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How to use Facebook Ads - Social Media Marketing 101
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How to use Facebook Ads - Social Media Marketing 101


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Demystifying
  • 2. What is it that helps you make those Million Fans on Facebook?
  • 3. NOT the Viral Approach. Certainly NOT Always.
  • 4. Its Facebook Ads!P.S. When Smartly Optimized..
  • 5. Lets Show You How It Works!AtleastWhat We Know!
  • 6. Facebook Ads
    Elements of a Facebook Ad in order of appeal to a user:
    Title (25 characters)
    Body (130 characters)
  • 7. So What is it that you NEED to take care of?
  • 8. Actually a Lot of Things!
  • 9. WAT to Do?
    Be grammatically correct
    Use a relevant picture
    Use an action picture or something slightly provocative
    Target the correct people
    Have a call to action
    Use a landing page
    Facebook ONLY checks one level deep. So make sure your landing page is relevant and sales/money/asking-for-info free.
    Be as targeted as possible.
  • 10. Who can you Target?
  • 11. Actually a good 25 Million people with a Lot of Targeting Options..
  • 12. Targeting Options
    Workplace (B2B)
  • 13. If you don’t know what keywords to use, Click Next
  • 14. Targeting - Keywords
    Identify Keywords
    Google Keyword Tool
    This tool can take your product’s website and generate a list of keywords
    Google Trends
    Trends will show you which countries, cities and areas search your keyword(s) the most. It will also tell you which language.
  • 15. What You can do with Facebook Ads?
    Promote a Facebook Page, Event, App, other destination on Facebook, or your own website.
    You can specify a custom message and call-to-action.
    Relevant actions from the viewer's friends will automatically be shown to build word-of-mouth awareness.
  • 16. Types of Ads
    With the LIKE Button
    2. Stamp Ads to External Links
    3. Sponsored Stories
  • 17. We’re JUST going to discuss: “Ads with LIKE Button”Because That’s What We LIKE.. Infact LOVE
  • 18. Integration of the Like Button
    To be used if the purpose of the ad is to get your page LIKED. This is always the case
    Ad Title is not customizable, thus it being the name of the page (Actually it doesn’t really matter if your brand is big enough)
  • 19. You should know some Jargons to start with though..
  • 20. Metrics
    Reach – Number of People who saw the ad
    Frequency – Avg. Number of times each person saw the ad
    Social Reach = Reach + Friends’ names in the ad
    Connections – Action taken (LIKE) from the ad within 24 hours of seeing it
    CTR – Clicks divided by Impressions
    CPC – Cost per Click
    CPM- Cost per 1000 impressions
    Bid – Higher bid = more impressions
    Price – What your ad costs
  • 21. How Facebook Advertising Works?
  • 22. Here is an Example..
  • 23. Create an Ad Section
  • 24. Ad Copy Example- Gillette
  • 25. Targeting & Reach for Gillette India
  • 26. Campaign, Pricing & Scheduling
  • 27. Campaign Summary
  • 28. So Now you Know How to Create an Ad.. But you should also know as to What Works!
  • 29. What Works in the Ad Copy
    Women- For Targeting Males
    Cricket & Football-Again for targeting Males
    Prizes & Merchandise- Primarily for <30 Years
    Bollywood- For Males & Females
    Discounts & Offers- Especially for Women
  • 30. For More Reference
  • 31. Thank You.. You can Now get in touch with Us..As we have the Official Business Account with Facebook!
  • 32. But before we give you our Contact, You should take a Note of some pointers
  • 33. Points to be Noted
    • If your objective is LIKES- Use Like Button Integrated Ads
    • 34. If your objective is Awareness- Use CPM Model otherwise always use CPC Models
    • 35. Never Ever do Ads without Optimization
    • 36. Always make sure the Ad Copy has a “Call to Action”
    • 37. The Higher the Reach, The lesser the Bid. Period.
    • 38. CTR is a direct correlation of how your Ads are performing
  • Get in Touch with Us, If you Really Want to do Some KickassFacebook Advertising:Sahil