Webinar: Pushing Interaction Beyond the One-off Model with 2D and QR Codes


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Webinar: Pushing Interaction Beyond the One-off Model with 2D and QR Codes

  1. 1. Ge#ng  It  Right*  in  Mobile Kane  Russell,  VP  of  Marke2ng Waterfall *Pushing  Interac0on  Beyond  The  One-­‐off  Model   with  2D  and  QR  Codes
  2. 2. Waterfall  Mobile  and  the  Msgme  Pla4orm Waterfall  Mobile ๏ Founded  August  2005 ๏ Offices  in  SFO  (HQ),  NYC  &  Aus0n ๏ Backed  by  Vista  Equity  Partners   ๏ Cross-­‐channel  mobile  &  social  CRM  via   SMS,  MMS,  QR  Codes,  IVR,  Facebook  &   TwiWer ๏ Free  trial:  waterfall.com ๏ API  suite:  apidocs.waterfall.com ๏ Custom  applica0on  development ๏ Short  code  provisioning,  cer0fica0on  &   audit  management
  3. 3. Reference  Clients  &  Brand  Campaigns  
  4. 4. ๏ The  QR  Code  phenomenon ๏ Evaluate  each  stage  of  a  QR  Code  campaign -­‐ Designing  the  code -­‐ Developing  an  effec0ve  campaign   -­‐ Deploying  in  the  marketplace -­‐ Delivering  ROI ๏ Example  campaign Objec=ves
  5. 5. QR  Code  explosion  in  the  US:   ๏ 1,200%  increase  in  scans,  Q3-­‐Q4  of  2010 (Mobio  Iden0ty  Systems)   ๏ 2D  Code  Scans  >  1D  Code  Scans,  Q3  2010-­‐Q1  2011   (Scanlife  Trend  Report  from  Scanbuy)   ๏ 4,549%  YOY  increase  in  2D  code  scanning,  Q1  2011   (Mobile  Marketer) ๏ 40%  Facebook  and  TwiWer  users  have  scanned  5+   codes  in  last  year  (Mashable) Why? ๏ For  consumers:  cool,  intriguing,  easy-­‐to-­‐use   connec0on  point  between  physical  and  digital  worlds ๏ For  brands:  data  catching  marke0ng  ROI  widget The  QR  Code  Phenomenon QR Code linking to Msgme Twitter feed Did you know? Adding “.qr” to the end of bit.ly or goo.gl links automatically generates a QR Code
  6. 6. ๏ 22%  of  the  Fortune  50  have  already  used  mobile  barcodes  (Burson-­‐ Marsteller)   ๏ Blue  chip  brands  using  QR  Codes  span  a  diverse  set  of  industries ๏ US  adop0on  of  QR  Codes  lags  Japan -­‐ Invented  in  1994;  Approved  as  an  Interna0onal  Standard  in  2000 The  QR  Code  Phenomenon In Japan QR Codes appear not just on billboards, but also on everyday items such as consumer packaging and receipts
  7. 7. Evalua=ng  QR  Codes Designing  the  Code ๏ Aesthe0c  design ๏ Tes0ng  codes Developing  a  Campaign ๏ Scan  ac0ons ๏ User  engagement Deploying  a  CTA ๏ AWainable  audience ๏ Dos  and  Don’ts Delivering  ROI ๏ Data  capture ๏ Campaign  success
  8. 8. How  a  QR  Code  Works Step  One:  Marketer   generates  QR  Code Step  Three:  User   downloads  /  opens   reader  on   smartphone Step  Four:  User   scans  QR  Code   using  reader Step  Two:  Marketer   publishes  QR  Code
  9. 9. Design:  Aesthe=cs Various types of 2D codes exist, including Micro QR, Datamatrix, EZ and Microsoft Tag. Depending on code type, look/feel and customization can vary. Error  Correc;on  Levels Density QR Codes can be generated with 0%, 10%, 20% or 30% error correction built in, creating more boxes within the code that can be altered for customization. Code  Type Higher density allows for the storage of more information.
