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Artflute, Soulfully!
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Artflute, Soulfully!


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A Fun and Futuristic ride into the wonderful world of Art and Artists - …

A Fun and Futuristic ride into the wonderful world of Art and Artists -

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. All these artworks are waiting to be bought on! If you like any please feel free to stop this presentation! They are available on first come first serve basis only!
  • 2. have been around for… artists starving
  • 3. ...centuries!
  • 4. unsuspecting …as have been buyers!
  • 5. ArtFlute is a…
  • 6. Waiting for the world to change R Magesh social entrepreneurial venture - a grassroots effort to aggregate Indian Contemporary Art of young artists from across the country and to enable a platform to showcase and promote their Art.
  • 7. Time Udit Kulukshetra We have no Vision except… To make the selling and buying of real art from real artists an enjoyable and exhilarating experience, right at your fingertips – without the legwork.
  • 8. Fortunately… …we do have a mission!! It is, to make the journey to our Vision… … a fun ride Ravi Kumar
  • 9. Why do we want to do this?? Because… Only 5% of the artists get a chance to continue their work, galleries cartelize their pricing… … and don’t offer them a level playing field! Economic compulsions drives them to different vocations. Why?? R Magesh
  • 10. A buyer too faces challenges… While he has the money to buy, He shy’s away from typical galleries,. Due to lack of knowledge, and fear of inflated pricing. He is also limited to select, Only from the artists that the gallery promotes. Contemplation Yogini Ghatpande
  • 11. We are not promising you, that we will change the world !! But we promise ourselves… To take Art out of the hands of the elitists! My world Shefalee Jain
  • 12. so here is…
  • 13. small Our idea
  • 14.
  • 15. A fun and futuristic ride into the wonderful world of Art and Artists!
  • 16.
  • 17. Indian art has huge potential
  • 18. and …is being collected widely!
  • 19. And Currently…
  • 20. it’s practically free!
  • 21. Market - Size & Opportunity • “The Indian Art market is the 4th largest and the most positive art market in the world” - Fortune • “The Indian art market has grown from INR 30 Cr and is currently pegged at INR 1750 Cr over the last 7 years” - Christie’s Auction house, London • “The market size in China, is more than INR 7500 Cr” - NY Times • “15-20% of buyers at any Indian art auction today are international” - Sotheby’s • Over 80 percent of the investors invested in art for the first time • Average selling price at Western auction houses Indian Art - INR 50 Lakhs Chinese and Indonesian art - INR 2 Cr
  • 22. India Art - Performance as an investment Average appreciation in value of paintings by 50 artists over a period of 5 years Source: Economic Times
  • 23. The prices you see on Artflute..
  • 24. …are uploaded by artists themselves
  • 25. Value, Benefits & Secret Sauce • Complete pricing transparency for buyer and seller. • An opportunity for artists to monetize from prints for a lifetime. • An opportunity for artists to scale globally. • Automated self-standing, robust and scalable platform. • First of it’s kind Art market intelligence. • Intangible benefits for artists and buyers. • Domain experts in art and internet, working with a great team and the passion and gumption to succeed
  • 26. us Join on
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. wants We are to create… one team who
  • 33. …a movement to help artists become business people, without losing their Artist-ness.
  • 34. You’re still here??
  • 35. please go buy an artwork
  • 36. an artist!! save
  • 37. c h a n d i n i @ a r t f l u t e . c o m