BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions


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We prepared this brochure for an Israeli company attending an international exhibition. They needed to impress potential distributors with their product range.

The project included branding the company, photography, video, print and preparing the exhibition booth.

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BGI Intelligent Barrier Solutions

  1. 1. · BGI is a leading provider of gate, barrier and perimeter protection solutions.Specializing in anti-ramming bollards and gates, and advanced access control, BGI protects facility perimeters worldwide. · SECURITY · RELIABILITY · EFFICIENCY · SAFETY
  2. 2. ANTI -TERRORsolutions Engineered to meet the most exacting international standards for anti- ramming products, BGIs bollards and gates are able to withstand impacts and provide a safe and secure barrier for your facility entrances and exits. Our innovative cable barriers are industry leaders in mobile or fixed solutions and our pneumatically operated anti-ramming bollards have been designed to provide maximum performance and reliability. Protecting sensitive military and government facilities and commercial compounds around the world, BGI intelligent barriers will meet all your protection needs and our team of physical security consultants will work with you to ensure the optimum solution to your security challenges. TRAFFIC CONTROL The demands of high volume traffic at border crossings, stations, airports and key urban locations require a fast and efficient barrier solution. BGI designed its pneumatically operated light arm barriers, hollow spike systems and bollards to meet this need. BGI products are deployed at some locations that demand in excess of 5,000 opening/closing cycles per day. The pneumatic operation of these high-speed systems provides trouble- free operation around the clock and the simple and reliable infrastructure results in very low maintenance requirements. PARKING BGI arm barriers, spikes and bollards are combined to provide optimum solutions to many different parking challenges. When combined with advanced access control, BGI barrier solutions provide a perfect balance of protection, monitoring and control. Designed to resist vandals and provide high reliability for unattended locations, the BGI pneumatic or electrically operated barriers are deployed extensively at public and private card parks and compound entrances. License plate recognition, cellular phone activation, biometric checks or simple remote controls are all used to provide levels of security to meet our clients needs. 5
  4. 4. PNEumATIC OPERATION RAPId CyCLE TImE Pneumatic arm barriers and spikes can be raised and lowered in an exceptionally short time of as little as 1.5 seconds. This significantly improves traffic control where peak flows at theProducts beginning and end of work days must be considered. AdjusTABLE sPEEd By regulating the air pressure, not only can the speed of the barriers be finely adjusted, but different speeds can be set for opening and closing. RELIABLE Pneumatic barriers contain very few moving parts since they are operated by a piston powered by a remote compressor. There are no motors or gears to maintain or jam. FAsT ∙ RELIABLE ∙ sILENT ∙ EFFICIENT LOW mAINTENANCE BGI is a pioneer in the innovative use of air pressure to power its The piston is rated to 10 million operations before the gaskets products. Particularly suited to high volume traffic flows or multiple need replacing. This results in a very low MTBF. barrier installations, pneumatic power has been selected for large compound entrances, border crossings and smaller installations sImPLE INFRAsTRuCTuRE where gates and bollards or spikes must be synchronized. An air compressor can be sited at a location distant from the barriers and a single air source can be used to power multiple ∙ High operating speeds sets of barriers or gates. The compressors and air tank are sized ∙ Reliable for each project creating a most efficient infrastructure. ∙ Low maintenance ∙ Continued operation after power failure EAsE OF syNChRONIzATION ∙ Simplicity With both the bollards and barrier arm operated by compressed ∙ Ease of synchronization air from the same power (air) source, it is possible to perfectly synchronize the opening of the gate with the lowering of the bollards or spikes. Achieving this same level of synchronization with motors or hydraulics is challenging and is likely to be difficult to maintain over time without regular adjustment and extra expense. vANdAL- PROOF Vandalism and sabotage are much more difficult with the pneumatic arm due to the simplicity of the mechanism. There are no gears to jam or motors to burn out. BACK- uP ON POWER LOss In the event of loss of power to an electronic barrier, it becomes inoperable. In the case of pneumatic barriers, since the compressor feeds a cylinder which acts as a reservoir and does not feed the arm/bollards directly, there is always a volume of compressed air available as a back up. In the event of a power failure, a pneumatic arm can typically continue to operate for between 5 and 10 cycles. 9
