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The History of Coffee by Warren Roy Gordon
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The History of Coffee by Warren Roy Gordon


Published on

Thank You for opting to Read this Article and just for doing so, I'll be giving you US$5 for Free because I think you are cool --> [] …

Thank You for opting to Read this Article and just for doing so, I'll be giving you US$5 for Free because I think you are cool --> []

Hi, my name is Warren Roy Gordon – Social Entrepreneur and Marketer. As a Social Entrepreneur I often find myself helping people to become the best that they can be discussed in this article we will be discussing THE HISTORY OF COFFEE.

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  • 1. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREThe History of Coffee 1 Page Thank You for opting to Read this Article and just for doing so, Ill be giving you US$5 for Free because I think you are cool.KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Hi, my name is Warren Roy Gordon – Social Entrepreneur and Marketer.As a Social Entrepreneur I often find myself helping people to become the best that they can be  Inthis article we will be discussing THE HISTORY OF COFFEE.COOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 2. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERECoffee - THE drink of Choice occasion like rituals and even for health.Did you know coffee is the mostconsumed beverage in the world. Howdid coffee get this ranking? What Coffee began to get more attentioncountry first figured out coffee was when the Arabs began cultivating it insafe for consumption? When was the their peninsulas around eleven hundredfirst drink of coffee prepared? Where AD. It is speculated that trade shipsdid the first coffee shop come in being? brought the coffee their way. TheThere are many questions about the Arabs 2starting point of drinking coffee. It has started making a drink that became Pagebeen so long ago no one really knows quite popular called gahwa--- meaningall the facts. But, one thing is for sure, to prevent sleep. Roasting and boilingcoffee is the most consumed beverage the bean was how they made this drink.on the planet. It became so popular among the Arabs that they made it their signature Arabian wine and it was used a lotThe Beginning of Coffee during rituals.It looks as if the first trace came out ofAbyssinia and was also sporadically in After the coffee bean was found to bethe vicinity of the Red Sea around a great wine and a medicine, someoneseven hundred AD. Along with these discovered in Arabia that you couldpeople, other Africans of the same also make a different dark, deliciousperiod also have a history of using the drink out of the beans, this happenedcoffee berry pulp for more than one somewhere around twelve hundredCOOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 3. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREAD. After that it didnt take long and opens in Constantinople called Kiveveryone in Arabia was drinking Han two years after coffee wascoffee. Everywhere these people introduced to Turkey, in 1554 twotraveled the coffee went with them. It coffee houses open there. Peoplemade its way around to India, North came pouring in to socialize, listen toAfrica, the eastern Mediterranean, music, play games and of course drinkand was then cultivated to a great coffee. Some often called these placesextent in Yemen around fourteen in Turkey the "school of the wise",hundred AD. because you could learn so much by just visiting the coffee house and listening to conversations. 3Other countries would have gladly In the sixteen hundreds coffee enters Pagewelcomed these beans if only the Europe through the port of Venice.Arabs had let them. The Arabs killed The Turkish warriors also brought thethe seed-germ making sure no one else drink to Balkans, Spain, and Northcould grow the coffee if taken Africa. Not too much later the firstelsewhere. Heavily guarding their coffee house opens in Italy.plants, Yemen is where the main sourceof coffee stayed for several hundredyears. Even with their efforts, the There were plenty of people alsobeans were eventually smuggled out by trying to ban coffee. Such as Khairpilgrims and travelers. Beg a governor of Mecca who was executed and Grand Vizir of the Ottoman Empire who successfullyCoffee Shops Appear closed down many coffee houses in Turkey. Thankfully not everyoneAround 1475 the first coffee shop thought this way.COOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 4. