Global Shea Alliance 2012 Results


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Global Shea Alliance 2012 Results

  1. 1. Summary of 2012 AccomplishmentsProduced for Global Shea Alliance General AssemblyMarch 5, 2013
  2. 2. National Association Support Accomplishments  Developed shea nut quality training materials and distributed to national associations.  Administered pilot quality campaigns in Ghana and Benin benefiting 6,590 sheanut collectors.  Held quality train the trainer events in Ghana, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Nigeria benefiting national associations and village leaders.  Held policy training for 30 national association members from Benin, Ghana, Mali, and Nigeria.  Attended and supported national association events in Nigeria and Ghana.  Enhance quality campaigns: Expand and improve reach for quality campaigns.2013  Technical Support: Provide technical support to national associaitons and secretariats to improve capacity to undertake projects. -2-
  3. 3. Sustainability Promotion Accomplishments  Researched sustainability models worldwide to propose options for Global Shea Alliance. Met with Ethical Trade Initiative, Rainforest Alliance, and IMO to gain feedback on a shea sustainability project.  Produced working document outlining membership criteria, base code, and implementation principles. Document was approved by Global Shea Executive Committee and released to members for comment.  Engaged more than 100 members and stakeholders to obtain feedback on the working document. Feedback was summarized and released to members.  Produced an updated working document incorporating member and stakeholder feedback.  Provide trainings at Shea 2013 to engage an additional 100 members and receive additional feedback.  Working Group: Engage key group of representative stakeholders to refine the base code and2013 develop concrete steps to develop a program that will benefit all members.  Program Approval: Executive Committee to approve establishment of a proposed sustainability program (seal, etc.) -3-
  4. 4. International Promotion  Developed new website that includes member profiles, discussion forums, and a shea business and academic library.  Promoted the shea industry and Alliance at five international events in Africa, Europe, and the US.  Initiated social media campaigns to promote shea resulting in 7,000 new followers on Facebook and 2,000 new visitors to the website.  International conference held in Benin attracting more than 420 stakeholders.  Welcomed 147 new members!  Consumer and Brand Education: Develop and disseminate videos that promote shea as a2013 sustainable ingredient in food and cosmetic products.  Alliance Promotion: Develop print and on-line directory of Global Shea members and disseminate at international trade shows and events. -4-
  5. 5. Quality Standards and Pricing Accomplishments  Obtain executive committee approval to produce shea nut quality standards for Global Shea Alliance members.  Researched existing shea nut quality standards utilized by international bodies and west Africa government agencies.  Produced working document that outlines parameters for determining quality including moisture, admixture, and free fatty acid. Distributed document to 40 members for comments.  In process of receiving and summarizing feedback from members.  Working Group: Engage key group of representative stakeholders to improve the working document2013 and develop a means for members to utilize these standards.  Program Approval: Executive Committee approval of standards and means of utilization. -5-