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A2 Media Studies Evaluation for OCR Specification G324

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SHD Evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationHarley Besser, Sophie Arthur, Daisy Ogunlana
  2. 2. 1. In what ways does your mediaproduct use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real mediaproducts?
  3. 3. The title ‘Sight&Sound’ is always placed in the left top The date is placed in the upper corner. This enables it to be right hand corner of the recognisable for the reader. We magazine cover, it is in small also chose the newer version of text; but still visible. the logo as we felt it suited our ‘look better and is more contemporary. We have kept a consistent look throughout ourWe have included an magazine cover by usinginterviews and private chats only black and red font, wewith ‘famous’ people and also used a variety of fontpeople within the film ‘Truth styles. In total we used three,Untold’ most of this this was to allow certaininformation is linked to the titles to stand out more thanimage on the cover. This is s others and for the morethat the audience stay important information tointerested with a slight attract more attention.insight into the film an alsoto raise more awareness of‘Truth Untold’. For our magazine cover we chose to use a medium close up shot in order to The layout of the magazine cover show detail of the background text we have kept very typical and tried which says ‘Bloody Mary’ this gives to too mess to much with its usual the audience a rough idea of what the appearance so that it is still film consists of. However, the image of recognisable. The colours have Sophie and Daisy is pushed in front been kept very simple so that its towards the right bottom corner so easy to read, the main image that they are the main attention. Yet stands out much more than its still allows the two main titles background and the image does ‘Sight&Sound’ and ‘Truth Untold’ to not cover the master head unlike stand out. Half of faces were shown in ‘Empire’. Conventions of Sight order to show that they are discrete and Sound with a main image to and even to connote that they are in the right and cover lines to the ‘hiding’ from ‘Bloody Mary’. left, consistent use of the S+S colour scheme and linking that through font colour of the narrative of the film.
  4. 4. This poster contains minimalinformation, this is becausewe wanted to create the None of characters in‘enigma’ effect’. The image the poster are smilingconsists only of the three or showing any emotionmain characters, Harley, what so ever, this is toSophie and Daisy. We did not create a tense effectwant to give away any more and so that thedetail, however we got rid of audience can not tellall the colour and used the whether they aretinted blue affected and friends, enemies etc. Noshadowed each corner; this iconography is shownwas so that the audience can either. In terms of propssee it is a thriller before even such as ‘thrillerseeing the teaser trailer. We weapons’ the mainwanted to portray a sense of weapon we wanted tomystery. Also to follow the convey was the senseconventions of a ‘teaser’ of the ‘unknown’ –poster compared to a something you cant‘theatrical release’ poster. see. Therefore connoting that the Every character is staring supernatural thriller into the camera, this is to genre’ which is hat we engage the audience to wanted. make them feel as if the characters are staring at None of the characters them; making them feel n faces are completely edge and more involved with shown either, this the poster. The colouring connotes that maybe used, the blues and the red their identity is slightly were used to create a hidden and secretive; ‘gloomy’ affect to suite the whether its towards thriller conventions. We each other, the have agreed that it brings audience or ‘Bloody across the feeling we wanted Mary’. to, mysterious with a sense of danger and suspect.
  5. 5. Truth Untold Teaser TrailerSimilarly to other teaser trailers, Truth Untold contains a few shots in which are important to the film. We used the peak technique in the middle of our conventional ‘3 part’ structure of a teaser trailer, where we began with slow shots explaining the film to then building speed of certain shots within the film that are slightly scarier and build more tension to then going back to slower shots. The main idea of a teaser trailer is to ‘tease’ it target audience and leave them waiting and wanting to see the film! I believe we have done this by creating a variety of fast, slow, challenging and sharp shots and putting them together to give a rough idea of the films aspects. Teaser trailers are usually very short in length and can last between 30-60 seconds, whereas a theatrical trailer are much longer. Our teaser trailer begins with Harley, Sophie and Daisy showing there strong friendship since they were kids to growing into teenagers, it then shows singular shots of them playing ‘The Game (Bloody Mary’). This is when the teaser trailer then hits its peak and fast, short cut shots are shown of the three friends being attacked or even coming into contact with ‘Bloody Mary’. This is when it begins to slow down again including singular shots of Harley, Sophie and Daisy distraught saying short sentences such as ‘She’s got her’, ‘Mary always wins’ and ‘Marys won’. We used a technique that we figured some teaser trailers use but not many, this is by using one long short and cutting it into up to four shots and mixing them with other shots in which we had cut as well. This was very useful when the teaser trailer was at its peak as it helped us have a larger variety of shots and create faster shorter cuts to create tension and fear. Our trailer lasts 1 minute and 5 seconds.