  5. 5. B -sERIEs BOLLARds Suitable for both high-security and traffic control, BGIs B-series bollards have sPECIFICATIONs been proven to be durable, reliable and a perfect solution for heavy duty applications. B3100 B3200 B3150 B3250 B4000 The wide range of bollards offered by BGI provides a cost-effective solution Bollard Type Automatic Automatic Automatic Automatic Semi-automatic for every site. The automatic, semi-automatic and fixed versions are all engineered to meet international anti-ramming standards. Height 1000 mm 700 mm 1000 mm 700 mm 600 mm Diameter 270 mm 220 mm 270 mm 220 mm 220 mm FuLLy AuTOmATIC BOLLARds Maximum Speed 4 secs. 2 secs. 5 secs. 4 secs. N/A Operated either pneumatically or hydraulically, the B3000 series offers the highest standard of anti-ramming and security protection. Taking as little as Mechanism Pneumatic Hydraulic Manual Assisted 2 seconds to reach the fully raised position, these bollards can be used in the most demanding locations where high-volume traffic flows must be managed. Power Supply 5 – 6 ATM air pressure 110 – 240V AC N/A 110 – 240V AC (Compressor) The B3000 bollards are often combined with light arm barriers to provide maximum deterrence and safety. With a hard-wearing stainless steel finish, Options Remote tank capacity indicatorthe bollards are engineered to meet the DOS and PAS standards for anti-ramming and are usedextensively to protect sensitive government and military locations as well as civilian compounds. FIxEd BOLLARdsWhen powered by BGIs innovative pneumatic system, the bollards can be operated at veryhigh speeds and when combined with a light arm, the air pressure can be used to simply With a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials, BGIs decorative fixed bollards are a cost-effective and efficient way of marking andand accurately synchronize with other elements in the system. The use of air pressure also protecting a perimeter or traffic line.significantly reduces the wear and tear on the components and provides years of maintenancefree use.With a patent-pending mechanism for releasing the internal piston, the bollards can bemaintained without disassembly and if necessary, the entire unit can be removed without theneed for digging out the foundations.sEmI -AuTOmATIC BOLLARds B5010 B5020 B5030Designed with simplicity of operation in mind, the B4000 bollards contain agas-filled piston which automatically raises the bollard and locks it intoposition when the key is inserted.To lower the bollard, the key is inserted to release the lock andthen steady pressure is applied to the top. When the bollard isfully lowered, it automatically locks in position.Keys for the B4000 series are cut in such a way as to thwartattempts at forcing the bollards closed. The piston isengineered to the highest standards and can easily beremoved for maintenance. B5040 | B5045 B5050 B5060 sPECIFICATIONs B5010 B5020 B5030 B5040 B5045 B5050 B5060 Bollard Type Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed Flexible Fixed Interlocking Material Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Plastic Cast Iron Height 630 mm 630 mm 300 mm 600 mm 800 mm 750 mm 1100 mm Diameter 250 mm 250 mm 300 mm 160 mm 220 mm 75 mm 100 mm10 11
  6. 6. K-sERIEs dROP ARm CABLE BARRIERs Designed to completely close an entrance line to OPERATION a facility and bring vehicles to a rapid halt, BGIs K-series drop arm cable barriers are the barriers of The K6000 series barriers are operated by an electro-hydraulic mechanism providing superior operation and unprecedented reliability. The choice for military, government and commercial K5000 barrier is operated by a unique pneumatic mechanism resulting in very low maintenance, fast and reliable operation. installations around the world. In both cases, opening time is user definable between 5 and 180 seconds and the opening and closing speeds can be set independently. The K-series barriers, with their unique dual cable The barriers are simple to install, require little maintenance and can be connected to 110 – 240V AC or 24V DC for a truly mobile solution systems and hydraulic or pneumatic operation (K6000 only). protect government and corporate compounds and border crossings. With its unique cable system, CONFIGuRATIONs the K-series barriers provide high-security to any location where an anti-ramming or anti-theft Mobile - anchored ∙ Surface mounted anchors are placed on the ground at either end of the barrier. This allows for quick deployment of an solution is required. anti-ramming solution and provides a particularly innovative solution to the varied and changing needs of the police and military. Installation configurations suit all sites, and options Mobile - plate ∙ The barrier is mounted on a wide steel plate which can be easily deployed for mobile solutions or installed permanently include surface-mounting for temporary or where deep foundations are not possible. On impact, the entire barrier tips up, thereby wedging the plate into the vehicle