Lift9 Analysis Of Nordstrom Twilight Campaign


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Social Media Monitoring Analysis of Nordstrom Twilight campaign by

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  • Great work guys! I love seeing our data in actionable reports. It really showcases what is possible with our data and a team who knows what they are doing.
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  • Great report! I love the clear metrics and go'do's/action items
    Human touch scrub on SM2 reports removes the noise and helps the owner focus on clear goals. thanks for sharing, Warren
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Lift9 Analysis Of Nordstrom Twilight Campaign

  1. 1. Social Media report for: Prepared by:
  2. 2. Introduction  Social Media volumes  Which platforms  Synchronized with company activities  Social media strategies
  3. 3. Media Reviewed Blogs Twitter Forums Video Mainstream Social Wikis News Networks
  4. 4. Overview: Posts by Daily Volume • Date range: October, 2009 ALL Results Daily Volume • Total result: 2,285 • Spike day: October 1, 2009 • Most mentions on Twitter: --Nordstrom sweepstake with New Moon screening premiere • Main Topics: BP. Fashion line Twilight Fashion/ sweepstakes • Using Video/ Photo sharing occasionally
  5. 5. Overview: Demographics Most popular posts include tweets about Nordstrom Top 3 states: giving away free tickets to the New Moon movie premiere and New Moon fashion collection California – 183 New York – 133 Nordstrom Twilight Premiere Sweepstakes — New Moon Movie: Washington – 52 Nordstrom are hosting an online sweepstake for ticket
  6. 6. Overview: Share of Voice Twitter and Blogs: 56% of total conversations Effective channels marketing Twilight sweepstake and New Moon Fashion collection Suggestion: Utilize video and photo sharing to maximize impact of PR communication Microblog Blog Mainstream Forum Video/Photo Social Network Wiki
  7. 7. Keywords by Media Type
  8. 8. Twilight Event: Twilight Event Daily Volume Using Twitter as an effective PR channel to create buzz around the event  need to provide follow-up news and updates during the month to sustain the volume of conversations. All Twilight Results Vs. Tweets about Twilight • 437 Total mentions • Spike day: October 2nd , 2009 “Nordstrom gives Twilight fans FREE Advance Screening Tickets” news on Twitter caused a peek in conversation after announcement
  9. 9. Twilight Event: Twilight Event Sentiment Positive Negative Neutral 22% 4% 74% Microblog Mainstream Blog Forum Video/ Photo Social Network Wiki Neg: “i don't like how nordstrom has all this twilight-themed stuff. the line seems more appropriate for something like kohl's.” “@LittleMissM i hate the whole twilight thing nordstrom has going on right now in BP. i've avoided the store for this reason.” Pos: “I gotta admit, the bp line of Twilight apparel at Nordstrom is pretty awesome. The quality is excellent, but a bit pricey.” “New Twilight line at Nordstrom? I think yes! :D”
  10. 10. Twitter Twitter Daily Volume Overall Twitter Sentiment Positive Negative Neutral 36% 58% 6% *Daily spikes in conversations due to Twilight event news and announcements. *Need Influencer outreach to sustain volume of conversations.
  11. 11. Blog: Blog Daily Volume No official blog  Create official blog with updates on fashion news and latest collection. Top blog: Monthly Traffic: 311,000 people (estimated by Quantcast) Sites linking in: 764 (Alexa) Main topic: Customers talking about their shopping experiences at Nordstrom
  12. 12. Youtube
  13. 13. YouTube Low number of views and comments on each of the 118 videos  Attract more viewers on videos by introducing BP. fashion lines
  14. 14. Flickr • Few pictures found on flickr account  suggest adding more pictures of new BP fashion lines Macy’s : Need to keep up with competitors
  15. 15. Social Media Comparison: Twitter Nordstrom is using twitter effectively to respond and interact with customers  Good advantage over competitors Twitter Confusion…
  16. 16. Social Media Comparison: Facebook
  17. 17. Facebook Confusion…
  18. 18. Conclusions/ Next Steps  Nordstrom has taken a good first step towards social media.  Fashion is a highly engaging, consumer oriented category. Nordstrom should be at the forefront of this with more dynamic videos, images, blogs, tweets and Facebook pages.  Activities must be integrated across all channels and the website.  Utilize Twitter and Facebook consistently.  Let consumers share their purchases via social media right from the website.
  19. 19. Thank you For more information Seattle please contact: PO Box 4025 Seattle, WA 98104 John Song 206.240.7066