  6. 6. Themes/Narrative‘Truth Untold’ is a psychological thriller, this is shown in the teaser trailer as ‘Bloody Mary’ is described to be a game in which no one dares to play. However, the three characters, Harley, Sophie and Daisy do and suffer the consequences; but through no part of the teaser trailer is ‘Bloody Mary’ actually shown or seen by either the audience or the characters within ‘Truth Untold’. This teaser trailer contains a strong element of the unknown, this creates tension and keeps the audience continuously wanting to watch more and find out more. Within our teaser trailer unlike most, we only included three characters and they are all important and the main attention. We didn’t include more characters as we want them to stand out and be the main aspect of the teaser trailer. This also allows the audience to build a rough opinion of each character for themselves and get to know them individually before watching the film. The film in which we would compare our teaser trailer to would be ‘What lies Beneath’ this is a the trailer we felt compared most to ours, it has a very strong sense of mystery and also doesn’t show any real props such as weapons which leaves it again to the unknown.
  7. 7. Representation of CharacterThere are only three characters within the entire trailer and each of them are just as important as each other. They are all girls which are best friends, this is not typical of a thriller in the sense that there is no male character involved to ‘save’ or ‘protect’ the three girls, or even one female which takes control. They are all young girls who are stuck in a dangerous situation in which none of them can escape. Harley, Sophie and Daisy are all vulnerable, innocent and helpless, Do they even stand a chance against the legendary Bloody Mary? We have represented the characters as being vulnerable and helpless by presenting them in long shots with just them in the frame and also close up shots of there expression of fear to show that they are alone. None of the three girls are also shown together when they are older which shows that they are facing this situation alone but it is all three of them. The fact that the girls are older when ‘Bloody Mary’ occurs shows that they have all grown up and gone there separate ways. At the very end of the trailer we used smudged makeup for Harley and Sophie in order to show that they have been through a rough time, however, daisy has tears running down her face showing she isa much weaker character and is suffering a lot more.
  8. 8. IconographyThere are iconographic elements within this teaser trailer. There are mirrors, shadows, reflections, candles, flashing lights etc. All of these together have helped us to create a typical thriller teaser trailer. We watched a variety of teaser trailers including: Paranormal activity 3, The host, Don’t be afraid of the dark and many more.. All of these helped us put together obvious iconography for a thriller teaser trailer, this them made it easier for us as a group to decide and pick what ones suite and work best with our teaser trailer ‘Truth Untold’. We didn’t include props such as guns, knives etc as we didn’t want to mistake it for an action thriller; we wanted to keep it clear and simple that is was a psychological thriller. Therefore, lots of the iconography is within the characters themselves and their ‘look’ facial expressions in the trailer.