and bringing it mobile use, side foundations or shallow cross-road to a stop. foundations. End-point foundations ∙ In this fixed configuration, the anchors are installed underground in order to provide a more elegant appearance.K6000 ∙ Engineered to meet the demanding requirements of the military, the K6000 series offers This solution is typically used in urban areas where the anchors must be hidden to preserve the aesthetics of the neighborhood.maximum protection against a ramming vehicle. With configurations suitable for military orcivilian installations, this barrier has been proven in the field to stop vehicles in their tracks. sPECIFICATIONsK5000 ∙ The K5000 was developed in response to a demand for a cable barrier which would close K6000 K6005 K6010 K5000a perimeter line and provide anti-ramming protection at lower threat levels than the K6000. Thesingle-cable design offers an elegant barrier with a low profile.CABLE BARRIER sOLuTIONs Barrier Type Dual cable drop arm Dual cable drop arm Dual cable drop arm Single cable drop arm Mobile/Fixed Mobile Fixed or Mobile Fixed Fixed Foundations End-point surface anchors Mobile: No foundation End-point foundations End-point foundations Depth = 0 cm Fixed: Cross road plate Depth = 70 – 100 cm Depth = 70 – 100 cmBGIs K-series cable barriers are constructed to provide the highest level of protection against (Depth = 4 cm)ramming. In the event of an attempt to break through the barrier, the cables, which are hidden Mechanism Electro-hydraulic Electro-hydraulic Electro-hydraulic Pneumaticin the body of the gate arms, capture the chassis of the vehicle and transfer the energy of the Power 110 – 240V AC 5 – 6 ATM air pressuremoving vehicle to the concrete anchors. These anchors, which can be surface mounted or below- Supply 12 or 24V DC 110 – 240V AC (Compressor)surface, then wrap around the vehicle and bring it to a complete halt. Dimensions Length: Up to 600 cm Length: Up to 500 cm Width: 180 cm Width: 70 cmPROTECTION Height: 90 cm Height: 60 cmEngineered to meet both the US DOS and UK Options Battery backup Remote tank capacityPAS standards, the unique K-series anti- Manual hydraulic pump indicatorramming design has been proven in the fieldagainst threats including terror and theft.The K-series barriers are installed acrossthe world and are the de-facto standard fordrop arm barrier solutions for the securityservices and military in a number of countries.The K6000 and K5000 are also used extensivelyto protect commercial interests with the two-waybarriers preventing threats from entering or exiting.12 13
  7. 7. L-sERIEs LIFT ARm BARRIERs ELECTRIC OPERATION The L1000 electrically operated arm barrier is installed at thousands of entrance ways and provides a reliable solution to single lane or lower-volume use. By separating the drive mechanism from the gear mechanism, BGI engineers have managed to solve a problem that plagues traditional light arm barriers. Where direct drive motors are typically employed, horizontal pressure from a vehicle impact or vertical pressure from vandals or attempts to force the arm, will result in severe damage to the motor which is usually irreparable. In the L1000 electrically operated barrier, pressure on the arm may damage the arm, but the drive mechanism will not be affected. The powerful 0.5 HP motor will quietly and efficiently operate the barrier in attended or unattended locations and the controller can be integrated with a variety of access control options.BGIs L-series are industry leading high-volume, low maintenance administrative arm barriers.When synchronized with bollards or spikes, the combination becomes an effective anti-rammingsolution and is used extensively to protected entrances worldwide. sPECIFICATIONsSpecifically engineered for high traffic flows and low maintenance, the L-series sets new standardin reliability. With its anti-vandal design, the L-series can be installed in both manned and L1000 L2000unmanned locations in remote and urban facilities. Barrier Type Light arm barrier Light arm barrierSuitable for border crossings, car parks and entrances to compounds, the L-series can Mechanism Electric Pneumaticbe integrated into a range of access control and intruder detection systems to provide acomprehensive perimeter security solution. Power Supply 0.5 HP Motor 5 – 6 ATM air pressure 110 – 240V AC 110 – 240V AC (Compressor) Arm Dimensions Length: 3 – 6 m Length: 3 – 5 mStrong ∙ Safe ∙ High performance ∙ Reliable ∙ Low maintenance ∙ Anti-vandal 76mm x 44mm Aluminium box section 76mm OD Aluminium tube Speed 4 – 6 seconds From 1.5 seconds Cycles per hour 100 250PNEumATIC OPERATION Cycles per day 1000 5000With its unique pneumatic system, Options • Arm Lightthe L2000 arm barrier system • Stop Signprovides a solution to very high • Skirtvolume traffic flows. Opening times Safety • Infrared sensorsof 1.5 seconds can be achieved, but • Warning lights and/or traffic lightsthe pneumatic operation results invery low maintenance since the airpressure ensures minimal wear onthe system components.With no gears to jam or motorsto burn out, the simple pistonmechanism is rated at 10 millionoperations between gasketreplacements.14 15
