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Breathless case study by Eureka Forbes
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Breathless case study by Eureka Forbes


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  • 1.
  • 2. Contents• About EuroAir• Breathless• Impact Of The Game• Breathless Photo Contest• Impact of The Contest• Our Achievements
  • 3. About EuroAir• EuroAir comes from the house of Eureka Forbes.• It consist of air purification systems for your house and for your car• To reach out to a wider audience and create awareness about air purifiers, EuroAir decided to use Facebook as a medium.
  • 4. Our Idea!
  • 5. Breathless• How would you create awareness about air purifiers in a fun and engaging way?• “Breathless” is our answer to that question• Breathless game engages the player and also gives out the importance of air purifiers
  • 6. Breathless – The Game• The player has to rescue the girl in minimum amount of time from three different scenarios and make her go “Breathless”
  • 7. Stage #1• The player has to choose any girl he/she likes from Tanya, Nikita and Anisha
  • 8. Stage #2 Office• Using the mouse the player has to search for hidden objects at her office that will make her go breathless
  • 9. • Once the player clicks on the EuroAir Air Purifier she goes Breathless
  • 10. Stage #3 Your Car• The player has to explore for hidden objects in the car and make her breathless
  • 11. • Once the player clicks on the EuroAir Purifier she goes Breathless
  • 12. Stage #4 Your Crib• So once the player completes the 3rd stage he gets to show the girl his crib and make her Breathless
  • 13. • And again she goes breathless when the player clicks on the EuroAir Air Purifier
  • 14. Final stage – Score• If the player completes all three stages he gets a score. The minimum amount of time results in maximum score
  • 15. The Impact Of The game
  • 16. • We got 30,000 clicks on the game• 20,000 number of people played and completed all three stages• Total reach: 15 million
  • 17. Breathless Photo Contest
  • 18. About The Contest• Since we achieved more than what we imagined, we integrated the game with Facebook through a Photo Contest• The contest started in December 2011 and went on till January 2012• We had three rounds of the contest each lasted for a span of two weeks
  • 19. The Flow Play the Breathless gameThe winner Take a screengets an iPod shot of your Shuffle final score If your score Upload it on is the highest the contest you become tab the winner
  • 20. Some Insights
  • 21. The Impact Of The Contest• We got 227 entries for the contest• 12586 Number of votes
  • 22. Our Achievements
  • 23. • Increase in number of fans• Increase in interactions on the page• Over 30,000 people who played the game• We achieved to create brand awareness and awareness about Air Purifiers in a fun way• Also we tried to emphasize on the fact that it takes more than just good looks to woo a girl