  9. 9. Audio/Visual StyleWe created a tense effect by using a simple mid shot of the three main characters hugging as young kids and them a long shot of them playing on a round about in there local park, this is a happy atmosphere however we added a sound called ‘House invasion’ which is very calm and gives a ‘gloomy’ effect. The mixture between a happy atmosphere and scary sound creates tension as the audience knows it isn’t going to stay happy for long; in which it doesn’t. The lighting is often dark in thrillers and we stuck to this for the middle and end of our teaser trailer as this is when ‘Bloody Mary’ really kicks in. Low key lighting allows the audience to feel nervous and on edge and curious as to why the lighting is dim. Close ups are very common in thrillers, however we used our close ups in a fast pace when our teaser trailer hit its peak as it creates more tension. We also used close up shots at the end of the trailer to show facial emotions and to allow the audience to relate to the character and almost feel sorry for them. We also used long shots throughout the middle of the teaser trailer to show the space around each individual character, this creates tension as the audience is almost waiting for something to quickly fill that space. We used a lot of fast pace, short cuts in order to show the audience there is a lot of action within the film and also slow pace shots to linger on a particular shot and show the seriousness of the film, ‘Truth Untold’.
  10. 10. 2. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and ancillarytexts?
  11. 11.  We created 3 different media texts which overall looked well together. We think that our magazine cover stands out the most in terms of the style as it works well with the sight and sound magazine and fits the house style in which it uses. All three of our products have the same elements such as the theme, the colours all stick to one house style of red, black, blue and white. We chose these colours as red connotes danger and the black and white colours are basic but also connotations of death and of freedom, (white) and blue – coldness/fear, which allows the red to stand out. Our magazine cover and poster both have the same image of two of the characters which gives it a consistent look. The only difference is the poster has another picture in the background and they have different effects. Plus it allows the products to link but the poster helps to create a focus on the ‘main’ character as she dominates the background. The consistent look with the texts and colours throughout all three of our media products links them together. It shows you the main characters in the print work and the colours give the audience a clue about it being thriller.
  12. 12.  Our poster has an image of one girl in the background faded and two girls in front with extra brightness on them. This represents the girl in the background as being the hidden one with a slight mystery to her. It doesn’t show too much and doesn’t give the storyline away. Just like the poster, the magazine doesn’t give away much. It has one image of two girls that look possessed or maybe distressed. The font is red and black which hints the film is a thriller. It has that ‘Independent’ film look to it that relates to Sight and Sound. The look we tried to achieve is not that of a big blockbuster film more likely to be on an empire cover. The teaser trailer obviously gives abit more away of the film than the poster and magazine. It still gives you very little information about the narrative of the film but gives enough to lure the viewer in and make them want to watch it.
  13. 13.  We ended the thriller on one of the characters putting their hand over the camera, this gives off a lot of suspense and leaves the audience thinking and guessing. The text on the captions are red on a black background. This automatically connotes danger. We chose the font style that we used as we thought it looked like it belonged to the thriller genre. however, then with an element of ‘class’ attached to it. The Seri fonts used for our Truth Untold title connote this.
  14. 14. This shows the consistency between the poster and the magazine cover. They both have the same image of the two girls on the right hand side but just with different effects. The title of the film is in the same font and the same redThe other text on both of our colour on both themedia products is the same on poster andboth. The only difference is that magazine.ones white and ones black.These are easily identified withour teaser trailer as we havekept a similar house style. Thereis a strong link between them alland the emphasis on thecharacters help this.
  15. 15. These are our captions we haveused throughout our trailer. Just likeout other media products, we haveused red and white text and wechose a black background as itmakes it consistent. The font style isthe same for every caption.Therefore, consistent but yet againconnoting that sense of being a littlemore ‘classy’ and belonging to the‘supernatural thriller’ genre asopposed to the cliché’ horror.
  16. 16. This is out title page which is shown at the end of the trailer. The title is the samecolour and the same font style as we used on our magazine cover and poster. Thisgives a consistent look and makes it look professional.The writing at the bottom is white which is the same as we have on our poster. Thisalso adds to the same consistent look. We only said ‘Coming Soon’ so that it is moreof a tease and that coming soon could be any time, gives a stronger sense of a‘tease’ leaving the audience suspicious. This is also good for creating an enigma andhopefully creates a stronger interest.
