Mobile CRM Webinar: 6 Steps to Maximize Mobile ROI for Government Agencies


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Mobile CRM Webinar: 6 Steps to Maximize Mobile ROI for Government Agencies

  1. 1. Waterfall  Industry*  Insights Kane  Russell,  VP  of  Marke2ng Waterfall *6  steps  for  government  agencies  looking  to        maximize  mobile  ROI
  2. 2. Waterfall  Mobile  and  the  Msgme  Pla4orm Waterfall  Mobile ๏ Founded  August  2005 ๏ Offices  in  SFO  (HQ),  NYC  &  Aus2n ๏ Backed  by  Vista  Equity  Partners   ๏ Cross-­‐channel  mobile  &  social  CRM  via   SMS,  MMS,  QR  Codes,  IVR,  Facebook  &   TwiZer ๏ Free  trial: ๏ API  suite: ๏ Custom  applica2on  development ๏ Short  code  provisioning,  cer2fica2on  &   audit  management
  3. 3. Reference  Clients  &  Brand  Campaigns  
  4. 4. ๏ The  state  of  government  communica2on ๏ Issues  affec2ng  effec2ve  government  communica2on   ๏ 6  steps  to  mobile  ROI   ๏ Case  studies ๏ Key  takeaways Objec=ves
  5. 5. Government  Communica=on  takes  the  following  forms: ๏ G2C:  government-­‐to-­‐ci2zen ๏ G2B:  government-­‐to-­‐business ๏ G2G:  government-­‐to-­‐government  (internal/external) ๏ G2V:  government-­‐to-­‐visitor Each  form  includes  the  following  types  of  informa=on:   ๏ Sta2c  (rela2vely):  standard  informa2on  that  doesn’t   require  frequent  upda2ng,  e.g.  an  “About”  sec2on  on   a  government  website ๏ Interac2ve:  dialogue  to  exchange  informa2on  in  real-­‐ 2me,  e.g.  updates  about  events  or  emergencies ๏ Transac2onal:  execu2on  of  tasks,  e.g.  apply  for  a   driver’s  license   Government  is  vast: ๏  lists  584  Federal  Agencies ๏ Need  solu2ons  for  Federal,  State  &  Local Government  Communica=on  Complexity By  the  numbers: There  are  roughly  310   million  people  living  (US   Census)  in  the  US,  an   increase  of  ~25  million  in   the  last  decade.   Tracking  Popula=on: Take  a  look  at  Google’s   public  data  explorer,   which  allows  you  to  graph   US  popula2on  by  state,   county,  and  city  according   to  census  data. hZp://
  6. 6. Issues  Facing  the  Government 25% 35% 45% 55% 65% 75% 2008 2009 2010 2011 63% 45% 63% 55% 46% 31% 38% 27% 43% 30% 46% 40% 59% 36% 54% 46% US  Trust  in  Institutions:  2008-­‐2011  (Edelman) Business Government Media NGOs ๏ The  2010-­‐2011  drop  mirrors  financial  crisis  decline   ๏ US  only  country  to  see  across-­‐the-­‐board  decline  in  trust Country Trust  Index 2008                    2011 Trust  Index 2008                    2011 Global -­‐ 55 Brazil 48 80 Canada 48 55 China 62 73 France 44 50 India 60 56 Japan 50 51 Russia 36 40 UK 43 40 US 53 40 Composite  score,  ages  25-­‐64  (Edelman)Composite  score,  ages  25-­‐64  (Edelman)Composite  score,  ages  25-­‐64  (Edelman)
  7. 7. Sources  of  Trust Blogs  from  ppl  u  know Social  from  ppl  u  know Independent  Blog Independent  Social Brand/Product/Company  Blog Brand/Company/Product  Social 0% 100% Sources  of  Information  Users  Trust,  June  2010  (Invoke  Solutions)           Distrust Some  Distrust No  Opinion Some  Trust Trust
  8. 8. Features  That  Inspire  Trust Open  Dialogue Quality  of  Dialogue Responsiveness Volume  of  Participation Volume  of  Content Length  of  Relationship 0% 100% Unimportant Some  Unimportance No  Opinion Some  Importance Very  Important Online  Media  Features  Important  for  Inspiring  Trust,  June  2010  (Invoke  Solu=ons)                                    
  9. 9. Why  Mobile  Makes  Sense 1. It’s  the  most  personal  device  a   consumer  owns 2. It  provides  mul2ple  channels  ideal  for   interac2ve  communica2on IVR But  it’s  not  just  mobile  that   governments  need,  it’s   mobile  CRM.  
