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Year 10 options final slideshare
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Year 10 options final slideshare



Year 10 Options at OGHS 2010

Year 10 Options at OGHS 2010



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    Year 10 options final slideshare Year 10 options final slideshare Presentation Transcript

    • OGHS Option choices
      Year 10 in 2011
    • Year 10 Physical Education
      Cricket, Tennis, Netball, Soccer/Speedball, Rippa Rugby, Handball, Lacrosse, Games Invention, Disability Awareness, Weights
      Outdoor Education – camp
      Sexuality Issues – Level 1 NCEA achievement standard
      Insert picture of wheelchair basketball
    • Insert photo of Year 10 camp
      Physical Education is an opportunity to get out of the classroom and have some fun with friends in the gym.
      See a PE teacher for further information
    • Year 10 Maori
      Marae protocols
      Waiata and whakatauki
      Communicating about whanau, school and home
      Listening, speaking reading, writing
    • Year 10 Maori
      Little books
      Online portfolios
      ...see Ms Hunter
    • Elementary ESOL
      -Improve your English to help mainstream subjects.
      -Increase your mainstream subjects
      Welcome to New Zealand and life in a foreign country.
      My country and me.
      -ESOL unit standards (Level 1)
      -Speech New Zealand OCESOL (Oral Communication in English for Speakers of Other Languages)
      -City and Guilds International ESOL exam
      -ESOL exam (school)
      *** You will do work and assessments at your level. We understand that students of the same age can be at differing English levels. Hours of ESOL depend on your level of English.
    • Year 10 Art
      In year 10 Art you have the opportunity to explore new approaches to Art making.
      Topics covered include:
    • Art at this level will introduce you to new ways of looking at and responding to your visual world. You will be exposed to new ideas associated with Art making by studying artists from different cultures.
      Art is available as a full year and half year option at Y10. This then leads on to NCEA study in the senior school.
      See Mr Otley for further information
    • Year 10 French
      Topics we study:
      • 2 plays (Louis la Grenouille & Chat Angora)
      • Food & Drink
      • My Town
      • Sports & Hobbies
      • Paris
      • Time
      • Daily Routine
    • If you take French through to the end of Year 12 you will have the opportunity to go on an exchange to either France (6 weeks) or Tahiti (4 weeks)
      See Mrs Holmes for more info!
    • Yr 10 German
      In year 10 we speak lots of German and try to make this more automatic. There are internal writing and pair-speaking tasks which we do throughout the year. At the end of the year there is a listening and a reading exam to help you get ready for NCEA next year.
    • Which topics in Yr 10
      We focus on improving our speaking and we study these topics
      • Talking about yourself in more depth
      • (what else is more important than you?)
      School Life
      • (useful for going on exchange at the end of Yr 12)
      • Free-time
      • (Talking about what you like doing and why)
      • Life on holiday
      • (Talking about holidays and booking hotels, flights and going to restaurants)
    • Year 10 Japanese日本語
      We continue to explore the language and culture with a focus on speaking. We also learn the next script of katakana and continue with kanji.
      • My Japanese Class
      • My Dream School
      • Blind Date
      • My First Home
      • A day in my world
      • Party time
    • Heaps of opportunities to go to Japan!
      Japan Trip every three years
      Exchanges to our sister schools in Tokyo (6 months) & Hiroshima (8 weeks).
      Kunei year long exchange in Osaka
      See Miss Ware for further information
    • YEAR 10 LATIN
      Available to those who have studied Latin at Year 9. See Mr.Durrant for more info.
    • ¡Spanish Year 10!
      • Watch the TV series “mi vidaloca”
      • Write to your penpal in Spain
      • Taste testing
      • Give a TV weather report
      • Learn more songs
      • Listen to popular Spanish music
      • Play games
      School subjects
      Telling the time
      My house
      The town I live in
      What you like/don’t like
    • ¡Spanish!
      Continue Spanish to have the opportunity to travel to Argentina and Chile
      400 million people speak Spanish – join them!
      Learn about Spanish culture through dance, song, movies and drama.
    • Year 10 Dance
      What do you learn?
      • Explore movements based on a variety of stimulus
      • Develop movements in to short dance sequences
      • Perform a variety of genres/styles
      • Discuss what dance is and why we dance
      • View and discuss a variety of dance genres/styles
      • Create a poster on a chosen dance genre
      • Dance games
      Group performance
      Group choreography
      Duet choreography
    • Year 10 Dance
      Last but not least........
      You will perform in a group dance at the end of year dance concert
    • Year 10 Drama
      • Elements and techniques
      • Theatre form and conventions
      • Verse Drama
      • Devised drama
      Drama is a half year option that leads onto NCEA.
    • Drama is a good way to work with a variety of people, developing ideas and creating drama.
      See Ms Leckie for further information
    • Year 10 Music
      You will gain skills in playing, composing, and listening. These skills will be developed in and through a range of musical contexts. There are no pre-requisites for this course.
      You will develop skills and knowledge in:
      • Solo and group performances.
      • Structured compositions and improvisations.
      • Aural recognition of intervals, chords, and scales.
      • Transcription of rhythm, pitch and harmony.
      • Score reading and writing music.
      • Investigating the context of a range of musical styles and genres.
    • Year 10 Music
      Topics Covered:
      • Music Though the Ages
      • Music from Around the World
      • New Zealand Composers
      • Bach and the Baroque Era
      • Enz of an Era, Split Enz
      • Film Music
    • Year 10 Computer Technology
      Year 10 Computer Technology is divided into both half year and full year options.
      We explore a number of different ICT technologies as well as carry out technological projects in producing a variety of ICT outcomes.
    • The course will designed around the following topics
      • Developing design skills and using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher in the production of a customised CD and CD case.
      • Gamemaker, Scratch, Mindstorm Robots for developing basic programming skills
      • Creation of Kiosk PowerPoints
      So if you like problem solving, being creative, finding out how things work and overall being challenged then:
      See Mr Scott or Ms Gill for further information on this course for 2011
    • Year 10 Graphics
      Graphics is about learning to draw and communicate visually.
      The course is partly technical and partly creative.
    • If you like to draw and design new things there will be something for you in Graphics. See Mr Pickard for more information
    • Year 10 Food Technology
      Exploring new food recipes.
      Experimenting with new foods and flavours.
      Enquiring into the yesterday, the today and the tomorrow of foods.
    • Topics
      Burger Queens - Meat Cookery
      Cool Food – Dairy Cookery
      In Food Technology you learn practical skills and gain knowledge as you develop food products.
      Food Technology is a half year option that leads onto NCEA.
      See Mrs Cook for further information
    • Year 10 Hard Materials Technology
      Design and make objects from various materials.
      Past Projects have included...
      Chair Design
      Silver Ring
      Ipod Speaker
      Sarah at the Jewellers Bench
    • Georgia working on upholstery
      Lisa on her finished chair
      We try to use a broad range of materials and you get a lot of choice in what you make, traditional, modern or just plain weird.
      See Mr Pickard if you have questions or want more information
    • Year 10 Textile Design
      We do two Units in Year10 that prepare us for year 11.
      One is a screen printing unit that helps us find our own original designs.
    • Year 10 Textile Design
      • For the other unit you follow the make your own adapted a sweat or tee-shirt while following the technology design process.
      Please see Ms Gillies if you want further information