Wall water feature installation instruction manual for the reflection creek and the whispering creek
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Wall water feature installation instruction manual for the reflection creek and the whispering creek



Learn how to install either our Reflection Creek or Whispering Creek wall mounted waterfalls in your home, office, or business. Our simple to follow installation guide is a great way to learn exactly ...

Learn how to install either our Reflection Creek or Whispering Creek wall mounted waterfalls in your home, office, or business. Our simple to follow installation guide is a great way to learn exactly what you should know before you begin the process of mounting and indoor wall waterfall. Let our experts guide you through the process to make your instal as simple as possible. Don't forget we are always here to help you with any technical question or concerns you may have, let our team get you where you want to be. Please call us anytime at 1 (858) 876-7261 or email us at sales@waterfeaturesupply.com



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    Wall water feature installation instruction manual for the reflection creek and the whispering creek Wall water feature installation instruction manual for the reflection creek and the whispering creek Document Transcript

    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 1Wall Water Feature Installation Instruction Manual for the ReflectionCreek and the Whispering CreekThe Whispering Creek Wall Fountain The Reflection Creek Wall Fountain**Both of these models, although shaped and sized differently, are installed inthe exact same method. Please use this instructional guide to assist you withany of the set-up questions you may have, if you are still having trouble pleasecontact us at Water Feature Supply, call us at 1(858) 876-7261, or email us atsales@waterfeaturesupply.com.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 2Necessary Parts For Your Wall Waterfallb.Pump Pad(1) c. EZ Anchor(12)a. Fountian Pump(1)d. Scotch Brite Pad(1) e. Hose Clamp(2) f. Rubber Stopper(2) g. 1”grabber(15)h. Bottom Trey (1) i. Leveling Wedge(1) j. Fountain Hood (1)More Parts For Your In Home Fountain Installation on the following page.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 3k. Water Distribution Unit(1) l. 2.5” grabber (5) m. River Rocks(1)n. EZ Install Wall Mount Bracket(1) o. Pebble Trey and Splash Guard(1)****Not Pictured Parts1. Power Cord2. Lighting System3. Fountain Hose
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 4Some Required Tools For InstallationThe majority of the work needed to be done during installation can be accomplished using somevery common tools. Please make sure you have the following tools ready to go and you shouldnot have any issues with your set-up.• Phillips Head Drill Bit and Drill• A Carpenter’s Leveling Tool• Pencil or Marking Utensil• Chisel• Scissors and Knife• A Stud Finder• Phillips Head Screwdriver – Hand• Flat Head Screwdriver – Hand• Pair of Pliers• A Tape Measure• Sturdy Foot Ladder• A 2x4 or other scrap woodChoosing the Perfect Wall Position to Mount your FountainMore than likely if you are preparing to install your new wall water feature, then you already have theperfect location you plan on hanging it. However, for those of you still undecided or unsure as to whereyou should install your new wall waterfall, please read the following expert list of tips for finding theperfect position.What is your wall type? - Your water wall can be mounted to a variety of surfaces and wall types. Forthis example we will be assuming that you are installing on a normal stud-backed interior wall. However,all of our wall waterfalls can be mounted to slate, stone, or even tiled wall surfaces.How to properly frame your wall fountain? – Hanging your water feature is a relatively simple process,it is important though, to remember that the surrounding wall area should act as a frame to thefountain. This means you should try and make the distance around the waterfall to be symmetrical andeven.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 5How will you access the piece for cleaning and maintenance? – The number one issue that you willhave with your new fountain is keeping the water level filled to the appropriate level. By installing in acentral, easy to access location you will minimize this aspect of maintenance and save yourself a greatdeal of time.How much traffic will the area be getting? – Your new water feature will be hanging at most 6” fromthe wall. Both the hood and trey of your water wall will protrude slightly from the wall, so it is best toconsider hanging the fountain in an area where this is not an issue.Where is your power source? – Each of these water features in designed to operate off of a standard110 AC volt outlet and will operate at less than 2 amps. You should consider this when choosing theposition of your wall water feature. For many reasons, we highly recommend that you have anelectrician help you to place an outlet directly behind where the fountain face is located. This will makeit so the power cord is completely hidden from sight. If you are going to hire an electrician we alsosuggest that you have them wire the outlet to a light switch so that you can easily turn the fountains onand off.Okay, So Let’s Begin the Installation• Open, Un-pack, and De-crate the box your fountain arrived in.o Before doing anything we suggest you unpack and take account of all the piecesincluded with your waterfall. Make sure you have all the parts, know what they are, andhave a solid understanding of the basic mechanics mentioned above.