Safety presentation isolation and tagging
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Safety presentation isolation and tagging



Toolbox talk for mining shift workers at African Underground Mining Services Ghana

Toolbox talk for mining shift workers at African Underground Mining Services Ghana



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    Safety presentation isolation and tagging Safety presentation isolation and tagging Presentation Transcript

    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGYou isolate to stop :• A motor from switching on (or off)• A substance such as liquid, gas or powder getting in or out• Two hazardous substances mixing 2
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGYou isolate to :• Allow maintenance or inspection• Take a piece of plant out of service for a certain time• Change a process• Make sure that even isolated plant cannot be started by mistake somewhere else• Stop the chance of human error or mechanical failure 3
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING Isolation of equipment will make sure:• That it will not start while you are working on it• All persons working on the machine are protected• Damage to the equipment is prevented. 4
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING Isolation points can be :• battery isolator switches• air or water system gate/shut off valves• electrical switches or any other physical means of ensuring personnel can not turn on the energy source. 5
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING A tag is put on an isolation point to warn other people not to change the state of the isolation point 6
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGAUMS uses four basic types of tags• Out of Service• Personal Danger• Commissioning and Testing• Information 7
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING ISOLATION AND TAGGING OUT OF SERVICEThese tags are used to preventdefective equipment being started,operated or used which may result ininjury to personnel or furtherequipment damage. 8
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING PERSONAL DANGERA Personal Danger tag provides protectionfor personnel working on equipment.No person shall de-isolate, operate anyswitch or valve whilst a personal dangertag is in place.The only person who can place or removethis tag is the person whose nameappears on the tag. 9
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING COMMISSIONING AND TESTINGThis tag gives an employee exclusivecontrol over the plant operation.It is used during commissioning,calibration, testing, inspection andmaintenance when equipment isrequired to be in operating mode. 10
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING ISOLATION AND TAGGINGINFORMATION TAGSThese tags are used to pass oninformation which may reduceinefficiencies, doubling up or constantreporting. 11
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGING Equipment must be isolated and tagged with an OUT OF SERVICE tag at each isolation point 12
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGSwitches and valvesmust be switched tothe isolated positionand tagged by anauthorised person 13
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGEach person workingon the equipmentmust have a PERSONALDANGER tag at eachisolation point 14
    • ISOLATION AND TAGGINGISOLATION AND TAGGINGBefore starting work, test the isolation. Discharge anyenergy that MIGHT be stored in the system.Each person must remove his or her own PersonalDanger Tag at the completion of the job or prior toleaving the work site.If the task is incomplete, the Out of Service tag remainson the isolation point.Always communicate isolation conditions with yoursupervisor and the supervisor of the next crew comingon shift. 15