  10. 10. Government  Communica=on  Issues Issue Hurdle   Example Coordina2on Individual  government  agencies  siloed  from   others,  preven2ng  agencies  from  sharing  info Dept.  of  Health  needs  to  share  info   with  Dept.  of  Energy Cost Governments  are  constrained  by  2ght  budgets   that  cannot  afford  wasted  resources Irrelevant  mailing  wastes  postage   and  hurts  community  percep2on Inconsistency Varying  messages  conveyed  across  disparate   channels  equals  dissa2sfac2on  and  confusion WMD Security Some  informa2on  is  sensi2ve  and  cannot  be   shared  publicly HIPAA  compliance  affects  mass   distribu2on  of  personal  info Technology Varying  systems  with  disparate  func2ons  that   may  be  outdated;  no  central  IT  Support “When  it  comes  to  technology,  we   are  like  30  years  behind.” Accessibility If  informa2on  is  hard  to  access,  people  resist   interac2ng  and  par2cipa2ng Roughly  50%  of  Americans  vote  in   Federal  elec2ons Successfully  addressing  these  issues  requires  a  CRM  approach
  11. 11. 6  Steps  to  Mobile  ROI   Issue Mobile  CRM  Approach Coordina2on Create  subscriber  database  that  centralizes  and  shares  data  across  divisions Cost Segment  and  deliver  cost-­‐effec2ve  &  channel  appropriate  message,  adhering   to  subscriber  preferences  when  possible Inconsistency Track  interac2on  and  exchanges  internally  and  externally,  using  a  centralized   database  that  allows  for  sharing  of  informa2on Security Segment  subscribers  and  messages  in  order  to  deliver  secure  messages   through  appropriate  channels Systems Draw  on  solu2ons  that  are  easily  integrated  into  current  systems  and  can   adapt  to  changing  technologies Transparency Provide  easier  ways  for  people  to  stay  informed  by  providing  opt-­‐in  op2ons   and  preferences  for  subscribers
  12. 12. Case  Studies To  interact  with  its  riders,  San  Francisco  Bay  Area  Rapid   Transit  (BART)  launched  "Try  BART  Week"  with  the  goal  of   increasing  ridership. Animal  Rights  organiza2on  PETA  streamlined  digital  ac2vism   by  integra2ng  SMS  and  email  in  order  to  incite  ac2on  and   par2cipa2on  from  their  cons2tuents. NASA  JPL,  in  an  effort  to  boost  interest  and  engagement  in  a   lunar  eclipse,  called  upon  mobile  to  power  engagement  with   poten2al  eclipse  viewers. CCC  deployed  an  emergency  messaging  no2fica2on  system   across  the  majority  of  its  campuses  in  order  to  deliver  tac2cal   advice  outbound  and  receive  crucial  updates  during  a  crisis.  