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE The Americas Have CoffeeCoffee Tips Arrive Coffee plants were introduced in the Americas for development. By closeIn the early sixteen hundreds coffee is to the end of the seventeen hundreds,presented to the New World by man 1,920 million plants are grown on thenamed John Smith. Later in that island.century, the first coffee house opens inEngland. Coffee houses or "pennyuniversities" charged a penny for Evidently the eighteen hundreds were 4admission and for a cup of coffee. The spent trying to find better methods to Pageword "TIPS" (for service) has its make coffee. The Coffee "Brew" inorigin from an English coffee house. the 20th Century New methods to help brewing coffee start popping up everywhere. The firstEarly in the 17th century, Edward commercial espresso machine isLloyds coffee house opens in developed in Italy. Melitta BentzEngland. The Dutch became the first makes a filter using blotting paper. commercially transport coffee. The Ernest Lily manufactures the firstfirst Parisian café opens in automatic espresso machine. The1713 and King Louis XIV is Nestle Company invents Nescafepresented with a lovely coffee tree. instant coffee. Achilles GaggiaSugar is first used as an addition to perfects the espresso in his court. Hills Bros. begins packing roasted coffee in vacuum tins eventually ending local roasting shops and coffee mills. ACOOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 5. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREJapanese-American chemist named solution to their coffee surpluses soSatori Kato from Chicago invents the the Nestle Company comes up withfirst soluble "instant" coffee. freeze-dried coffee. Nestle also made Nescafe and introduced it to Switzerland.German coffee importer LudwigRoselius turns some ruined coffeebeans over to researchers, who Other Interesting Coffeeperfected the process of removing Tidbitscaffeine from the beans withoutdestroying the flavor. He sells it under Today the US imports 70 percent of 5the name Sanka. Sanka is introduced Page the worlds coffee the United States in 1923. During W.W.II, American soldiers were issued instant Maxwell House coffee in their ration kits.George Constant Washington anEnglish chemist living in Guatemala, isinterested in a powdery condensation In Italy, Achilles Gaggia perfects hisforming on the spout of his silver coffee espresso machine. The nameflask. After checking into it, he creates Cappuccino comes from thethe first mass-produced instant coffee resemblance of its color to the robes ofwhich is his brand name called Red E the monks of the Capuchin order.Coffee.Prohibition goes into effect in UnitedStates. Coffee sales suddenly One week before Woodstock, theincrease. Manson family murders coffee heiressBrazil asked Nestle to help find a Abigail Folger as she visits with herCOOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 6. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREfriend Sharon Tate in the home of different styles, grinds, and flavors offilmmaker Roman Polanski. coffee. We have really come a long way even with our coffee making machines. Theres no sign of coffee consumption decreasing. Researchers are evenHealthy Coffee Hits the finding many health benefits toCoffee World drinking coffee. Drink and enjoy! I am lover of coffee! So I definitelyOrgan Gold, the world’s leading 100% understand the need for a great cuporganic (healthy) coffee distributor, of coffee, especially first thing the 6entered the market in 2008. This morning in the morning. Wouldn’t be Pagecreated a revolution within the coffee exciting to know that your morning cupindustry because of the sharp increase of coffee is just 2-3 minutes away?of coffee drinkers that clamoured Just boil some water, pour it in a cuphealthy-gourmet-coffee. and in a flash and you’ll be enjoying 100% organic (healthy) gourmetOrgano Gold is becoming a household coffee. Give it try…. Treat yourselfname for it’s healthy & delectable to some coffee today because youcoffee falvours; mocha, black, latte, deserve each delectable drop .supreme, Jamaica Blue Mountain and Its Simple...Its Easy...Its Coffeeit’s reknown Kng of Coffee. Millions Delivered Right to Your Door...of cups are being sold each year. “GUARANTEED” order now visit~http://coffeecuppers2.organogThe Current Coffee Trends toNow in the 21st century we have many get it.COOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 7. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREAFFIRMATIONWe cant all be Captains, weve You are an extraordinarygot to crew, theres something person. The world is waitingfor all of us here. for you to conquer it.Theres big work to do and Love + Success,theres lesser to do. The task we Warrenmust do is near. 7 PageIf you cant be a highway, henjust be a trail.If you cant be the sun, be a star;it isnt by size that you win or you fail.BE THE BEST AT WHATEVER YOU ARE!The above poem was given to me by my high school EnglishLanguage teacher – Mrs. Kerr-Allayne. The words of the poem areposted on the wall of my home office. Each morning, before I startmy day, I ensure that I reflect on the message of the poem: BE THEBEST AT WHATEVER YOU ARE!COOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE
  • 8. CLICK HERE [] CLICK HEREJoin my Facebook Page: your FREE marketing/motivational/educational tools & tips.If you need additional information/help connect with me:Youtube: ID (Free Calls): warrenroygordonPhone: 1-876-318-5568 8 Page THANK YOU, HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ^_^ Warren Roy GordonCOOL PEOPLE CLICK AND CONNECT ON CLICK HERE [] CLICK HERE