Foursquare Executive Guide For Brands


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WATConsult's guide to Foursquare for brands and businesses

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Foursquare Executive Guide For Brands

  2. 2. Who is checking in?
  3. 3. The President
  4. 4. Astronauts are checking in too
  5. 5. You can be an explorer too
  6. 6. Brands on Foursquare
  7. 7. What is
  8. 8. Foursquare is a mobile social networking tool/game founded in March 2009. It is an app that uses the GPS in a mobile device tohelp users identify their Foursquare “friends” where they are.
  9. 9. Community: Over 15 million people worldwide Over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every dayOver 750,000 Businesses are using the Merchant Platform
  10. 10. Foursquare GlossaryCheck In: Telling Foursquare where you are via GPSor physical addressMayor: A person who visits a place more thananyone elseBadges: Think of them as little trophies or rewardsfor visiting interesting placesPoints: Getting more rewards/ another way tocompete against your friends
  11. 11. There are three core user components to Foursquare 1. Check-in: each time a user enters a location, they can use their mobile devices’ GPS and the Foursquare app to announce their presence at this location. Users who check into any given location more than anyone else become the “mayor” 2. Badges: users can earn various badges for check-ins and tasks completed (see the next page for some examples) 3. Points: Foursquare users can earn a variety of points for their check-ins. They play against their friends and geographic destinations each week to see who can earn the most pointsSome of the initial marketing efforts on Foursquare involved small localand mom/pop restaurants and bars that would offer freedrinks, appetizers or discounted food to the “mayor” of their location.It wasn’t long before bigger brands started to notice the potential ofcreating marketing and loyalty programs on Foursquare.
  14. 14. According to a Nielsen-Informate MobileIntelligence survey, Indian smartphone userspends 72% of the time on activities suchas gaming, entertainment, applications (apps)and internet related content. Those in the age group of 15-24 years spend about 3 hours a day on their smartphones, those in the over 31 year category spent about two hours. The younger smartphone users (15-25 years) spend 2 hours on browsing and entertainment compared to one hour in the other category (over 31 years) Source: AC Neilson
  15. 15. $98Millionin 2009 MARKET GROWTH IN LOCATION BASED SERVICES $512 Million in 2012
  16. 16. Why is Foursquare relevant?
  18. 18. Advantage for a User
  19. 19. How does it work?
  20. 20. Friend FinderThe premise of Foursquareis simple: "Tell Foursquare where you are and it will tell you who and what is nearby.“
  21. 21. Social City Guide• The process of telling Foursquare where you are is called "checking-in"• When asked to locate themselves, users are shown a list of nearby venues (based on GPS)
  22. 22. Users “Check-In” to Places• To broadcast their location to their friends• To update their Twitter + Facebook status• To bookmark or remember where theyve been
  23. 23. Check-Ins Earn Points for discovering a new place for going out two nights in a row for four stops in a night for bringing six friendsUsers compete on a Leaderboard that resets weekly
  24. 24. • "Mayors" are those who check-in most often at a given place• Mayor ship is triggered when a user visits more than 2x within 60 days
  25. 25. Special Mayor Offers• These "Mayors" titles are used by local merchants to reward locals and regulars• Offers need to be unique and interesting to engage Foursquare users• A 10% discount is not compelling enough
  26. 26. Foursquare Online
  27. 27. Tips• Get tips from other users that have been to the venue• Users create Twitter-style recommendations: "Go here, try this"
  28. 28. Tips• As users check-in at places around the city, Foursquare throws these recommendations back to the users Find out what’s hot, right now!
  29. 29. Tips• Find out what’s hot around the neighbourhood• Users share short, quick tips that are not like Yelp reviews
  30. 30. To-Dos• Add places to go and things to do to your list• Handy for remembering new restaurants that a friend told you about• Earn points when you cross to-dos off your list
  31. 31. Badges• The more you explore, the more you unlock• Badges are tied to time, distance and location• You may unlock one for staying out past 2am on a school night or for checking- in with 3 members of the opposite sex.
  32. 32. Integration• Foursquare integrates with Twitter and Facebook platforms• Add friends from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook (using Facebook Connect)
  33. 33. Platforms• New version of iPhone App 1.4 released in Sept. 2009• Android compatibility launched in Sept. 2009• First Blackberry App to be released early Oct. 2009
  34. 34. Etiquette• your workplace,• your home• restaurants, cafes, hai r salons• pubs, bars, nightclubs• parks, libraries, airpor ts
  35. 35. Who’s Playing Foursquare?• 21+ American cities• + Amsterdam• + Vancouver Most popular in NYC where Foursquare is based.
  36. 36. THE BADGES• Click here to learn more about these badges and many more.
  37. 37. Unlock your brandpotential withFoursquare
  38. 38. Of Americans say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions , according to a survey by Opinion Research Corporation
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Retailers can claim their venue and
  42. 42. What type of specialdo you want to run?
  43. 43. Brands can leverage Foursquare by
  44. 44. Foursquare brand pages