  13. 13. PETA  Texts  “Y”  to  Stop  Cruelty Campaign  Overview:   ๏ Plan:  PETA  wanted  to  simplify  digital  ac2vism ๏ Strategy:  created  func2onality  where  people   could  reply  “Y”  to  a  text  message  in  order  to   trigger  a  message  in  support  of  a  par2cular  PETA   cause.   ๏ Follow-­‐up:  sent  confirma2on  message  via  email,   mobile  &  web  calls  to  ac2on  included Results:   ๏ 18.5%  response  rate  w/  43.3%  responding   within  two  minutes  of  message  delivery  (DMA   average  email  response  rate  is  ~2%).   ๏ Other  campaigns  saw  23.58%,  18.37%  and   24.85%  response  rate.   (Full  case  study  can  be  downloaded  from
  14. 14. 6  Steps  to  Mobile  ROI  –  PETA Issue Mobile  CRM  Applica=on Coordina2on Centralized  database  with  cross-­‐channel  sync  allows  for  upselling  campaigns;   each  new  interac2on  added  as  addi2onal  data  point   Cost Ac2vated  par2cular  channel  according  to  what  was  most  cost  effec2ve,  both   from  a  monetary  AND  efficiency  standpoint Inconsistency Real-­‐2me  look  up  of  channel  address  to  ensure  delivery;  various,  overlapping   lists  to  manage  mul2ple  and  select  interests Security Subscribers  presented  with  mul2ple  opportuni2es  to  opt  in  or  opt  out Systems API  integra2on  into  email  system  required  no  new  build  of  technical  capabili2es Transparency People  saw  the  results  of  their  ac2ons  instantly  and  could  choose  to  stay   informed  and  updated  about  campaigns  results
  15. 15. BART  Drives  New  Ridership  With  Mobile Campaign  Overview:   ๏ Plan:  BART  wanted  to  engage  new  riders  through  emerging  media  channel ๏ Strategy:  text-­‐to-­‐win  campaign  promoted  during  “Try  BART  Week”  geared   toward  encouraging  new  riders ๏ Follow-­‐up:  mobile,  used  ini2ally  as  a  customer  acquisi2on  tool,  switches  gears   to  become  a  customer  reten2on  tool.   Results:   ๏ BART  Chief  Communica2ons  Officer,  Linton  Johnson:   -­‐ You  couldn’t  buy  that  much  good  press  or  goodwill  from  customers. -­‐ Nearly  every  day  that  week  we  were  in  the  news  and  that  contributed  to  the   healthy  increase  in  ridership.  Our  goal  now  is  to  keep  those  customers,  and   it  looks  good  -­‐  ridership  was  up  vs.  last  year. (Full  case  study  can  be  downloaded  from
  16. 16. 6  Steps  to  Mobile  ROI  –  BART Issue Mobile  CRM  Applica=on Coordina2on Mul2ple  keywords  used  to  segment  audience  based  on  day  of  par2cipa2on;  but   keywords  managed  in  same  account Cost No  need  for  postal  stamps  on  each  entry;  no  customer  support  team  needed  to   track  entries;  all  tallied  automa2cally Inconsistency Phone  number  lookups  provide  tracking  of  precise  number  of  unique  and  repeat   subscribers  down  to  the  second  of  each  entry Security Alterna2ve  method  of  entry  provided  for  any  folks  who  preferred  to  enter  online   rather  than  via  mobile Systems Able  to  sync  mobile  subscriber  data  into  current  ridership  database,  understand   exactly  who  is  new  to  BART  system Transparency Easily  shared  with  other  riders  to  spread  community  goodwill,  well  marketed   across  online/mobile/signage  to  create  interest
  17. 17. California  Community  Colleges  Alert  You Campaign  Overview:   ๏ Plan:  CCC  need  a  streamlined  form  of  communica2on  to  coordinate   ins2tu2on  and  student  efforts  and  energy  during  emergencies ๏ Strategy:  deployed  two-­‐way,  social  media  integrated,  mobile   emergency  no2fica2on  system ๏ Follow-­‐up:  successful  “ShakeOuts”  to  raise  awareness  about   emergency  preparedness Results:   ๏ 2  million+  students  connected   ๏ 50+  districts  served ๏ 100+  colleges  enabled
