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Presentation for Catalyst workshop


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  • 1. Presentation for aCatalyst-themedworkshopIntroductionThis presentation and accompanying notesaims to help Fellows run events to come upwith and collaborate on new ideas to tacklesocial problems
  • 2. Four questionsabout Catalyst- what is it?- what does it support?- exactly what are its criteria?- what can you do next?
  • 3. What isCatalyst?
  • 4. A process for awarding smallgrants and non-financialsupport through Fellows tosupport new Fellow-led ideas totackle social problems1 What is Catalyst?
  • 5. Grants:• Initial grants of £1,000-£2,000• Additional grants of £5,000Each year we award a total of £100,000to Fellows’ projects1 What is Catalyst?
  • 6. Non-financial resources:• Regional teams find local Fellows who can give expertise• SkillsBank matches to Fellows who have volunteered time• Staff target Fellows via our database• Subject expertise from RSA staff including signposting toother funds available• Help to raise awareness via newsletter, blog & JournalFellows are encouraged to apply to Catalyst for non-financial resources even when grants are not needed1 What is Catalyst?
  • 7. What doesCatalystsupport?
  • 8. Reap + Sow, Kate Welch and Rebecca Howard, Durham What does Catalyst support?
  • 9. Saturday Arts Academy, Sharon Turner, Chattanooga, Tennessee2 What does Catalyst support?
  • 10. Plan Zheroes, Maria Ana Neves and Chris Wilkie, London, www.planzheroes.org2 What does Catalyst support?
  • 11. Exactly whatdoes Catalystsupport?
  • 12. Idea:• does it offer a solution to tackle a pressingsocial problem?• is it a totally new idea or applying somethingin a new setting?• can it be sustained in the longer-term?3 Exactly what does Catalyst support?
  • 13. People and other resources:• does it have a passionate and relevantly skilled andexperienced team*?• can it involve the wider Fellowship in the development ordelivery of the project?• is it in its early stages of development?• does it need to deliver activities that would be difficult todeliver without the help of Catalyst?• does it have a feasible and economical plan for deliveringthose activities? * must have an RSA Fellow as part of the team leading the project3 Exactly what does Catalyst support?
  • 14. What can youdo next?
  • 15. If you want to help:• register in the RSA SkillsBank and we will match you toideas that need your experience and• find Catalyst-supported projects that match yourinterest via the list of all Catalyst projects• if you want to help a specific project, mention the nameof it when you register in the SkillsBank4 What can I do next?
  • 16. If you have an idea:• talk to Fellows at your local network meetings (now!) to getfeedback and start collaborating by getting in touch with yourRegional Team• post your idea onto a relevant group on the Fellows onlinesocial network• complete the Catalyst application form – after the deadline, staff andFellows will give applicants feedback and a chance to amend tomake the strongest possible case to the Catalyst panel4 What can I do next?
  • 17. For the application form or moreinformation, please you have any other questions