Fresh2) Surprising3) Innovative
  61. 61. The Kirk Originals Line of eyewear offers stylish British design and handmadequality, resulting in the most unique eyewear collections. Created bydesigner Jason Kirk, each of the unique Kirk Originals embodies the brand’squirky nature. If you are looking for eyewear that will stand out and make astatement, Kirk Originals are the ideal eyewear selection for you. Handmadewith eyeglass frames in a combination of materials including acetate, acrylic,aluminum, and even wood, Kirk Originals eyewear and sunglasses are idealfor anyone desiring eyewear that is as unique and memorable as they are.3 Brand Words:1) High-quality (Handmade)2) Stylish3) Unique (Quirky)
  62. 62. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services andsolutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.At Microsoft, were motivated and inspired every day by how our customersuse our software to find creative solutions to business problems, developbreakthrough ideas, and stay connected to whats most important to them.3 Brand Words:1) Solutions2) Ideas3) Connected
  63. 63. Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OSX, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital musicrevolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented themobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and has recentlyintroduced iPad 2 which is defining the future of mobile media andcomputing devices.Apple’s brand proposition – to create innovative, high quality, great lookingcomputer products3 Brand Words:1) Stylish2) Innovative3) High-quality
  64. 64. Verizon is a global leader in delivering innovative communications,information and entertainment. We offer voice, data and video productsand services over intelligent wireless, broadband and global IP networks thatmeet customers’ growing demand for speed, mobility, security and control.Our goal is to provide the fastest, most robust data connections possible.3 Brand Words:1) Innovative2) Connectivity3) Service
  65. 65. The digital era has dramatically changed the TV industry and created hugebusiness opportunities for players in the Flat Panel Display industry.Recognizing an increasing desire to satisfy individual needs, Hannspree willlead a design-centric revolution that establishes an entirely new class ofcustomized audio-visual products. We will provide customers with the abilityto choose products that express their own individuality, and we will retail theproducts through flagship stores to create an atmosphere that is consistentwith our mold-breaking brand.3 Brand Words:1) Customization2) Lifestyle3) Trendy
  66. 66. Umpqua has mastered the art of effective lifestyle retailing. It banks onpampered customers to differentiate itself from more standard, stress-inducing bank environments. The bank, which was founded in 1953,identified its core service strategy in 1994. Since then, its has gained morethan $6.8 billion in assets. It also landed at 13th place on the 2008 Fortune 100Best Companies to Work For.3 Brand Words:1) Community2) Indulge3) Lifestyle
  67. 67. When it comes to grocery chains, Trader Joes isnt your average Joe. Withabout 350 stores in some 25 states, the company offers upscale grocery faresuch as health foods, organic produce, and nutritional supplements. To keepcosts down, its stores have no service departments and average about10,000-15,000 sq. ft. The companys specialty is its line of more than 2,000private-label products (70% of sales), including beverages, soup, snacks, andfrozen items.3 Brand Words:1) Value2) Friendly3) Fun experience
  68. 68. ALDI was founded on the belief that people, wherever they live, should havethe opportunity to buy everyday groceries of the highest quality at the lowestpossible prices.Streamlined processes, a select brand strategy, a limited and reliableproduct assortment and double-guarantee philosophy have made it virtuallyimpossible for competitors to match the widespread appeal of ALDI. Withover 1,000 stores in the US, consumers of every persuasion are enjoying up to50% savings on 90% of their weekly shopping needs—honest to goodnesssavings.3 Brand Words:1) Value2) Simplicity3) Quality
  69. 69. Thanks for your time! prodmell@wattintl.comThe integrated retail agency.