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To scrumornottoscrum bucharest-2013
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To scrumornottoscrum bucharest-2013


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  •  Excerpt from a report byBloomberg:“An average of 260 million people tuned in to see Italy claim its fourth title after winning 5-3 in a penalty shootout. More than 600 million viewers watched some part of the Berlin match.”
  • Agile is Simple: few elements a superficial understanding is quick Leads to misunderstanding that agile is easy (to apply & use) It is Hard: Type of behavior that is hard to learn from book Disciplined
  • Transcript

    • 1. 2012 survey by 4000+ respondents
    • 2. 2012 survey by
    • 3. Primavera: Results • • • •
    • 4. Final: over 600 million viewers worldwide
    • 5. 3.4 billion pageviews in 1 month
    • 6. Year long project, 2-wk sprints 10
    • 7. Europe: 2008 Major Sports Event Schedule EuroParis-Dakar Tour de France January February March April May June Rugby 6 Nations Rolland Garros Wimbledon “Minor” Events: Football: Moto GP Boxing Olympic qualifiers Golf, Athletics, Cycling Horse Racing 11 28-Mar-13 World Cup qualifiers Basketball Hockey, etc
    • 8. Scrum Adoption at • 2004: One person experimented with scrum • 2005: VP of Product Development hired Senior Director of Agile Development • 2008: 3 coaches, each coaching approx. 10 scrum teams/year 200 scrum teams world wide, total approx. 1500+ employees • Results in 2008: Average Team Velocity increase estimated at +35% / year, in some cases 300% - 400% Development cost reduction of over USD 1 million / year ROI on transition and trainings about 100% in first year • Note: In first three years, 15-20% of people consistently DID NOT like ScrumSource: Gabrielle Benefield 12
    • 9. 3 MONTHS Scrum vs. Waterfall: Time ToFaster Time to Market  Market  Higher Quality  Satisfied Customer Scrum Collaborative Develop & QA Results-Oriented Spec 6-10 MONTHS 9 weeks Waterfall 3 months Spec Develop & QA Updates 12 weeks 3-6 wks x wks y wks 6-10 months Sequential Process-Oriented© Silvana Wasitova
    • 10.
    • 11. Why Scrum Works 1. Close collaboration with client / proxy => better solution, better buy-in 2. Transparency through daily reviews: => early visibility of issues => early resolution => risk reduction 3. LEAN ‘flow’: frequently delivering business value in small increments 4. Eliminate waste, focus on highest priorities 5. Inspect, adapt, improve: in each iteration
    • 12.
    • 13. Ziv’s Law: • Specifications will never be fully understood • The user will never be sure of what they wantHumphrey’s Law: until they see the system in production (if then) • An interactive system can never be fullyWegner’s Lemma: specified, nor can it ever be fully tested • Software evolves more rapidly as it approachesLangdon’s Lemma: chaotic regions (without spilling into chaos)
    • 14. Agile Philosophy
    • 15. The Agile Manifesto
    • 16. Waterfall, Agile and Scrum: Characteristics When is a project a “Scrum Project” and when is it not? Waterfall Agile : Iterative Development Scrum Specifications Upfront, Detailed Emergent Design • Daily “standup” status checks ≤ 15mins • Delivery rhythm in iterations (Sprints) • Demo & Retrospective at end of ea. Sprint Linear hand-offs: Cross-functional &  Continuous Improvement Teamwork Dev then QA collaborative: Dev & QA XP: eXtreme Change Formal process, Welcomed, Requests implemented at end prioritized vs. backlog Programming • Automated Tests • Pair Programming Customer / User At beginning and • Automated / Continuous Builds • TDD: Test-Driven Development Involvement at delivery Throughout cycle • Continuous Deployment RUP DSDM Scrum is the most popular Agile method: 74% of Agile practitioners (2009)28-Mar-13 24 24
    • 17. Scrum Framework
    • 18. Scrum Framework: Summary Product Owner Product Backlog Product Planning Team Sprint Backlog Sprint Planning Scrum Master Potentialy Shippable Daily Scrum Product Sprint Review Burn-down Chart Retrospective Cardinal Rule: Work on the highest priority item first
    • 19. Photo credit:
    • 20. 2012 survey by
    • 21. Criteria Scrum Candidate Waterfall What To Build or Iterate to clarify Both are known How to Build it direction / details Market or User Want Market/User input User/Market input Feedback and to improve usability not needed InvolvementTime to Market vs. Flexible about Scope Flexible about Time Feature Content Minimum Start: project over 30 days of duration
    • 22.
    • 23. Silvana Wasitova, PMP, CSM, CSP
    • 24.• “The New New Product Development Game” Takeuchi and Nonaka. Harvard Business Review, January 1986