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Hopefully this'll have the transitions in place!

Hopefully this'll have the transitions in place!



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AMBL AMBL Presentation Transcript

  • Brand Identity Developmentapna microfinance banklimited
  • Perfect Brand Image Gather Study Develop requirements competition identity breaking it down…
  • Gather Requirements • Microfinance facility • NMBL infrastructure • Rural / Urban• 60% / 40% division of resources for agro- and other purposes, respectively
  • Gathering Requirements Bank’s Philosophy: “Allah helps those who help themselves” Self-sufficiency “It is far better to help a poor person by teaching him how to catch fish instead of buying him fish to eat” Empowerment “Microfinance may not pose a significant impact on the overall poverty scenario, but it will certainly change life of the family who will benefit from it” One-step-at-a-time
  • Gathering RequirementsBank’s Vision:“Self Reliance Through SelfGeneration” Eradicate poverty by providing opportunity Sustainable lifestyles Timely and painless provision of funds with minimum requirements Non-exorbitant service charges / rates of return To become the “institution de choice” for micro financing Focus on service quality
  • Gathering RequirementsBank’s Mission: “Alleviating poverty by providing financial services and professional advices which have a lasting positive impact on our customers’ standard of living, their financial sustainability and growth in their income generation”
  • Gathering RequirementsBank’s Objectives: To provide sustainable flow of financial services to less privileged / poor, including economic empowerment of women and micro- entrepreneurs. To arrange capacity building of underserved masses by improving attitudes, skill, knowledge, social justice and ability to initiate and manage economically viable projects. To coordinate, arrange and supervise grants / funds from various persons or bodies of persons for socio-economic well being of privileged / poor. To provide loans, advances and other credit facilities for the development of agriculture and micro market sector including production, marketing and house-finance facilities. To mobilize savings by accepting deposits [demand, savings and time deposits].
  •  Developing brand identity for AMBL [Apna Micro-finance Bank Limited] including logo[s] for the entity The identity should reflect AMBL’s “essence” Easy to comprehend by the target market Quick brand recall
  • Study the competition• Other micro-finance organizations • NGO’s [local and foreign] • Established “mainstream” banks
  •  established in June 2008  vision to become Pakistan’s leading microfinance bank  serving all for a prosperous, equitable and poverty free Pakistan  offers a diversified range of financial products and services to low income wage earners as well as the self- employed  leverage and build on its associated company’s outreach and experience, as well as charter new paths asKashf Microfinance Bank a regulated, deposit taking entity, maintaining the group’s visionLimited (KMBL)
  •  set up by a group of highly experienced bankers  private commercial Microfinance bank licensed under the Microfinance Ordnance, 2001  one of the first nation-wide, private sector, non-NGO transformed, commercially sustainable microfinance institutions in Pakistan  Tameer provides low- income, salaried, self-employed and micro-entrepreneurs with financial products designed to help grow businesses and produce significant economic multiplier effects in local economiesTameer Microfinance  also provides home improvement products and term depositsBank (TMFB)
  •  established in August 2000 as part of the Government of Pakistan’s Poverty Reduction Strategy and its Microfinance Sector Development Programme (MSDP) that was developed with the assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB)  headquartered in Islamabad and operates under the supervision of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) with commercial banks as shareholders  Its mandate is to retail microfinanceKhushhali Bank services and act as a catalyst in stabilizing the country’s newly formed microfinance sector
  •  Inaugurated on May 21, 2006  jointly sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman and the Pak-Oman Investment Company  national-level microfinance bank has a paid-up capital of PKR 500 million  offers a range of microcredit and micro- savings products and servicesPak-Oman MicrofinanceBank (POMFB)
  •  was incorporated at Karachi as a public company limited by shares under the Companies Ordinance, 1984. It was inaugurated in 2005  has an authorized capital of PKR 250 million divided into 25 million ordinary  it has a paid-up capital of PKR 1 billion which has been fully subscribed by the directors and their associates and some corporate investorsRozgar MicrofinanceBank Ltd. (RMFB)
  •  roots reach Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP), which has been running a successful microfinance and integrated rural development programme in Pakistan’s northern areas since 1982.  was established as a non-listed public limited company in November 2001  was licensed as a microfinance institution in January 2002. Principal sponsors and shareholders include AKRSP, the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED), and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).  The Bank serves rural and urban population of Pakistan: outreach and sustainability.  The target market is vulnerable groups, especially women.  seven loan units in the northern areas and Chitral, 13 branch offices in the rest of the country, a head office in Islamabad, aThe First MicroFinance corporate office in Karachi, and has planned for another 30 branches over a five-year period to provideBank Ltd. (FMFB) lending, deposit, and remittance services.
  • S WO T
  • S Strengths W Weaknesses •Credibility of stakeholders •Immature local micro-finance industry •Catering to urban and rural clients •Brand-building from scratch •Micro-financing for agro- as well as small •Geographical factors industry/cottage industry •Easy to apply for with minimum documentation requirements •No heavy collateral •No punitive/exorbitant rates of interestO Opportunities T Threats •Strategic alliances, partnerships •Price inflation/deflation •Industry in growth stage; opportunities to •Strong competition grow through service •Competitors new products and innovation •Product development View your slides from anywhere! •Studying competitors’ mistakes/weak areas to consistently tweak own brand
  • Develop Identity Brand Image and Logos
  • Denotes growth Green is a fresh, clean scheme, easy on the eyes and memorable Curving typography and flows aid recall Does NOT limit or restrict the bank’sRationale image or target audience to a particular part of society Sets apart from competition Line of text in the logo and below graphic communicates the dignified yet approachable image of the bank, respectively
  • Orange shows passion and is memorableRationale
  • Friendly approach Green is a fresh, clean scheme, easy on the eyes and memorableRationale Sets apart from competition Logo appears clean and in-line with current, modern trends Line of text in the logo and with the graphic communicates the dignified yet approachable image of the bank, respectively
  • Friendly approach Orange shows passion and is memorable Sets apart from competitionRationale Logo appears clean and in-line with current, modern trends Line of text in the logo and with the graphic communicates the dignified yet approachable image of the bank, respectively
  • Corporate colors Asymmetrical grey dots in logo type create interest Sets apart from competitionRationale Logo appears clean and in-line with current, modern trends Line of text in the logo and with the graphic communicates the dignified yet approachable image of the bank, respectively
  • Thank youinput and suggestions