  8. 8. s -sERIEs sPIKE sysTEm ACTIvE 2-WAy sPIKEs dEvELOPmENT The unique and innovative S1000 spike Bollards, gates, roadblocks and cable barriers will bring a vehicle to a complete and immediate halt but passengers are likely to be severely system was developed with the specific injured or killed by the impact. aim of bringing a vehicle to a halt without It has been shown that for certain applications such as border crossings, a run on a barrier may be with criminal intent, but could also be harming passengers. Designed to rip a result of driver error. tires apart and even withstand the latest BGI was therefore requested to design a system to effectively bring a vehicle to a halt whilst ensuring the safety of the passengers. The generation of run-flat tires, the S1000 has resulting spike system has been deployed extensively at border crossings and car parks to provide an effective solution to this problem. been proven in the field as a particularly effective solution for border crossings and locations where vehicles pass at high OPERATION speed. The S1000 spikes are powered by a pneumatic system resulting in fast and reliable operation. Pneumatically operated and typically By regulating air pressure rather than power to gears and motors, the system controller is able to accurately synchronize the movement of synchronized with a light arm barrier, the the spikes with the light arm barrier above. S1000 system comprises a set of hollow Safety features ensure that the barrier is always down when the spikes are in the raised position. Opening time can be as short as 2 seconds spikes which cross the entire width of the and the opening and closing speeds can be set independently. lane. When the barrier is down, the spikesare locked in the raised position and when the barrier is raised, the spikes are lowered into theground allowing cars to pass over safely. mAINTENANCEThe hollow spikes have been engineered to ensure that a vehicle will be disabled irrespective of The spikes are housed in 1 meter long segments which can easily be removed for maintenance. The spikes themselves can be individuallythe approach direction. The height and width of the spikes have been specifically designed to rip replaced with little effort. Pneumatic operation of the system results in very low maintenance since there are no gears or motors and veryapart both small private vehicle tires and large commercial vehicle tires. Even run-flat tires which few moving parts.use either the solid wall or wheel band method, are similarly disabled by this system which is Given the extreme conditions under which the S1000 spike system is installed, BGI engineers took special care to design for all weatherparticularly ruthless in its ability to shred a tire and damage the wheel. conditions. The large diameter of the spikes prevents blockages and allows rain and snow to drain through the system.Suitable for all weather conditions, the spike system incorporates a self-cleaning mechanism anddrainage. PAssIvE 1-WAy sPIKEs For lower security applications, surface mounted passive 1-way spikes can be installed which incorporate spring loaded spikes which are lowered by the movement and weight of the car as it passes in the correct direction. Any attempt to pass over the spikes in the wrong direction will result in multiple tire punctures. The spikes incorporate a screw mechanism to allow them to be manually locked in the down position to temporarily enable vehicles to pass in the wrong direction. sPECIFICATIONs S1000 S2000 System Type Active 2-way spikes Passive 1-way spikes Mobile/Fixed Fixed Fixed Foundations 500 mm Surface mounted Mechanism Pneumatic Spring-loaded manual Dimensions L: 4.5 – 7 m L: 900 mm W: 270 mm W: 230 mm D: 330 mm H: 105 mm Maximum Speed 2 secs. N/A Power 5 – 6 ATM air pressure N/A 110 – 240V AC (Compressor)16 17
  9. 9. ROAdBLOCKs CANTILEvER GATEs Engineered to meet the extreme demands of large openings, BGIs heavy duty cantilever gates have been supplied with spans of up to 30 meters to close 60 m wide border crossings. The gate moves over steel roller bearings fitted on a carrying frame, which allows the wing to hover above the ground and move across sloping or uneven surfaces without the need for a track. Suitable for large openings to compounds, government or military installations or border crossings, BGIs cantilever gates are custom built to meet all local topographical and environmental constraints.BGIs wedge roadblocks are the anti-ramming solution of choice for the highest security OPERATIONinstallations where full width lane protection is required. With their quick deployment and The gate is powered by a high-quality, heavy-duty 2.5 horsepower electric motor with a clutch that can be neutralized during a powerability to bring a vehicle to a complete halt, the R1000 roadblocks are engineered to meet the outage. The rack and pinion track allows the gate to move smoothly and the exposed rollers can be serviced without the need tomost demanding security