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Sleeping Duty Case Study by Eureka Forbes
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Sleeping Duty Case Study by Eureka Forbes


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Brand- InformationEuroVigil, a Sophisticated Electronic Systems to protect your House by Eureka Forbes decided to use Facebook as a platform to reach out to wider audience & spread the awareness about security issues in India
  • 2. Goals How would you establish a ‘HomeSecurity’ product in customers mind in a fun & engaging way?
  • 3. So we got our Thinking Caps on & sat together for Brainstorming!
  • 4. IdeaWho is your first line of defensewhen it comes to ‘Securing’ your house?
  • 5. Security Guards in your society is a common scene in India!
  • 6. But we havealways caughtthem nappingON DUTY!
  • 7. So how do we wake them up &make your home a Safer place?
  • 8. Sleeping Duty Campaign• Users need to click apicture of a ‘SleepingDuty’ & submit it onEuroVigil Page• The most authentic& popular entry winsthe prize
  • 9. ObjectiveTo leverage securityissues in India &their by increase theawareness aboutthe ‘Sleeping Duty’To increase theawareness aboutEuroVigil Products
  • 10. How We Did It? We all have seen them napping…… Now all you have to do is catch them in the act and share it with us!
  • 11. Approach• Spot a ‘Sleeping Duty’• Take a picture• Upload it on our page• Tag friends• Win Mobile Phones every week!• Spread awareness about the loop holesin security &theneed for a better securitysystem
  • 12. What We AchievedSuper Active fans clicked & shared ‘Sleeping Duty’ images from across India tospread awarenessabout the activity
  • 13. Number CrunchingWe got more than 2500 Entries in 25 days with participation from all the age groups on the page
  • 14. Word SpreadsThe Sleeping Duty Campaign sourced 18,000 Fans in just 25 Days!
  • 15. Word Spreads The campaign got about 3 millionimpressions & interaction grew by 198%
  • 16. Achievements• We achieved to create awareness about EuroVigil Products• We managed to wake up more than 2500 Sleeping Dutiesacross India• We managed to engage users in a serious issue with funnyIdea!• We achieved to emphasis on the fact that ‘It’s better to relyon Electronic Security than Humans’ when it comes tosecuring your house
  • 17. Outcome EuroVigil is committed to bring Safety in everycorner of India. This activity ensures we are givingusers a chance to highlight un-safe areas in funny & engaging way!
  • 18. Thank You