Global Shea Alliance: Operational Plan, 2012-2014


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Global Shea Alliance: Operational Plan, 2012-2014

  1. 1. Operational Plan for GSA Strategic Initiatives (2012-2014)Produced by the GSA Secretariat and approved by the Executive Committee12 - October - 2012
  2. 2. Introduction Established in 2011, the Global Shea Alliance (GSA) has 160 members includingshea butter suppliers, women’s groups, international brands and retailers, developmentpartners, and non-profit organizations. The GSA Executive Committee recently completed a strategic planning process andestablished our mission “to design, develop, and deliver strategies that drive a competitive andsustainable shea industry worldwide, improving the livelihoods of rural African women andtheir communities.” The Committee also identified sustainability impact, market expansion,value chain competitiveness, and policy advocacy as the GSA’s primary objectives. To achieve this vision, the GSA seeks to define itself as a membership organizationthat offers specific roles and incentives for shea stakeholders around the world. It is throughcollaboration and promotion of shared values that we will accomplish our mission andobjectives. In our plan, we also outline a variety of critical technical services to support ourmembership’s activities. Finally, the GSA recognizes the enhanced presence of international brands andretailers within the organization is critical to promote shea butter as a premiere food andcosmetic product that is being sourced sustainably from the sixteen million rural Africanwomen who collect and sell shea nuts. -2-
  3. 3. GSA Operational Plan OverviewGoalImplement four key initiatives to achieve maximum impact related to GSA strategic objectivesof market expansion, competitiveness, policy advocacy, and sustainability impact.Development CriteriaMeets private sector needs/interest Integrates with member operationsImpacts multiple strategic objectives Specific activities and timeframesScalability Measurable resultsInitiatives Sustainability promotion – Define GSA as a membership organization that drives sustainability and creates market expansion. Standards and pricing – GSA members define quality standards, publish price information, and enforce standards through membership. Industry promotion – Develop marketing and communication strategy to impact all GSA strategic objectives. National association support – Develop and support national associations to impact competitiveness and policy advocacy in shea producing countries. -3-
  4. 4. Sustainability Promotion 2012 Define  Activity: Create working document outlining sustainability needs of the industry Sustainability  Goals: Achieve consensus with members, international brands, and other Platform stakeholders on sustainability objectives  Activity: Establish GSA membership levels and criteria, a base code,ACTIVITIES TIMELINE Define GSA Membership implementation principles, and objectives to measure progress vs. principles Criteria  Goals: Clearly define the GSA brand and value addition for members 2013  Activity: Establish bi-laws, organizational licensing and registration, Secure and Define the trademarks, etc. GSA Brand  Goals: Address legal challenges in preparation for seal rollout  Activity: Develop various marketing seals and application criteria/procedures Seal  Goals: Seals meet the marketing needs of GSA members Development 2014  Activity: Participate in international trade shows and other events to market GSA Seal membership and marketing seals Marketing  Goals: Expand GSA membership and utilization of sealsIMPACT  Industry Impact: By 2014, the shea industry will improve revenues for women’s groups registered under GSA sustainable practices by 10%, protect 60,000 hectares of Savannah, and protect 9,000 employees.  Strategic Objectives Met: Market Expansion, Sustainability Impact -4-
  5. 5. Sustainability PromotionPerformance Indicators Results Indicators 2013 2014 2013 2014• 100 members join • 300 members join • 5% increase in • 10% increase in under sustainability under sustainability revenue for revenue for criteria criteria registered women’s registered women’s• 25 social and • 50 social and groups groups environmental environmental • 20,000 hectares • 60,000 hectares initiatives complete initiatives complete protected protected• 10 international • 25 international • 3,000 employees • 9,000 employees brands engaged brands engaged protected protectedKey Partnerships and Collaboration Funding Strategy • Women’s • Shea nut buyers and 2013 2014 associations processors Dues $5,000 Dues $15,000 • Civil society • International brands Assistance $150,000 Seal Income $100,000 organizations and retailers Total $155,000 Assistance $140,000 • Development • Certification firms partners Total $265,000 • Membership • Non-profit organizations organizations • Marketing and publicity firms • Legal firm -5-
  6. 6. Quality Standards and Pricing 2012  Activity: Develop shea nut quality standards based on 2006 Pro Karite project Industry  Goals: Standards are simplified and able to be utilized by GSA membership during Standards daily business transactionsACTIVITIES TIMELINE 2013  Activity: Develop procedures to enforce standards and incorporate into GSA and Standards membership criteria 2014 Procedures  Goals: GSA membership enforces standards  Activity: GSA develops system of collecting price information related to quality Publish standards and publishes data on website for members Price Data  Goals: Provide tool for GSA members to utilize quality standards in the marketplace Education  Activity: Engage national associations and NGO community to disseminate and information on quality standards Marketing  Goals: Promote GSA membership and utilization of quality standardsIMPACT  Industry Impact: By 2014, the industry will improve income for registered women’s groups by 10% and increase production of the highest quality shea nuts by 10%  Strategic Objectives Met: Value Chain Competitiveness, Sustainability Impact -6-