standards. disassemble the gate.The R1000 roadblock is suitable for the protection of sensitive government and military locationsand of entrance ways to key infrastructure compounds. sAFETyWith a shallow 53 cm foundation and an efficient hydraulic mechanism, the R1000 roadblock issimple to install and operate and requires minimal maintenance. The roadblock can be activated Safety features include two pairs of photo electric sensors to halt movement if a vehicle or person passes during operation, and a clutch forusing a range of access control solutions and can be fully integrated into perimeter security neutralizing or reversing the motor in the event of a collision with a person, vehicle or any other∙ Highest protection level∙ Fast operation∙ Reliable∙ Low maintenancesPECIFICATIONs R1000 Barrier Type Wedge roadblock sPECIFICATIONs Mechanism Hydraulic C1000 Power Supply 3 HP Motor Barrier Type Cantilever gate 110 – 240V AC Mechanism Electric Foundation Length: 4200 mm Depth: 530 mm Width: 2200 mm Power Supply 2.5 HP Motor 110 – 240V AC Deployment Speed 4 seconds Dimensions Length: Up to 30 m Height: 2000 mm Cycles per hour 80 Width: 350 mm Cycles per day 800 Speed 20 m / sec18 19
  10. 10. ACCEss CONTROL BGI is proud to offer a selection LICENsE PLATE RECOGNITION of the most advanced systems for access control. Any of our License Plate Recognition systems detect and read vehicle license plates for traffic enforcement, toll hydraulically, electrically or roads, border control, security, access control, parking systems, and many other applications. pneumatically operated bollards, BGI offers a sophisticated vision-based License Plate Recognition system that identifies number plates gates, barriers or spikes can on stationary or slowly moving vehicles approaching a barrier or gate. be controlled by these access The combined camera/illumination unit compares the recognition result to an authorization list and control methods most of which opens the gate if the vehicle is authorized. Authorized vehicle numbers are stored on the units local can in turn be integrated with database. Users can change the authorization list, as well as other parameters, using a special web ease into other enterprise server application. systems. The system in its typical configuration will recognize a license plate in less than 0.5 seconds and the From simple push button detection range is 4.0 -to 7.0 meters with a standard lens. Multiple cameras can monitor a single lane activation to advanced biometric for increased security and reliability. control. BGI offers an access With its ability to operate continuously during the day and night, including adverse weather conditions, control system to meet every BGIs LPR solution can be run as a standalone system or integrated into an enterprise IT environment security level and budget. for full control and tracking of vehicle movement.CELLuLAR PhONEThis innovative, reliable and effective system allows gates or barriers to be activated by usingcellular phones.In order to open the gate, the cellular phone number of the caller must be pre-registered in thesystem. Phone calls are free since the system does not answer the call and use air time, rather it CONTACT ANd NON - CONTACT CONTROL sysTEmsuses the Caller ID of the calling phone which it checks against a predefined list.A PC or phone based management console allows access to be defined on an hourly or dailybasis and one-time visitors can be granted access by registering their phone details and expectedarrival time/date in advance. The system can also be programmed using SMS text messages.The system can store over 5000 phone numbers and is suitable for all types of installationsincluding car parks, closed residential communities, private homes and commercial compounds.Celllular phone activation uses the GSM phone system and phones must have Caller ID enabledin order to activate the gates.BIOmETRICFor world class security, a biometric solution ensures that only approved people enter the facility.Our RF-based fingerprint identification system for physical access control incorporates high-speed one-to-many matching, ensuring an unparalleled level of security and user-friendliness∙ Encryption at the sensor level Remote Control Magnetic Card / Proximity Card∙ Innovative live sensing security features∙ Sensor unit includes a proximity card reader∙ Robust, suitable for diverse stand-alone, networked and integrated applications∙ Wireless and wired solutionsBGIs biometric access control system ensures that fingerprints are actively read from the livetissue (dermis) layer. The sensor is unaffected by abrasions, small cuts and dirt on fingers and 360°fingerprint rotation results in a very user-friendly solution.The reader is not sensitive to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight on the sensor andinformation is stored only on the Biometric Processing Engine, which is installed at a protectedlocation, separately from the sensor. To prevent misuse and protect user privacy, encryptedbiometric templates cannot be converted back into the original fingerprint image.A user friendly management application can maintain and control up to 150 reader units from asingle computer. PIN Code Keypad Operator Panel20 21