  45. 45. Branded badges
  46. 46. Save to Foursquare
  47. 47. Business Benefits of Taking Your Brand onFoursquare1. Customers offer you constant word of mouth exposure2. Opens doors for new kind of promotions to reward loyal customers3. Customer behavior is tracked, allowing habits to be identified and leveraged4. It connects you to your digital evangelists , people who probably have a lot of clout in their social circle
  48. 48. Approach to Foursquare
  49. 49. 1. EVALUATE 2. EXPLORE 3. EXPRESS 4. ENGAGE Your options to The platform to Express your love Keep your communityBuild an effective Build your For loyal customers Continually engaged with Strategy Unique presence By incentivizing them Your brand
  50. 50. EvaluateFor users Foursquare is a game above anything elseAsk any Foursquare user and they’ll tell you aboutThe stats , the places they are a mayor of and theBadges they have earnedAs a brand make sure you evaluate your strategy andIts taps into the fun sprit of the gameEnsure you link your Foursquare to Facebook & Twitter
  51. 51. ExploreClaim your venue by searching your business nameAmong registered venuesIf you see your venue listed, click claim to becomeThe ownerIf you don’t see your venue, add it along with imagesAnd detailsFoursquare provides a detailed analytical dashboardFor your track the activities at your venue
  52. 52. ExpressUse Foursquare to create special deals for your users Mayor Specials Frequency Based Specials Check in specials Wildcard specials
  53. 53. 1.
  54. 54. EngageAfter you have nailed the basics it isImportant to keep the communityEngaged on a long term basisConsidering featuring Foursquare onYour corporate website so your visitorsKnow that your brand is on Foursquare.
  55. 55. Some brands using Foursquare Successfully
  56. 56. #1 STARBUCKSStarbucks was one of the first national brands torecognize the potential in Foursquare. It started inMarch when coffee addicts could earn a barista badgeby checking into five separate Starbucks locations.Read more here.In May Starbucks implemented a monthlong “mayor”offer for each location. The “mayor” of each Starbuckslocation is entitled to $1 off of any Frappuccino, onetime for the month of June. Learn more here.Sources: The New York Times and
  57. 57. #2 DOMINO’S PIZZA Domino’s UK is running a nationwide Foursquare promotion that rewards mayors with a small free pizza each Wednesday. Those who merely check in on Foursquare will receive a free side dish for their patronage should they spend more than £10 (or around $14.50). Learn more here.Sources: and (picture)
  58. 58. #3 JIMMY CHOOJimmy Choo has teamed upwith Foursquare to create atreasure hunt around London(called Catch-a-Choo) whichsees a pair of Jimmy Chootrainers checkin at locationsacross the fashionable city.Contestants in the onlineinteractive competition willneed to follow the check-insand arrive at the location beforethe pair of trainers leaves. Ifthey succeed they will win apair of trainers in the size andstyle of their choice. Learn morehere.Source:
  59. 59. #4 ZAGATFoursquare and Zagat, the restaurant-guidepublishers, recently announced a partnership.Foursquare plans to offer a “Foodie” badge that can beearned by checking into Zagat-rated restaurants in NewYork, San Francisco, Chicago and other major cities.In addition to offering a special badge for Foursquare users, Zagat will beginpiping tips and recommendations into the Foursquare system. Zagat also plansto run a series of “Meet the Mayor” interviews on its website, featuringFoursquare users who have checked in enough times at a particular location toearn the “mayor” title. Learn more here.Source: The New York Times
  60. 60. #5 MARC JACOBSFor Fashion Week 2010, the Marc Jacobs branddecided to go beyond just digitally streaming theirrunway shows. It took the online interactions offlinethrough Foursquare.Marc Jacobs and Foursquare created the “FashionVictim” badge, which allowed Fashion Weekattendees (and others) to checkin at any Marc byMarc Jacobs stores in New York and around thecountry to unlock the badge. Four people whounlocked the badge in New York were randomlychosen to receive tickets to the Marc Jacobs show.Learn more here.Source:
  61. 61. #6 PENNSYLVANIA TOURISMThe Pennsylvania Tourism Board has launched asummerlong campaign called “The FantasticRoadtrip-a-Matic.” A centerpiece of the effort is aprogram with Foursquare that has sprinkled 100 tipsat locations across the state. When Foursquare userscheck in at one of the locations, they will see thepieces of advice.The tourism board is also offering users three virtualbadges based on their activity. For instance,Foursquare users who visit three recommendedhistorical sites earn a “PA 4 Score and 7” badge. Theother two badges are the “PA Shooflyer” for visitingrestaurants and the “PA Retail Polka” for shopping.Learn more here.Source:
  62. 62. The India Story
  63. 63. Foursquare Grabs First BrandPartnership in India –Cafe Coffee Day On your third check-in at CCD (applicable only for Bangalore), you will get 15% discount. And if you are the Mayor, CCD will serve you a free coffee and a 20% discount on every 3rd check- in. Aside, Cafe Coffee Day is the first Indian brand on Foursquare to have their own Brand Page ( ). Given that CCD is probably the most visited ‘office space‘ by entrepreneurs (and Investors), expect a lot of tweeting in the coming days.
  64. 64. To get your brand Talking Contact Rajiv Dingra 9820 761 167 Nipun Kapur 9820 700 122 Building No:111-A, Currimjee Building, Office No-202, 2nd floor, Behind Mumbai University Bus Stop, Opp Standard Chartered Bank, M.G Road, Fort, Mumbai- 400023,
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