Do We Really Need Bottled Water?


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Check out this presentation that explains "Do we really need bottled water?" What if I told you that bottled water cost more than twice the price of the gas that you put in your car. How about 1500 bottles going into the trash every second of the day. All this and more in this presentation.

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Do We Really Need Bottled Water?

  1. 2. Bottled water isn't a good value Most popular bottled water is sold in 20 ounce sizes    Assuming you can find a $1 machine, that works out to 5 cents an ounce     According to The US Environmental Protection Agency's Drinking Water Costs & Federal Funding Report Most municipal water costs less than one cent per gallon
  2. 3. Consider another liquid in high demand In the U.S., the average price per gallon is hovering around $3   There are 128 ounces in a gallon, which puts the current price of gasoline at a fraction over 2 cents an ounce
  3. 4. Yearly Cost of Bottled Water $400 a year is spent by the average person on bottled water According to industry consultant R.W. Beck, Inc.,   40 million bottles a day end up in the trash or became litter 
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  5. 7. With the energy that it takes to produce that many bottles ... 100,000 cars could be fueled for a year  
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  16. 18. How do I make sure my water is pure? Water Filters!
  17. 19. Green Water Filters WaterFilters.NET has thousands of water filters that provide healthy water while saving landfills from water bottles
  18. 20. Save money! In this economic climate, you will appreciate the WaterFilters.NET cost savings in buying water filters rather than bottled water.    You will spend a fraction of the cost on water filters, and you can be assured that the water quality is good, rather than simply bottled
  19. 21. Selection WaterFilters.NET has the greatest selection available for water filters for your home or business.   You can find virtually any brand at WaterFilters.NET, and you can find virtually any type of water filtration product
  20. 22. You are welcome to visit WaterFilters.NET 24/7
  21. 23.     Source List http://www.WaterFilters.NET
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