  10. 10. Design:  Tes=ng Factor  Affec+ng  Scan: Pi2all  to  Avoid:   Loca&on Test  only  on  a  computer Condi&ons Test  only  in  broad  daylight Context Test  only  in  an  area  with  cell  service Distance Test  only  at  fixed  distances Timing Test  with  no  regard  for  &me  to  scan Reader Test  only  using  only  one  reader  type Camera Test  only  using  one  smartphone  type
  11. 11. Development:  QR  Codes  Ac=ons Can do Can’t do Web Open web page on phone’s browser Execute action on open web page Phone Activate operational functions Execute operational functions Can do Can’t do Contact Info Add a vCard (Contact Info) to a user’s device Save a vCard to a user’s device Email Open a pre-populated email Send an email SMS Open a pre-populated SMS Send an SMS Landing Page Open & pre-populate (some fields) Confirm submit on a landing page Facebook Open a page where you can “like” content Automatically “like” a FB Page QR Codes Open a web page with a QR Code others can scan Send QR Code content without scan to another phone Apps Open a web page and download an app Download an app automatically Ringtone Open a web page to download an mp3 Install mp3 as a ringtone
  12. 12. Development:  User  Engagement Why  is  this  important? Consider  a  back  of  the  envelope  ROI  calcula0on:  your  inputs  are  investment   amount  (I),  return  (r),  and  per  period  discount  rate  (d).   ๏ For  a  campaign  strategy:  if  I  =  100,  R  =  150,  and  d=  10%,  ROI  =  36.36 ๏ For  a  CRM  strategy,  you  have  I  =  120,  R  =  150,  d  =  10%,  but  also  r  =  30  (20%  R)   0 43 86 129 171 214 257 300 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ROI # of Engagements QR  Codes  =  Mobile  Marke+ng  =  Customer  Life+me  Value  Play
  13. 13. Deployment:  Audience
  14. 14. Deployment:  Audience 2008 Q2 2009 Q2 2010 Q2 2011 Q2 10% 13% 14% 16% 17% 19% 21% 24% 27% 31% 35% 40% 45% 49% 90% 87% 86% 84% 83% 81% 79% 76% 73% 69% 65% 60% 55% 51% FeaturePhone SmartPhone Source: Roger Entner, Nielsen Wire.“Smartphones to Overtake Feature Phones in U.S. by 2011.” http://bit.ly/jAxhXd 40%  of  the  US  has  a  smartphone  (Nielsen).   26%  of  people  have  used  a  QR  Code  (Mashable).   -­‐  That’s  10.4%  of  the  popula<on  that  uses  QR  codes.
  15. 15. Deployment:  Calls  to  Ac=on ๏ 4  ingredients  and  a  secret  sauce:   -­‐ Incen0ves -­‐ Clarity -­‐ Compliance -­‐ Strategy ✴ Design       You  can  read  the  full  blog  post  @  blog.msgme.com:   “How to Create a Great Call to Action – 4 Ingredients & A Secret Sauce”
  16. 16. Deployment:  Example  CTA  (not  so  good)
  17. 17. Deployment:  Example  CTA  (improving)
  18. 18. Deployment:  Example  CTA  (right  idea)
  19. 19. Deployment:  Example  CTA  (cleaner)
  20. 20. Delivery:  Data  Capture Data Source Capabilities Limitations Scans QR Code Reader Understand when, where, and how many people scanned a certain code No ability to track the actions taken by the users, e.g. action on a website or if an SMS is sent. Web Pages URL Shortener Visibility into how people are interacting with various web pages Need unique URL per user if you want specific user information; no insight into phone operations, e.g. voice calls or SMS Phone Data Web Pull data about the person scanning the code, e.g. phone type, carrier and IP address User must open a web browser to register data; no ability to grab phone number automatically Phone Tasks Phone Pull data about tasks completed by users, e.g. SMS sent or calls made No ability to track web actions or QR Code scans
  21. 21. As  with  most  things,  the  liAle  details  really  maAer.   ๏ Take  for  example  QR  Codes  that  direct  users  to  a  website ✓ Success:  directs  to  a  website  with  sweepstakes  entry ✓ Market  Leader:  directs  to  a  mobile  op<mized  website ๏ Another  example?  QR  Codes  placed  on  expired  consumer  packaging ✓ Success:  Users  that  scan  will  receive  an  error  or  out  of  date  message.   ✓ Market  Leader:  Users  that  scan  receive  an  up-­‐sell  to  a  new  campaign   or  subscriber  opt-­‐in  list.   Delivery:  Campaign  Success
  22. 22. Example  Campaign:  Smithsonian 2D Code scan leads to integration with camera, social media, email, mobile apps, mobile web, mobile messaging – exemplifying cross-channel communication.
  23. 23. Key  Takeaways Design Think  across  each  stage  of  the  QR  Code  process  and  how  it   will  interact  with  your  campaign. Development   Use  QR  codes  as  an  entry  point  for  an  ongoing  conversa0on   rather  than  as  a  sole  aWempt  to  spark  some  interest. Deployment Maximize  effec0veness  and  engagement  by  including   op0ons  for  all  mobile  phone  users  and  incen0vizing   par0cipa0on.     Delivery Understand  what  data  you  need  and  how  it  fits  in  with  your   marke0ng  goals.
  24. 24. Any  Ques=ons? For  more  informa0on  visit  www.waterfall.com Or  contact  us  directly:  marke0ng@waterfall.com You  can  download  our  QR  code   eBook  from  our  blog  @   waterfall.com/blog/