  7. 7. Quality Standards and PricingPerformance Indicators Results Indicators 2013 2014 2013 2014• 10,000 women • 50,000 women • 5% increase in • 10% increase in trained on trained on income for income for standards, GSA standards, GSA registered women’s registered women’s prices, and quality prices, and quality groups groups best practices best practices • 10% increase in• 10,000 tons of shea • 50,000 tons of shea production of nuts traded using nuts traded using highest grade shea sustainable sustainable nuts practices practicesKey Partnerships and Collaboration Annual Funding Strategy • Women’s • Shea nut buyers and 2013 2014 associations processors Dues $5,000 Dues $15,000 • Development • Non-profit PPP $100,000 PPP $500,000 partners organizations Assistance $50,000 Fees $50,000 Total $155,000 Assistance $25,000 Total $590,000 -7-
  8. 8. Industry Promotion 2012 Industry  Activity: Develop marketing strategy and materials to promote shea in food and Marketing cosmetic products Strategy  Goals: Increase usage of shea in food and confectionary products  Activity: Redesign GSA website to include shea business bio directory, a Website business and academic resources library, up-to-date market info on shea, and Redesign a microsite to market shea in food and cosmetics.ACTIVITIES  Goals: Increased traffic and activity (e.g., downloads, business connections made, etc.) on site 2013  Activity: Site selection, prepare content and recruit speakers, promotion, And Annual fundraising, and logistics planning 2014 Conference  Goals: Engage stakeholders on state of shea industry, promote all GSA strategic objectives, create business linking opportunities Implement  Activity: Examples include trade show representation, social media Marketing campaigns, print ad campaigns, and promotional videos Strategy  Goals: Attract additional membership and promote shea usageIMPACT  Industry Impact: By 2014, the shea industry will increase exports and regional sales by 5%.  Strategic Objectives Met: Market Expansion, Value Chain Competitiveness, Sustainability Impact, and Policy Advocacy -8-
  9. 9. Industry PromotionPerformance Indicators Results Indicators 2013 2014 2013 2014• 50% increase in • 100% increase in • 2.5% increase in • 5% increase in website traffic website traffic exports export• 400 conference • 500 conference • 2.5% increase in • 5% increase in participants participants regional market regional market• 2 trade shows • 4 trade shows sales sales • 2 shea international • 50 business • 100 business events opportunities opportunities reported reported • 1 print ad campaignKey Partnerships and Collaboration Annual Funding Strategy • Women’s • Shea nut buyers and 2013 2014 associations processors Dues $5,000 Dues $15,000 • Civil society • International brands Sponsorships $100,000 Sponsorships $200,000 organizations and retailers Assistance $200,000 Assistance $150,000 • Development • Marketing and partners publicity firms Total $305,000 Total $365,000 • Non-profit • Legal firm organizations -9-
  10. 10. National Association Support 2013  Activity: Assist stakeholders to form national associations in Cote D’Ivoire and National Benin Association  Goals: Form democratic institutions that represent the interests of sheaACTIVITIES TIMELINE Development stakeholders 2014  Activity: Provide technical and financial support to new associations of Cote National Association D’Ivoire and Benin and existing associations in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Support Nigeria to ensure effective governance and activities to accomplish strategic objectives  Goals: National associations have established democratic procedures, strategic plans, policy advocacy plans, fund raising activities, and project management ability  Activity: Provide ongoing technical support to promote quality shea nuts and GSA Project policy advocacy Collaboration  Goals: National associations effectively manage quality campaigns and achieve policy advocacy goals in their respective countriesIMPACT  Industry Impact: National representative bodies that contribute to the strategic objectives of the GSA.  Strategic Objectives Met: Value Chain Competitiveness, Policy Advocacy, Sustainability Impact - 10 -
  11. 11. National Association SupportPerformance Indicators Results Indicators 2013 2014 2013 2014• 2 national • 6 grants to national • 50 businesses • Associations raise associations formed associations to fund engaged in national $200,000 for activities associations activities • 6 technical trainings • 6 country level completed promotional events • Strategic, fundraising, and advocacy plans for each associationKey Partnerships and Collaboration Funding Strategy • National • Local government 2013 2014 associations agencies and Dues $5,000 Dues $15,000 • Development ministries Assistance $250,000 Assistance $350,000 partners • Shea nut buyers and processors Total $230,000 Total $240,000 • Non-profit organizations • International brands and retailers - 11 -