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Missional Insights Catalogue highlighting Reaching Alabama Regions. Includes extent of SBC penetration, Evangelical presence, and Unreached Status for each region.

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ALSBOM Missional Insights 4 23

  1. 1. Reaching Alabama Regions Missional Insights Transforming Communities Inside this issue: faces different spiritual issues, Over the last decades, Alabama Northern Region fosters very different lifestyles, communities have dramatically creates unique social enclaves, and changed culturally, spiritually, as North Central Region produces unique ministry settings. well as demographically. Today, In order to see our communities the buckle of the “Bible Belt” is South Central Region transformed by the gospel, we will dotted with twenty Mosques, three need to bring the gospel to bear Hindu Temples, fourteen Buddhist upon these social environments. Centers, one Confucius Institute, Southeastern Region Community transformation begins sixteen Jewish Synagogues, one Sikh with four key actions on our part: Temple and forty-nine Wicca and Gulf Coast Region Pagan groups. • Identifying the social & cultural dynamics of each community. Ninety-two different languages are spoken at home in Alabama. While Missional Resources • Creating customized ministry many of these groups are small in With over 64% of the state unreached, for Making a Alabama Baptists are becoming Difference approaches that address the number, the largest language groups Makers in their communities and their Difference lifeviews & spiritual issues that are include: Spanish, German, French, congregations. embedded in the community. Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, In the coming decade all of us Evangelical believers have become a Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Tagalog, will be called upon to make a minority voice in our communities • Embodying a biblical faith Hindi and Greek. difference in transitioning across the state. However, by God's community whose identity is based congregations and transforming grace, Alabama Baptists can be used on our relationship to God and one Across the state of Alabama six very communities. by God to see real community another through Jesus Christ. different social environments may transformation occur through the be found. Each social environment The ALSBOM has partnered power of the gospel. • Demonstrating God's love and produces its own cultural context, with IICM to make a number compassion to those who are in cultural practices and cultural of research reports available to need around us. values. Each social environment Alabama Southern Baptists at a nominal cost. Transitioning Congregations 1. MISSIONVIEW – a report for churches to view their Someone once said that Southern the groups they are trying to reach. Churches will need to transition from church and their community. Baptists have been very successful at The days of a “one size fits all” church growth to church multiplication. reaching those who are like them, but approach are over. Church growth was all about 2. MISSIONSITE – a report the problem today is that the number “growing your church” by adding for associations and church of people who are “like us” is Churches will need to transition to programs, buildings and budgets. planters to identify church shrinking. This appears to be true not equipping lay missionaries to reach out to Church multiplication comes through planting locations. only nationally but here in Alabama. different types of people (Eph 4:11- the multiplication of spirit-led lay From 2003-2007, only 8.59% of the 16). Based on the missional roles that leaders (1 Tim 2:2). Through multi- 3. MISSIONCRAFT – a Alabama population worshiped in an God has given them, lay missionaries plying lay leadership, growing report “power point” for ALSBOM church on Sunday. If we will need to be trained in culturally churches will multiply ministries, associations to understand their are going to reach Alabama for Christ, appropriate methods to: start new plateauing churches will become missional situation. congregations will need to make ministries and congregations, present revitalized, declining churches will significant transitions in the years the gospel in ways that specific groups arrest their inertia, and new churches Links to order forms will be ahead. can understand and respond, nurture will be started. available through the ALSBOM new believers in the faith, train website. The 21st century trends signal that Churches will need to make believers to become ministry and transitions to reach various types of ethnic, missional leaders, and understand significant cultural shifts lie ahead. In partnership with the: community and congregational Today all churches need to equip their lifestyle, lifestage, and socio-religious groups. This means that churches will need to cultures. members to rise to meet the challenge. develop contextual ministries (1 Cor 9:21-24) – culturally appropriate for For 2010 - 2020
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