• How to mark the wall properly?o It is important to take the time to mark the wall, in the places where you will bemounting the EZ bracket. Measure and plan for you framing during this step. Depending upon the model you have purchased you will need to make sure youhave enough wall space for given the dimensions of the unit.• The Whispering Creek is 46 inches tall by 22 inches wide.• The Reflection Creek is 27 inches tall by 38 inches wide.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 6 Now, using your marking utensil or pencil place a small dot on the wall toannotate the center top of the wall water feature. Finally, mark where each stud is located behind the area of the waterfall. Youshould use a stud finder to make sure that you have correctly found the rightbeam. Do not worry, these points will be covered by the stone when everythingis installed.• Assemble the EZ install Bracketo The EZ install bracket comes in 4 pieces; the top, the bottom, and two straps. They arefastened to each other by hooks that are part of the bracket. Line the parts up and use apair of pliers to pinch the parts together.oEZ Mount Bracket Install Tighten Bolts with Pliers• D - Install upper hanging screw and set bracketo To begin, approximately one half an inch below thedot you marked as the top center; screw an EZanchor into the wall. If this spot happens to bewhere a stud is do not insert the EZ anchor, simplyscrew one of the 2.5 inch grabber screws directly intothe stud. Otherwise screw the 1 inch grabber intothe EZ anchor. Do not tighten the screw all the way.Leave it about one quarter of an inch out from the wall.o Then, hang the assembled EZ install bracket on the screw by the key- hole shapedopening at the top center. This opening will allow you to remove and replace the
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 7bracket easily without unscrewing the screw; it will also allow you to easily level thebracket.o Using a carpenter’s level in the lip, ensure that thebracket is level and mark all the holes including the slots with a pencil. Then, removethe bracket and set it out of the way. The holes at the top and the holes at the bottomrequire EZ anchors unless they happen to be over a stud. If so, the EZ anchor is notnecessary as you can screw directly into the stud. The slotted holes toward the center ofthe bracket carry almost all the weight of the stone and are the most critical. You mustbe able to fasten into at least one stud in this area. If you can fasten to more than onestud or screw more than one screw into the same stud it is even better.o Next, after determining where the stud intersects these slots, spread the remaining EZanchors across the area as evenly as possible to disperse the weight over a large area.Now that the wall is fully prepared, it is time to mount the bracket. Hang it back on thetop center screw and check for level one more time.o When everything is ready, screw the 2.5 inch grabber screws into the stud or studs andthe 1 inch grabber screws into the EZ anchors. Make sure the bracket is level and all thescrews are tight including the top center screw.o Next, press the one inch rubber stoppers onto the small screw pegs.• How to mount the face material and set-up the WDS (Water Distribution System)?o *A note for stone faced wall fountains - Because each wall mounted water feature uses100 percent natural stone, every fountain is totally unique. Due to this fact, we havedesigned the water distribution unit to allow customization to any stone. To secure thestone, have a helper hold the stone, while you fit the water distribution unit on the top.These are a few things to look for and adjust while fitting the water distribution unitproperly. First, be sure it fits tightly on to the stone. You can adjust the tightness usingthe tabs on the back of the unit.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 8 Next, insure the bottom front lip forms to the face of the stone. Because thestone is natural and unpredictable it may have edges and clefts that create gapsbetween the lip and the face of the stone. The water distribution is made of avery pliable copper and designed to be bent both in and out to fit the contoursof the stone. Make the necessary adjustments to the lip by bending it in andout until it fits properly and remains as flush as possible across the stone. Onceyou feel comfortable with the fit, move to the next step. Remove the water distribution from the stone and fasten the hose to thenozzle. Be sure to use the supplied hose clamp or zip tie to strengthen theconnection. In either case, tighten the fitting to insure that no water canescape. Then replace the water distribution on the top of the slab. The next thing to notice is the baffle. The baffle should already be firmly in placeand ready to use. We will discuss how it works later.(Water Distribution with white baffle installed)• There is one more set of tabs to adjust. These are the outer edge adjustingtabs. Generally these tabs need to be bent in just a little. You can make any
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 9fine tuning adjustments later.(Adjust the tabs you see here)• The last step in preparing the WDS is to clean the front surface with thesupplied scotch-brite pad to make it look absolutely perfect. Simply go backa forth until the entire surface is noticeably cleaner and shinier. Be sure tocover the top edge and the bottom lip thoroughly.•
