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Mtel Cash Mobile Commerce Suite
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Mtel Cash Mobile Commerce Suite


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  • 1. Mobile CommerceEnablement Suite
  • 2. Core Suite of ServicesMTEL CASHMission: To enable its clients to offer their consumers solutions where they can manage their money and purchases via their mobile phone.Potential Clients: Large Retail Brands, service providers, Banks, Money Transmitter / Exchange Companies, Wireless Carriers, and Social Networking GroupsMCN- (Mobile Commerce Network)Mission: Creates a clearinghouse network thatany existing payment technology can integratewith to enable the clearing of money betweenvarying technologies creating a completeinteroperability for world wide money transmission.MCN Potential Clients: Central Banks, Banks,Money Transmitter / Exchange Companies,Wireless Carriers, Social Networking Groups, andOther Financial Institutions. Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 3. Company at a glance Our vision was 100% Turnkey ASP Hosted Solution to architect and (Acquisition, Billing, Care, and Program Management) build a mobile commerce Convergent Billing and Rating Services:enablement suite (Cellular, Internet, Local, Long Distance, Cable, & Mobilethat could act as Commerce) an enabling / clearing house Multiple Processor Integrationsengine for mobile (Have integrated with multiple US based processors) commercecompanies world Prepaid / Post Paid / Multi Level Marketing Billing and wide. Rating Support Paris W. Holt Technology Co-Founder Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 4. Why choose MTEL CASH technology suite Multiple service capabilities (cellular, Internet, VOIP, Cable, & banking) Powerful front end PRIVATE LABEL portals / apps Complete customization available 100% turnkey solution with full supplier integrations Complete billing flexibility (Prepaid / Post Paid / Hybrid) 99.999% uptime guarantee Rich data strategy (data application) Multi level marketing billing / commissioning support Complete payment gateways (B2B & B2C) AFIDS (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System) Open architecture using .NET SOAP XML interfaces Low cost and quick speed to market options Flexible management portals to manage business Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 5. ASP Hosted Software Solution Existing Banks / Mobile Customer: Payment Technologies We architected Fulfillment Mgmt Systems: PCI 1.2 Compliance Suite: mCASH Systems this technology Supplier Queue Processors: Administrative Portals:to securely jump Client: .NET APIs: Genealogy / Commissioning:start virtually any Your company in any Brand Reporting Module: Dealer / Distribution Portal: industry into Billing & Rating Engine: CRM- Customer Service: entering the Billing QA / Rev Assurance: Point of Sale Activation: mobile AFIDS Module: Data Application: commerce /mobile payments space. B2C ILD Suppliers: Product Delivery: 3rd Party Fulfillment: Taxation: Supply Chain Ryan Reed Date App Customization: B2C Bill Presentment: Cash Loads: Business ACH: Technology Co-Founder MVNO / MVNE Services Credit Check: B2C Check/Savings: Debit Card Processing: B2C IVR: Customer Service: B2C Credit Card: page 4 KYC ID Verification: Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 6. Back Office Infrastructure ProcessorsUnsurpassed technologyintegration heritage Billing System code has been in development for over 12 years and contains millions of lines of code encompassing over 25,000 files, and 2,500 database objects Integration with over 20 global suppliers and hundreds of banks including the majority of all US banks. Supports Client Integrations using ISO 8583 or .NET web services Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 7. .NET APIsOver 120 secure .NETSOAP XML APIs whichallows clients to use anexisting legacy systemor create their ownplatform. APIs include:1. Customer Provisioning2. Customer Service3. Pending Payment Mobile Commerce Suite4. System also has full debit card processing / management APIs Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 8. Client Administrative / Management Portal1. Reporting / MIS2. Manage customers and trouble tickets3. Manage user access and security4. Monitor processor transaction processing5. Create and manage genealogy and distribution commissioning6. Client / Distribution support7. MVNO service support Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 9. Server Configuration and Security Architecture 5 Layered Security Infrastructure1) Carriers secure data network2) AES 256 SSL encryption protocols within SSL layer3) proprietary security code handshake4) proprietary data storage and retrieval processes.5) proprietary AFIDS (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System) Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 10. AFIDS Module (Anti Fraud and Intrusion Detection System)1. Extremely Proprietary module used to protect against system penetration as well as internal fraud2. Involves AI type programming that allows the system to self monitor and actually evolve using sophisticated layers of intuitive reporting and self monitoring and self adjustment Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 11. iPOS- Internet Point of Sale1. Private Label2. Can completely customize look and feel3. Multi Lingual4. .NET infrastructure5. APIs available so client use existing system6. Completely integrated and automated with debit card processor as well as identity verification. Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 12. CRM- Customer Member Services1. Customer Information2. Password / PIN mgmt.3. Create Payment methods4. Send money5. Load money6. Schedule loads and payments7. Transaction history8. Secure9. Multi Lingual Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 13. Mobile Application Feature SetCore functionality: Money movement Transaction history Balance Load funds Mobile Wallet (pendingpayments) mCommunicationsPrivate Label to Client s BrandUser-friendlyCompatible with any carrier world wideand 85%+ of all cellular phone models inmarketplaceAvailable in 10 Languages and easyintegration of additional languagesCompletely Customizable to client to addadditional functionality Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 14. Private Label Mobile App Functionality Suite1. Get Balance and Transaction history2. Domestic and International money movement4. Mobile Wallet (pending payments)5. Load funds onto system via credit card, checking / savings, and cash6. Move money off system via checking and savings, ATM, Visa / MasterCard7. Works on 90% of all phones around the world Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 15. Mobile Wallet / Pending Payments Suite Customer uses their phone to authorizeReal World Applications: transaction Consumer buys goods Merchant processes1. Retail brick and and services from transaction using mortar Merchant w/ MTEL MTEL CASH s CASH simple API suite2. Internet e- commerce sales3. Street Commerce Merchant Benefits: Money is debited4. Government supply from Customer s Merchant pays a fixed account and chain $.15 per transaction vs. credited to5. Non manned 1.5% to 2.5% of merchant s account revenue vending machines6. Charitable Virtually eliminates bad Donations debt and credit card theft7. Request Money to multiple people Speeds up transaction Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 16. B2C Communications Suite1. Ability to customize the subject, message, and priority.2. Alter message type: text only, text and graphic message, call back button3. Segment customer base and tailor message to customer group4. Upload and manage your own coupons, advertisements, etc.5. Used to upgrade data Application6. Can be used to remind customers to pay bills or call customer service for an urgent issue that needs to be addressed Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 17. MCN (Mobile Commerce Network)The MCN has been established to create interoperability between technologyclients and any and all mobile payment technologies world wide with the solepurpose to move money easily, cost efficiently, and in real time to anyone,anywhere in the world.The MCN represents a global solution of interoperability between banks,financial institutions, payment technologies, social networking groups, andwireless carriers. Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 18. MCN Settlement and Reconciliation Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 19. MCN PricingMCN Processing Costs (Outgoing Payments):Payments from Client s customers to any other Member of the MCN: Monthly Transactions Transaction Fee Cost Per transaction Cost CAP* 1 250,000 Transactions 1.5% 1.50 250,001 500,000 Transactions 1.4% 1.40 500,001 750,000 Transactions 1.3% 1.30 750,001 Plus Transactions 1.2% 1.20* All outgoing transaction fees have a per transaction cost capMCN Processing Costs (Incoming Payments):Payments from other Members of the MCN to Client s customers: Subscriber Account Base Commission Fee Revenue Commission CAP** 1 250,000 Transactions 0.9% 0.90 250,001 500,000 Transactions 1.0% 1.00 500,001 750,000 Transactions 1.05% 1.05 750,001 Plus Transactions 1.10% 1.10** All incoming payments commissions have a per transaction commission cap Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 20. MCN Payment Flow Consumer Sends 100 At Cost of: 3.00 (Price Set by Client) MCN Originating MCN MCN Client Client Pays Processes Receives: 100.90 MCN 101.50 Payment Profit: .90 Profit: 1.50 MCN Revenue: .60 Consumer ReceivesNote: If Originating and Receiving are from the 100 in Real Timesame MCN client, then Client profit is 2.40 Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 21. Business DevelopmentMonolex s Mobile Learning is an active process. We learn byCommerce suite canassist its clients in utilizing doing.. And only knowledge that is used sticksits technology to maximize in your mind.its value and help drive Dale Carnegievalue to its Clients:1. Increased distribution2. Increase Customer Satisfaction3. Reduce Costs and increase bottom line profitability4. Reduce Customer Churn5. Expansion of current product sets page 20 Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information
  • 22. Next Steps1. LOI Creation / ONE VISION Execution ONE SYSTEM2. Contract Creation / Execution ONE TEAM3. Client fills out Implementation Manual4. Address and scope any needed custom development work5. Client set up, coding, and configuration6. Quick Implementation7. Client Acceptance8. Full Production Launch9. Continuous feedback and development loop Monolex Telecom Confidential & Proprietary Information