  18. 18. 6  Steps  to  Mobile  ROI  –  CCC Issue Mobile  CRM  Applica=on Coordina2on Mul2ple  schools  using  same  plasorm,  but  segmented  campaigns  across  various   keywords Cost Save  2me  and  money  by  taking  advantage  of  most  ubiquitous  device  available Inconsistency Can  seamlessly  transi2on  between  one-­‐to-­‐one  and  on-­‐to-­‐many  communica2on  in   order  to  op2mize  message  clarity Security No  sensi2ve  informa2on  shared,  sign  up  created  out  of  ease  of  use  and  not   obliga2on Systems Mobile,  TwiZer  access  provide  easy  entry  and  outlet  points  for  integra2on  into   complicated  emergency  procedure  program Transparency Communicate  a  sense  of  preparedness  in  the  event  of  a  crisis,  providing  proac2ve   rather  than  reac2ve  sense  of  ac2on
  19. 19. Campaign  Overview:   ๏ Plan:  NASA/JPL  wanted  to   encourage  and  interact   with  Lunar  eclipse  viewers   ๏ Strategy:  once  subscribed,   users  received  reminders   to  watch  the  eclipse,   instruc2ons  on  how  to   share  loca2on  that   populated  map  in  real  2me   ๏ Follow-­‐up:  data  gathered   during  subscrip2on  process   used  for  driving  mobile   web  traffic NASA  JPL  Communi=zes  Lunar  Eclipse Results:   ๏ Campaign  received  thousands  of  comments ๏ 100%  par2cipa2on  valida2ng  loca2on ๏ Social  media  upsell  successful  with  thousands   of  Flickr  photo  uploads
  20. 20. 6  Steps  to  Mobile  ROI  –  NASA  JPL Issue Mobile  CRM  Applica=on Coordina2on Use  of  loca2on  data  a  means  for  targe2ng  and  outreach Cost Excellent  customer  acquisi2on  tool  as  no  real  incen2ve  needed  to  join  subscriber   database  other  than  par2cipate  in  cool  event Inconsistency People  could  track  their  comments  and  ideas  in  real  2me  directly  on  website Security Anonymity  given  to  users  with  automa2c  blocking  of  key  digits  of  their  phone   number Systems Dropped  text-­‐to-­‐screen  func2onality  directly  onto  homepage Transparency Provided  real  2me  picture  of  par2cipants  in  the  campaign
  21. 21. Key  Takeaways:  Connec=ng  with  Ci=zens ๏ Do  like  they  do:  use  op2mal  communica2on   medium  for  the  par2cular  audience   ๏ Act  like  they  act:  expand  interac2on  beyond   the  first  conversa2on ๏ Think  like  they  think:  tone  of  communica2on   reflects  rela2onship  with  audience ๏ Engage  like  they  engage:  two-­‐way  interac2ve   communica2on
  22. 22. Do  Like  They  Do ๏ PETA:  easier  to  respond  to  SMS;   easier  to  follow  up  via  email ๏ BART:  SMS  provided  most  reliable   service  for  people  on  the  go ๏ CCC:  mobile  and  TwiZer  the   language  of  choice  for  today’s   college-­‐age  youth ๏ NASA:  allowed  for  people  of  all   ages,  tech  savvy  and  phone  types   to  par2cipate
  23. 23. Act  Like  They  Act ๏ PETA:  follow  up  allowed  for   addi2onal  ways  to  get  involved  in  the   campaign,  including  general  list  and   ac2on  team ๏ BART:  having  grown  a  large  list,  now   can  interact  going  forward  (adding   metadata  to  enhance  targe2ng   capabili2es) ๏ CCC:  created  sense  of  community  and   fun  around  follow-­‐up;  ini2ated  by  the   audience ๏ NASA:  able  to  drive  traffic  to  mobile   website,  inform  and  update  people   about  current  events  and  occurrences
  24. 24. Think  Like  They  Think ๏ PETA:  used  contextual  language  that   reflected  knowledge  of  current  events:   “Help  chimps!  CareerBuilder  plans  to  air  an   ad  during  the  Super  Bowl  &  we  need  ur   help!  Reply  Y  to  send  CareerBullies  a  msg   to  keep  chimps  out  of  ads.  <3peta2” ๏ BART:  Automa2cally  won  something  -­‐  no   chance  of  genera2ng  poor  user  experience ๏ CCC:  not  obligatory  -­‐  just  useful,  as   obligatory  tasks  for  students  and  young   people  owen  looked  at  with  scorn ๏ NASA:  CTA  =  Text  IMTHERE  to  67463; personalized  event  for  par2cipants
  25. 25. Engage  Like  They  Engage ๏ PETA/BART/CCC/NASA:  all  two-­‐way,  interac2ve  communica2on  across   channels -­‐ PETA:  SMS,  television,  email -­‐ BART:  SMS,  print,  web -­‐ CCC:  SMS,  TwiZer -­‐ NASA:  SMS,  mobile  web
  26. 26. Any  Ques=ons? For  more  informa2on  visit Or  contact  us  directly: More  industry  informa2on   available  on  our  blog  @