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 10• A Few More Details On Supplying Electricity To Your Wall Fountaino You will notice large open space in the center of the EZ install bracket. If you decide towire an outlet behind the stone to allow for a concealed power cord, this is the area youwant the outlet to be. We also recommendwiring the outlet to a wall switch for ease of turning the wall water feature on and off.It is also okay not to wire an outlet behind the stone; we will cover how to run the cordfor this option later.• Mounting the Face Material (Stone, Glass, Marble) of your Fountaino If you have wired an outlet behind the stone be sure to first plug in the power cordbefore hanging the stone. Once the stone is on the wall it is very difficult to access theoutlet.o Be careful when hanging the stone that the hose attached to the Water DistributionUnit falls inside the notch of the stone bracket. You may use some tape to insure it staysthere. The stone comes with a mounting bracket already attached to the back.o To hang the stone on the wall simply lift it until the downward pointing lip on the stonebracket nests with the upward pointing lip on the EZ install bracket. Near the bottom,the slab should rest on the one inch rubber stoppers.o You may need to trim the hose a little to allow the pump to point straight up. The hoseshould be cut approximately 1 inch below the bottom of the slab.o Next apply the black pump pad to the bottom of the pump. This will help to quiet thesound of the motor.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 11o Now, slide the hose onto the water nozzle and apply a hose clamp to ensure a tight fit.You will notice a water flow adjustment. We recommend opening this all the way. Youcan adjust it down later if you need to. The pump should be hanging beneath the slab.(Picture taken while tray is off the wall)Warning: Each slab is incredibly heavy. We strongly recommend using two or more people to lift thestone onto the wall. It is a good idea to use a scrap piece of wood to set the stone on before you lift it.This will allow you to get your fingers underneath the slab without risk of hurting yourself. (See Below)
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 12• Hanging Your Fountain Treyo You will notice small square cut outs on the back of the water tray. These squaresreceive the hanging hooks on the EZ install bracket. Slide the plastic back-splash-guard up and behind the stone, then line up thesquares with the hooks and press the tray down and towards the wall until it ishooked and firmly in place. If you do not have an electrical outlet behind the stone we recommend placingthe power cord behind the water trey. Leave approximately 6 inches of exposedcord. We can adjust the cord length later. The electric cord from the pumpshould come up the right side of the stone. Be sure it is free from any kinks.• Testing The Fountain For Proper Water Flowo Now is a good time the test the water flow. First, go over the front lip of the water distribution with the scotch-brite padone more time to ensure it is clean.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 13 Then, fill the tray with water until the pump it completely submersed. Westrongly suggest using distilled water. This will not leave any hard water build-upon the stone or metal. Now, plug the pump into an outlet or extension cord. This is for testing purposesonly. It usually takes ten to twenty minutes for the entire stone to getcompletely wet. After a few minutes you should be able to tell if there are goingto be any dry spots. If there is any area of the Water Distribution where water isnot coming over move to the next step. Simply shut off the fountain, and aggressively clean that area with the scotch-brite pad. Be sure the area is free from oils and debris. You may need to do thistwo or three times before the water will flow properly. After cleaning the WaterDistribution, if there is still any area where water is not flowing properly,adjustments to the baffle may need to be made.o Next, shut off the fountain and remove the baffle by flattening the upper tabs, and roll itup and out of the Water Distribution Unit. Now you will need to adjust the lower tabs to
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 14shift the water to the areas that are dry. These tabs act like dams controlling, to someextent, where the water will flow. For example, if the center is not getting enough water, pull the tabs down sothey hold more water in the center. Or, to allow more water to one side or theother you can flatten one or both a little to shift water to either side. You mayneed to adjust the tabs a few times to get the water to flow properly. Before turning the Water Feature back on, be sure the baffle has been properlyre-installed into the Water Distribution Unit. Insure the Baffle is square to theWater Distribution Unit. Then, bend the upper tabs up until they push againstthe top lip of the Water Distribution Unit. Doing this will keep the Baffle firmly inplace and allow the water to flow properly. The outer edge adjusting tabs are used to control water flow at the edges of thestone. If there is a large amount of water flow at one or both edges you mayexperience a small amount of dripping off of these tabs. In this case, simplybend the tabs in towards the center to redirect the water onto the stone. Thesetabs can also be adjusted to allow more or less water to the edge of the stone.