  17. 17. Feed Back On Our Teaser TrailerStudent A: “ I liked the effects especially when the girl is beingdragged up the stairs by a spirit, this shot makes we want to andwatch the film and lastly I also enjoyed the fast paced editing itbrings the message across of how quick the situation had takenplace. Student B: “didn’t like the shot where the girl was being dragged up the stairs, because it came across felt that the shot came across as being unrealistic. Overall I give it 4 out of 5.Student C: “ I like the plot of the trailer, I also enjoyed watching the3 friends establish their friendship simply because it something thatwe call can relate to, I also liked the how the sound fits well withthe situation”
  18. 18. Feed Back On Our Magazine Cover “I felt that the background image of the film magazines met the forms and conventions of a sight and sound magazine” “The Font of the title is different to other thriller fonts, this makes this magazine different and unique” “I Like the contrasting colours of the two girls it, the girl behind seems to be in the dark it gives me the impression that she may be hiding something whereas the girl in front shows half of her face this give me the impression she is hiding something as well”
  19. 19. Feed Back On Our Teaser Poster “I like the fact that the two girls are bigger than the girl in the middle it gives me the impression that they have more power over the girl in the middle” “I don’t like the image colour of the poster, or the font that is used within the poster, it doesn’t not come across or tick the boxes as a thriller genre “I like how the images where shot it establishes the title “Truth Untold”, the fact that we only see half of the two girls faces allows us to imagine that they are hiding something and we then see the full face of the other girl she this allows me to think”
  20. 20. Feed Back FromThe Media Department
  21. 21. 3. What have you learned from youraudience feedback?
  22. 22. What Have You Learned From YourAudience Feedback ?In order for us get an suitable feedback from our target audience which were 15 -35 year olds, we believed that our film would suit the female targeted audience due to the plot of the film having the idea of 3 friends playing a game which leads to shots of torture and violence.On the other hand we wanted it to be equal view from all the members from the audience so weasked both males and females to watch our trailer. We looked at the comments as a group thatwe had received from the audience feedback and we had gathered that the male were drawn into the effects and the fast pace editing within the trailer, however, the females within theaudience dislike the fact that the girl was being dragged up the stairs one even said that shotcame across unrealistic.It could also have a large potential audience of men due to the main characters being threeyoung females!
  23. 23. 4. How did you use mediatechnologies in the construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstages?
  24. 24. The way in which the media technology helped us research into thriller trailers, posters andmagazine covers was mainly through the help of the internet. We typed in keywords such as‘thriller film magazines’ or ‘thriller conventions’ and even ‘psycho thriller film posters’, ‘teasertrailers’, ‘thriller teaser trailers’. Google was probably our biggest help as it generated manydifferent varietys of examples and information; this helped us to come up with our own ideasand even use ideas in which we found and turn them into our own.YouTube also showed us that there is a range of different genres within thriller that we couldchoose from to produce our own practical work. The thriller genre that we looked at the mostwas psychological thriller; we put a lot of attention onto Paranormal Activity 3 , this teaser traileralso helped us with our visual elements and iconography. We also looked at a variety of Filmmagazines and posters on the internet and also old ones in which our teacher had collected. Forexample, Empire and Sight & Sound.
  25. 25. We didn’t come across any major problems when researching film posters, magazines, teasertrailers or even theatrical trailers. It was quite easy as the internet provides more than enoughinformation. However, one minor issue we had was when we was searching on YouTube forexamples of teaser trailers as most of the trailers on YouTube were the full length theatricaltrailers. We did manage to find some and we then just focused on the ones we thoughtconnected to our idea in which we wanted to produce ourselves. The site www.comingsoon.netis a site in which was very useful and everything we needed to analyse was in place. YouTube,was also very useful, this is where we found ‘What lies beneath’ and then linked it to TruthUntold and made similarities but made them our own, such as the effects used to conveymystery as I have already spoke about on previous slides. The schools blog - archive was veryuseful and helped us to realise what exactly we want from our trailer, magazine cover andteaser poster. We used this to look at old previous work, from here we was able to see otherpeoples mistakes and also other peoples benefits and what worked and what didn’t; I think thismajorly helped our teaser trailer, magazine cover and teaser poster successful. Our schoolintranet was also useful when I t came to research, all of these factors together were a hugesource of research and helped us.
