My soldierparade Case Study by Gillette


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  • My soldierparade Case Study by Gillette

    1. 1. My Soldier ParadeCampaign Study and Analysis
    2. 2. Campaign Info• Client: Procter & Gamble• Brand: Gillette• Region: India• Audience : 18+ Male• Category : FMCG• Platform : Website, Facebook, Twitter &Youtube• Language : Microsite• Duration : November- December, 2011
    3. 3. Why Gillette wanted to connect to the audience on Social Media via a strong message which was social andintegrated with their brand. Thus a need for recognizing the Soldier in every Individual in this Country evolved with the core communication as “Gillette Salutes the Soldier in You”
    4. 4. Social Media Objective• Support the brand’s mainline campaign “Shave For The Soldier”• Create awareness for the redesigned product packaging• Create awareness about CSR initiative taken by the brand• Deliver the brand’s message “Gillette Salutes The Soldier In You”
    5. 5. The Situation• Facebook Fan Page base of 1.6 Lakhs• Gillette’s “Salute the Soldier in You” Campaign to be supported by a online movement
    6. 6. The Blind Spot?• Raise awareness about “Shave for the soldier”• Interest people to be a part of CSR campaign• Need for not just engagement but entertainment as well
    7. 7. So We Thought..• Connect Gillette and Shave for the soldier with audience through their friends• Create a visually and contextually impactful social network for people to unite with common cause• A network where people can create their own parades against a cause and get fellow friends and like minded people to participate as well
    8. 8. To Leverage..• Engagement with existing fan base• Increasing reach of the “Salute the Soldier in You” Campaign• Associating brand recall with new touch points• Platform for social cause engagement
    9. 9. Therefore.. MySoldierParade.Com
    10. 10. How It Worked • Fans paraded for a cause by uploading an interactive video • They got their friends to participate as well • 400,000 People participated in it in about 3 weeks
    11. 11. Microsite FlowStep 1: Users to choose a Social Network to create a Parade
    12. 12. Step 2: Users to Create a Parade by describing the causeStep 3: Users to select fourcommanders for the parade whowill be heading the parade withthem
    13. 13. Step 4: Users to select these fourcommanders as four friends anddrag their image to fit in the soldierlook
    14. 14. The final output in form of a flash video of the paradecreated with the cause and friends supporting yourcause
    15. 15. Interactions on Facebook
    16. 16. Campaign HighlightsSeamlessly paired Instilled fresh Increased viralthe brand with approach towards quotient of thesocial cause a social cause brand’s ‘Shave for Soldier’ Campaign
    17. 17. Campaign Performance Total Outreach: FacebookNo. of 10,648,284 Fan-pageparticipants People on Reaches4,01,729 Facebook 2,05,000 fans21% increase 55,000in Facebook New FansFan base Added on the Facebook Page
    18. 18. Learnings• Minimum brand placement reaps in more brand equity when promoting a social cause• Viral marketing objective can be achieved even for a social cause through effective platforms, content and strategy• Interactive and game oriented applications engage users and make them your friend as well as evangelist• Helping people provide a platform for causes can make the campaign successful• All social-media properties should have a symbiotic relationship for a successful campaign