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Geography sba sample

  1. 1. Aim of StudyMany geographers such as Alfred Weber have done research to determine whatfactors influence the location of industries. The aim of this study is to discover if Nestlé,a food processing industry in Valsayn, Trinidad is ideally located and what factorsinfluenced to its location.
  2. 2. Data CollectionHow: Nestlé provided us with a tour guide who played a video about the history of thefactory for us. She was kind enough to answer questions that we asked and also helpedus filled out our questionnaire.When: November 29th, 2011.Where: Nestlé, Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Valsayn, Trinidad.
  3. 3. Presentation and Analysis of DataHISTORYNestlé, one of the world’s largest food and Beverage Company, with more than 6,000brands and 10,000 products, commenced operations in the Caribbean in 1914 with theestablishment of a Trading Agency in Trinidad.Products supplied were Sweetened Condensed Milk and Nestlé chocolates.Nestlé has 481 factories all over the world. Nestlé Trinidad is located at Valsayn onapproximately 25 acres of leasehold land. In 1962 they started as a manufacturingcompany producing milk products. Currently Nestlé’s factory in Trinidad is producing avariety of orchard fruit juices, ready to drink milk drinks and many milk products used forcooking.CAPITALNestlé Trinidad got its funds from shareholders who invested in a Swiss Company.GOVERNMENT INFLUENCENestlé is a non governmental organization. The government gives the farmers thatsupply Nestlé with their milk a subsidy of one dollar for every kg of milk produced
  4. 4. RAW MATERIALSRaw Materials Where it comes formMilk From local farmers throughout TrinidadSeaweed From Toco, TrinidadCardboard boxes CPI, Mount Hope TrinidadTetra pack From Brazil company,Sugar From Colombia and Dominican RepublicSkimmed Milk Powder From New ZealandApple Concentrate From PolandGrape and Orange Concentrate From BelizeSorrel From MediterraneanTable showing raw materials that is used by Nestlé and where it comes from. .COMMUNICATION AND TRANSPORTNestlé is bounded by the Uriah Butler Highway to the west and to the south by theChurchill Roosevelt Highway (refer to map 2 on page 2). These two highways alongwith the Eastern Main Road and the Southern Main Road facilitate excellent roadnetworks for transportation of raw materials from various parts of the country and alsotransportation of the manufactured products to supermarkets and wholesalers.
  5. 5. IMPORT AND EXPORTNestlé also has access to the nearby ports at Pt. Lisas for the importation of their rawmaterials.POWER SUPPLYNestlé has a direct feed of gas from NP’s gas line and a direct feed of electricity from Pt.Lisas and two generators in their factory. They also have two water wells or boreholesand a third in digging so they never run out of water which is supplied by WASA.POLLUTIONNestlé is also eco-friendly. Their manufacturing activities don’t harm the environment inanyway, due to their stringent environmental policy. They have a wastewater treatmentplant in which they clean their wastewater before it is disposed into the nearby St.Joseph River. Since there is no close surrounding settlement near the factory, there isno noise pollution taking place.
  6. 6. LABOURThe pie chart above shows that Nestlé workers live close to the factory. Due to recentexpansions, their access to the highway is becoming difficult. A problem faced withthese workers is that they have to walk a far distance for taxis and in some instances,when they have to cross the highway, they might arrive late for work.30%30%20%20%Pie chart showing areas whereNestlés workers live.WestSouthEast(Arima to SandeGrande)Eastwest Corridor(Arimato Mount Hope)80%20%Pie chart showing level of workersSkilledUnskilled
  7. 7. ConclusionNestlé’s products are in great demand in Trinidad, because of its centralized location; itis ideally located to accommodate its workers to and from work as well as thedistribution of its products throughout the country. The raw materials are also easilyaccessible from the port.Due to Nestlé’s stringent environmental policy, no harm is done to the environment.