  26. 26. For the film magazine and poster we had to use the same techniques by researching them onthe internet. However, with the film magazine and poster we printed examples off and thenannotated them to make ourselves familiar with what worked and what aspects were mostimportant. We also learnt the specific names and where they were place so that we knewexactly what was needed to be done before producing our own; to avoid confusion. Forexample, the Masthead, banners, pugs, images, cover lines and more. When it came to finding the music for a teaser trailer, we researched as many as we could in the end we narrowed it down to five that we liked as a group; this isbecause we couldn’t all agree on just one. We then out them onto our trailer and found that‘House Invasion’ suited it best. Blogger was very useful as it helped to keep our work in placeand on track, this is much easier than having to keep continuously carrying sheets of paperround. It also contains the dates and times in which certain material was posted which enabledus to keep up to date with our work and improve it. It also allowed us to look at other peoplesblogs and share ideas. YouTube was also useful as people across the internet can watch ourteaser trailer and post comments, we can also see how many views our teaser trailer is gettingand we know that YouTube is a trustworthy site.
  27. 27. When we was making our trailer, we used Adobe Premier 6.5 to help us create and edit ourtrailer. We didn’t not come across any difficulties seen as we have used this software to createour previous trailer “no second chances." The process of this trailer was slightly different,simply because we had to muddle our story line to prevent it coming up one event after theother this also prevents giving too much of the story away, this was one of the things thatcreate a slight problem for us. Added to this during the editing we came realised that some of our shots where long so wehad to use the cut tool to shorten the shot, we then used a range of effects such as fade insand fade outs which would allow the all shots we want to flow and fall into place correctly,there was a particular shot that we didn’t like towards the end we then used a reverse shotwhen daisy falls down the stairs. However, by making the footage go backwards it makes it appear as though somethingmaybe ‘Bloody Mary’ is dragging her up the stairs but you can not see her. This is shockingand creates more tension. Added to this we has to ensure that we had the correct sound that matched our trailer/ storyline, we had a few problems at first with the sound going pas the peak of the trailer but it wasall resolved after a few cuts.
  28. 28.  To construct our poster and magazine cover we used two various media technologys , Photoshop CS3 and Picnik. The two programmes allowed us to use various tools to edit and create our poster and our magazine cover Certain editing techniques worked better when using Photoshop because we felt it allowed us to have more control over alterations. Both images were edited in Photoshop because we had more options when making the image ‘black and white’ , such as we could change the colour pigments in the image by the using the slider. Also because we wanted to create a mysterious image and wanted to really highlight his face because this is significant throughout the campaign we made the image high contrast and found that we could get a much higher contrast while using Photoshop instead of Paint shop Pro. On the other hand Paint shop Pro allowed us to put the structure together easier and when adding elements such as adding text, pugs and the magazine title. This was a problem that occurred because we first of all decided to use Photoshop to create the layout of the magazine and poster, therefore Paint shop Pro was a lot more straight forward . We were also more familiar with Paint Shop Pro from our AS coursework so this made it slightly easier when making the posters and magazine.
  29. 29. To construct our poster and magazine cover we used two various media technologys which are , Photoshop CS3 and Picnik.Magazine Picnik: was an online website where we could edit our photo we brightened Sophies face we also added few features such as “touch up “ feature where you can add mascara, lip colour and also apply the red eye effect As for our poster we tinted the image blue and used a fade to make it look more realistic. We were able to go through a number of fonts on picnik we was able to make it bigger, rotate it, change the font size and colour Photo Shop CS3: On photo shop we were able to cut out the unwanted areas of the image we didn’t want and then layer our photo on to the background image we were able to cut the logo out of the original image using the magic wand tool and from there we pasted the logo on to our own. As for the magazine cover, we layered Harleys single picture on to the cut and cropped image of our magazine cover.
  30. 30. Image of Harleysfirst picture that weedited on picnik byusing the blue tintready to be layeredon