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Wp   mp-update-col riverconvey-april_25_2013 Wp mp-update-col riverconvey-april_25_2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Dave Chamberlain, P.E.
  •  October 2003, Colorado RiverQuantification Settlement Agreement(QSA) executed• 45- to 75-year water conservation andtransfer agreement w/ IID• 110-year canal lining agreement (AllAmerican and Coachella Canals)• 280,200 AFY of Colorado River Supplies• Currently wheeled through MWD System• MWD Exchange Agreement for up to 45 yrs Previous studies identified two preferredalignments• Jointly studied w/ Mexico• Not pursued after 2003 Master Plan April 2012 Board direction• Amend Master Plan to include a “Supplyfrom the East” Alternative2
  • Reexamine preferred alignments from previousevaluations• New facility owned and operated by Water AuthoritySize project for QSAdeliveries onlyEvaluation approach• Facility requirements• Energy management• Operational impacts• Compare risks• Project cost refinement• Implementation schedulePortal3
  • Land Use• New development along proposed alignments• Change in land ownership or access rights• Changes to permit processImplementation of New Facilities• San Vicente Dam Raise, Pump Station, and Pipeline not consideredpreviously. More treatment plants may now be servedSunrise Powerlink• Provides closer proximity to power and opportunity to reduce costsUpdated Construction Costs• Use current indices to estimate cost of construction4
  • Characteristic Tunnel Corridor Pipeline CorridorCanal, Miles 12 0Pipeline, Miles 30 81Tunnel, Miles 41 11Total Length, Miles 83 92Pump Stations (800 ft. lift) 2 5Power Generating Facilities 0 3AnnualConveyance(acre-feet/year)DesignFlow Rate(cfs)PipelineDiameter(inches)Fully LinedTunnel Diameter(inches)280,200 490 961 1201. Pipelines are sized to avoid on-peak energy pricing.5
  • 6
  • 7
  •  Normal operations allow QSA supply to bedelivered to SVR or directly to untreatedaqueduct pipelines QSA deliveries are monthly as one twelfth(1/12) of total annual supply• Approximately 24,000 acre feet/month in2021• Analyze wet weather untreated demand Address potential impact on winter monthoperations• Consider portion of the QSA supply in wintermonths delivered through the MWD system• Identify required operational changes• Drawdown San Vicente and place water instorage Salinity Management8
  • TunnelAlignmentPipelineAlignmentMWDWheelingTotal Capital Cost $1.98 billion $2.30 billionAnnual operating cost $71 million $132 millionUnit cost – capitalrecovery2$450/AF $530/AFUnit cost – annualoperating2 $250/AF $470/AF1TOTAL Unit Cost(2013 Dollars)2 $700/AF $1,000/AF $453/AF1 – Includes credit for hydroelectric power generation2 – Amounts are rounded9
  •  Did not assess feasibility or cost of permittingor environmental mitigation• Cost assumptions and schedule impactsincluded in estimates Time to complete remaining phases• 3 to 4 years for preliminary design, agencycoordination, and environmental compliance• 2 to 3 years for detailed design• 5 to 10 years for construction Estimate of 10 to 17 years from current projectstatus to bring project online Final conclusions and recommendation to beincluded in Master Plan issued later this year• Benefits include avoiding Pipeline 6/expandedcapacity from MWD• Improved conveyance reliability?10