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VMworld quick presentation on how Pivotal CF and containers play together

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  • WHAT
    Pivotal CF is next generation middleware that delivers 9 things that are typically delivered via point software products.

    We provision operating systems and middleware.
    We deliver workload density without compromising application performance.
    We ensure that applications have appropriate network security safe guards to prevent security threats.
    We support application connections to external sources including databases and legacy middleware.
    We provide 4 levels of HA, with built in load balancing for scale in/out
    We support multi-tenant environments so that each line of business can operate with a discrete quota and isolated system access.
    We provision next generation data services including NOSQL databases, traditional databases and hadoop clusters.
    We provide horizontal and vertical scaling for the underlying IaaS so that you can scale your infrastructure in lock step with your Business.
    We provide a built-in log aggregation service, built-in APM metrics and utilization based auto-scaling so that you can monitor the health of your applications and scale out without human or 3rd party tool intervention.

    I am going to cover each of these 9 capabilities in more detail, but it’s important to note the impact of this collection of capabilities. The following slides will include information on CAPEX and OPEX reduction. We will also discuss how you can deliver faster time to value while holding the line on infrastructure cost.
  • VMworld_PivotalCF_And_Containers

    1. 1. 1© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. 1© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. 3rd Generation Application Platform James Watters VP Product and Ecosystem, Cloud Foundry @wattersjames
    2. 2. 2© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Software is Changing Industries $3.5B valuation Financial Services $10B valuation Travel & Hospitality $17B valuation Transportation $3.2B Acquisition by Google Home Automation $20B valuation Entertainment $26B valuation Tesla--Automotive
    3. 3. 3© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Core Application Patterns Are Changing
    4. 4. 4© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. To Do List  Application and Data Services Centric Platform – Transform human centric data center processes into a software factory  Move towards real time deployment scaling and operations  Focus on ease of deployment, but deliver exceptional operational benefits
    5. 5. 5© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Why Containers are Essential  Speed: seconds vs. minutes – Seconds to deployment – Seconds to scaling – Seconds to network configuration – Seconds to health management  Units of currency – Leverage Docker popularity and simplicity for apps and data services – Push and application artifact (.WAR) or a Docker image
    6. 6. 6© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Value of VMware Integration  Being deeply integrated into vSphere APIs allows automated platform set up and scaling  Mixed VM/container model ideal blend of speed and isolation  Enterprise customers leverage existing infrastructure operations process
    7. 7. 7© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Containers Alone Aren’t Enough  Enterprises do not want app development groups each writing their own platforms  Value is unlocked when standard common services are built into each managed container
    8. 8. 8© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. From Data Center to Software Factory Pivotal CF: Containers surrounded with services Application Containerization & Cluster Scheduling Native and Extended Data Services Automatic App Server & OS Configuration with Buildpacks Policy, Identity and Roles Management App Health Management, Load Balancing, Rapid Scaling, Availability Zones IaaS Provisioning, Scaling & Configuration Application Network Security Groups Application to Services Binding and Access Logging as a service, Application metrics & performance, Metric based scaling
    9. 9. 9© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Already Strong in the Enterprise
    10. 10. 10© Copyright 2014 Pivotal. All rights reserved. Demo Video Diego Sneak Peak!