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 15 Because each installation may vary just a little your Water Distribution Unit mayneed to be leveled. You can determine if it needs to be leveled by the water notflowing evenly but instead flowing stronger on one side than the other. Theincluded leveling wedge can be used to shim either side up until it is level. Thewedge is made of a very pliable metal and can be squeezed flat or opened to avariety of heights. Simply adjust the wedge to the height you expect and insertit under the Water Distribution Unit, between the unit and the stone. Thenplace your carpenter’s level on the top lip of the Water Distribution Unit andadjust it until it is level. Next, take a moment to look for small splashes coming off the stone. They areusually caused by small edges in the rock. These are very easy to fix. Simplytake a flat head screw driver or a chisel and wear away the edge a little tosmooth it over. The smoother it is the less likely water is to jump off. Go overthe entire stone and smooth any edges you think may cause splashing. You mayneed to unplug the pump to avoid making a mess. After you feel you have the water distribution set, be sure the pump isunplugged and take the scotch-brite pad and lightly go over the stone while it isstill wet. This will help the water to completely cover the stone.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 16• Now it is time to hang the fountain hood.o You will notice the same square cut-outs in the back of the hood as are on the watertray. Slide the hood up and over the stone and water distribution then hook it on tothe EZ install bracket. Now you can plug the power cord from the wall and the power cord from thepump in to the light bar at the top. The power cord from the wall plugs into theleft end and the power cord from the pump plugs into the outlet on the rightside. If there is excess cord you can tuck it behind the stone and waterdistribution. Next, screw the supplied light bulbs into the sockets:• 50 watt halogen GU 10 bulbs are included and replacement bulbs canbe purchased at most hardware stores.Warning:As always never remove or insert the power cords or light bulbs while the water featureis turned on. Doing so could result in electric shock.• Install the splash guard and set up your pebbles.
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 17o Slide the pebble shelf(splash guard) into the water tray and adjust it to make it as levelas possible. The pebbles will rest on this shelf and help prevent splashing. Whenrefilling the tray, stop when the water level is equal the pebble shelf. Do not over fill thewater tray. This can cause the tray to leak.o CAUTION – Please be sure that no pebbles rest against the stone water surface. Pebblesagainst the water surface can cause splashing.Basic maintenance for your new wall water feature• Filling Water Tray – How to Make Sure You Are Using Enough Watero The biggest maintenance requirement is keeping the water tray full of water. Becauseof evaporation your water feature will put moisture into the air. The amount of use andthe climate will determine how often you need the fill it. Be sure the water level staysat least above the top of the pump and no more than one and a half inches from the topof the tray. Filling the water tray any more than 1 and a half inches from the top canresult in water going over the top of the plastic liner and leaking onto the floor. We alsorecommend filling the water tray when the water feature is turned off.o To avoid almost all cleaning and to prolong the life of your water feature, we stronglysuggest using distilled water. This will not leave hard water build-up on the stone ormetal.• Cleaning Metal – The Proper Way To Clean Your Wall Fountaino When it is time to clean the metal portion of the water feature we recommend using anon-abrasive cleaner with ammonia in it. Most window or glass cleaner works well.• Cleaning Dull Stone – How To Make Your Stone Shimmer:o Over time, if your stone color dulls or you begin to accumulate hard water buildup, turnoff the pump and scrub the stone vigorously with a firm bristled acrylic brush. Thisshould remove most of the buildup. If it does not, the stone may require a moreaggressive cleaning with Lime-A-Way or CLR.• How To Control The Flow of Water and Algae:o If your water feature is in direct sunlight or near a window or door that is often open thestone may begin to grow algae. This manifests itself as a slight slime on the stone or a
    • 1(858)876-7261 Water Feature Supply –www.waterfeaturesupply.com Page 18foul water smell. The best way to combat this is with a few drops of bleach once ortwice a month. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of using only two orthree drops at a time and never more than once a week. Too much bleach will bleachthe stone and create an uncomfortable chlorine smell. The use of too much bleach willvoid all warranties.• Full Wall Water Feature Cleaning – A Guideo We recommend doing a full fountain cleaning once or twice per year. This will involveremoving all the water from the water tray and cleaning it out, scrubbing down thestone with an acrylic brush, and taking apart the Water Distribution Unit and cleaning it.• Custom Wall Waterfall Engravingo If your stone has a custom engraving be sure NOT to use the scotch-brite pad or anacrylic brush over the area of the engraving. This could result in the custom color beingremoved from the stone.Please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Water Feature Supply, with any and all of your additionalinstallation issues and questions. Our team of experts is standing by, ready to assist you through eachstep of the process. If at any time you feel like you do not know what you are doing, become frustratedwith the set-up, or feel like you are just not getting it, please call us at 1 (858) 876-7261 so that one ofour specialists can help troubleshoot the issue for you.