Floor Fountains vs. Wall Water Features - An In Depth Comparison


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Check out this in depth guide detailing the differences between a wall mounted and freestanding fountain. There are many styles, materials, and options to choose from; learn which ones will work best given your design project. Our team of highly trained experts will break down the basics for you so that you can a solid understanding of just what you are getting yourself into when you decide to buy an indoor fountain waterfall. There has never been a better time to grab the bull by the horns and take control over your interior space.

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Floor Fountains vs. Wall Water Features - An In Depth Comparison

  1. 1. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 1Water Feature SupplyCall Us : 1 (858) 876-7261 or Email : sales@waterfeaturesupply.comFreestanding Water Features vs. Wall Water FeaturesAn expert comparison to help you decide which model and style you should choose. Let our expertdesigners walk you through the basics so that you can begin your selection process with the peace ofmind and knowledgeable insight you deserve.
  2. 2. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 2We begin with interior floor fountains...Any interior free-standing water wall is going to be a beautiful addition to any business, commercialarea, or restaurant. Any free-standing water feature creates an awe inspiring air to any space. WaterFeature Supply provides our customers with the best styled standalone water fountains on the internet.Our impressive selection of freestanding water fountains is sure to invoke envy from your most lovedenemy.Each outdoor free standing water fountain is the ideal way to increase the natural levels of oxygen inyour office while eliminating pollen, dust, and other harmful debris through the pump’s filtration. If youare not interested in a standing fountain, our selection of home wall hanging water features and customwater fountains are guaranteed to satisfy.It is almost impossible not to think of a million different places where one of these might look reallyamazing. You can use them in so many ways, the opportunities are limitless. Many times you have twomounting options when it comes to choosing your indoor fountain, first you can have it center mounted,meaning the face will sit directly in the middle of the base. These are perfect for anyone interested inusing the fountain to separate open space a room or indoor environment. Additionally the fountain mayalso be available in a rear mounted position meaning the face will be flush with the backside of thereservoir. As you might assume these usually look best up against the wall.Our standing water fountain features will add the modern style you have been looking for to yourbusiness. Whether it be your home, office, or business, a standalone water fountains is an idealselection for anyone looking to improve the decor of any room. Please browse our huge selection ofstanding waterfall feature here...
  3. 3. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 3What style of free standing water wall, are you looking for? A modern free standing fountain?Indoor or Garden waterfall fountains? water fountain features to be installed in a restaurant ormodern environment or home space?Sifting through Water Feature Supply’s modern collection of standalone water feature fountains shouldhelp you to purchase what kind of waterfall, you are most interested in installing. There are a variety ofpre-made stocked items which generally ship within one week following a purchase; it is possible yourparticular project might make it necessary that you need to build a custom water feature.The normal electric power needs for every one of these floor waterfalls is a normal 110v GFI electricaloutlet . These floor water fountain features can be a breeze to set up, each and every waterfall featurearrives with an installation Video Guide and also everything you need to get your new fountain up andrunning. Installing your a beautiful free-standing water feature fountain is a simple as mounting a walltelevision.Some ideas to remember before purchasing an interior standing water feature…Interesting free-standing waterfall tips...Generally, free-standing water features will show up in the same ways as any other piece of furniture;with all the necessary pieces, easy to install, and completely total. Interior free-standing water featurefountains are suited to hang on any wall, and will definitely bring out the simple the wonderful vision ofrunning water. Many indoor free-standing water feature fountains are quite modern; built with stainlesssteel, glass, polycarbonate, and many more show amore earthy tone using LW slate, copper, and earthy
  4. 4. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 4colors. Interior free standing waterfall fountains are also crafted in stone, pebbles, and mirroredoptions. Most floor water fountain features can be used inside as well as in your backyard and are builtin many styles.Indoor Hanging Wall Water Walls....An interior mounted waterfall can be a great piece to any home, office, or living space. A mountedwaterfall is a great way to impress your loved ones, parents, and clients. Water Feature Supply is theknow site to the largest selection of modern wall hanging water fountain features in the world. Thesewall hanging water feature fountains are hand built using the best stones and strongest steel. We knowyour clients will go crazy for your perfect indoor wall hanging waterfall feature, please do call1 (858) 876-7261to speak with a waterfall feature specialist now for assistance. Please click here to view our massiveonline collection of indoor wall water features and fountains.An interior wall water feature is a great way to raise the natural levels of oxygen in your residence andminimize chemicals, dust, and other harmful radicals through the process of constant filtration. In caseyou are not looking at an indoor hanging water feature fountain, our freestanding waterfall fountainsand fully customizable water features are guaranteed to satisfy.
  5. 5. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 5Indoor waterfall fountains have very important health benefits and are also reported to reduce stress,increase the amount of oxygen in your home, and are easy to install and can ship immediately. Aninterior hanging is as beneficial to your spirit as it is visually pleasing. There are many reasons to installan indoor wall hanging water wall, so definitely don’t be too shy to call or to chat with water walltechnician to discuss the possibilities. You can view our huge collection of indoor hanging waterfallfeatures above...What style of hanging water wall, are you looking for? Modern wall mounted waterfall feature?Indoor or Exterior waterfall features? water walls to be set up in a hotel or modern environment orresidential space?Looking through this classic selection of hanging water walls should help you to purchase which style ofwater wall, you will be interested in buying. We have many ready to go ready to ship pieces which cangenerally ship by a week after purchasing, it is possible your client’s specific project can make it so thatyou need to invest in a custom built water wall.The standard electrical necessities for each of these wall water fountains is a traditional 110v GFIelectrical outlet . These wall water fountains are incredibly easy to install, every water feature fountainarrives with a set up Video Guide and also everything you need to get your new fountain up andrunning. Mounting your a beautiful hanging water fountain is as easy as hanging a wall t.v.
  6. 6. Water Feature Supply Floor vs. Wall Fountains Page 6A few things to go through before installing an indoor wall hanging water wall…Interesting hangingwaterfall feature tips...Generally, hanging water fountains will be delivered the same as any other online item; with all thenecessary pieces, easy to install, and completely total. Interior wall hanging water walls are suited tohang on almost any wall, and will immediately showcase the natural beauty and sound of cascadingwater. Some indoor hanging waterfalls can be contemporary; designed using copper, slate, acrylic, andmuch more embrace amore rustic tone using marble, patina copper, and earthy colors. Interior wallmounted waterfalls are also shipped in rock, pebble, and mirror finishes. Most wall hanging waterfountains can run indoors as well as outside and are built many different dimensions.