  11. 11. PERImETER PROTECTION ACCEssORIEs BGI offers a complete perimeter BGI offers a complete range of accessories to complement its barriers, gates and access protection solution in the form of a control systems. Some are off the shelf products whilst others are custom made according new generation vibration perimeter to the client’s needs. fence sensor system designed to handle all aspects of perimeter protection. It PARKING REsTRICTOR upgrades any existing fence to the status These durable parking restrictors provide an aesthetic and practical delimiter for parking of an electric barrier with an exceptional spaces and will prevent damage to vehicles and buildings. Constructed entirely of rubber, detection resolution of +/- 10 meters. they are long-lasting, easy to install and can withstand extremes of temperature. Wherever perimeter protection and intrusion detection are required, BGI T1100/T1150 sPEEd BumPs provides a system that is easy to install, Ideal for slowing down vehicles without causing damage, these speed bumps are modular operate and maintain. The long life and can be combined to provide the required width. Constructed entirely of rubber, sensor units are easily attached to the they can withstand the pressure of constant vehicle passage and are suited to all weather fence at approximately 3 meter intervals conditions. and are highly immune to extraneous environmental factors. sPECIFICATIONs T1100 T1150 T1200∙ Very low false-alarm rate due to a special software algorithm. Type Parking Restrictor Parking Restrictor Speed Bump∙ All weather operation. Material Rubber Rubber Rubber∙ User friendly interface. Height 135 mm 135 mm 56 mm T1200∙ Easy to install and maintain. Length 1780 mm 900 mm 1830 mm∙ Can be installed on almost any type of existing fence Width 152 mm 152 mm 300 mm∙ Battery back-up.∙ Allows manual or automatic sensitivity adjustment according to the protecting perimeter characteristics and weather conditions.∙ Allows neutralizing sections without affecting the detection capability of the entire perimeter.PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION LIGhTsThe perimeter intrusion detection principle is based on Red/green traffic light are available in two sizes"reflected wave technology" that works in a similar way with either 200 mm or 35 mm diameter lensesto radar. Rotating warning lights are available in either yellow or red.Each perimeter control unit (PCU) transmits electric pulsesinto the sensor line. When an intrusion attempt occursalong the perimeter, it will be detected by a reflectedwave from the nearest sensors. The time delay between T1300/T1350 T1400 T1500the transmitted and the reflected wave will determine thelocation of the event within +/- 10 meters resolution.This radar-like principle simplifies the structure of thesystem while offering advantages that other technologies CONTROLLERsare unable to provide. The sensor line, which consists of Controllers are custom built according to the installation configuration.only one twisted-pair cable, simplifies the installation andmaintenance and is protected by an end of the line resistor T1600against any tampering with the system.sysTEm CONFIGuRATION OPERATOR CONTROL PANELsThe system can be supplied stand-alone, or can be Operator Control Panels are custom built according to the installation configuration.integrated with any other security system such as IRsensors, CCTV, PTZ cameras, access control systems, VMD T1700solutions, wireless communication systems etc22 23
  12. 12. ThREAT ANd RIsK ANALysIs As the first step to planning an upgrade either to your perimeter securityservices or your facilitys security in general, BGI recommends a complete threat and risk analysis. Undertaken by leading physical security consultants, this study is the first step to understanding the level of your current protection and your vulnerability. A threat and risk analysis report will tell you: ∙ Which threats are relevant to your facility and how seriously they should be taken. ∙ Where are the vulnerabilities in your buildings, technology and procedures. ∙ In what priority the vulnerabilities should be addressed. The study can focus specifically on perimeter security or the scope can be expanded to cover your entire facility. PhysICAL sECuRITy CONsuLTING BGI is able to call upon a team of world class security consultants to offer a complete physical security consulting service. Specializing in physical security, our experts are able to advise on a wide range of subjects relating both to building and technology: Physical ∙ Architecture, windows, structure, landscaping, perimeter, entrances, exits and all other physical elements. Technological ∙ Surveillance, control room, access control, screening equipment, alarm, detection systems, information security, and security related technology. Our team of experts has worked with governments and corporations world wide and will be happy to assist you with the design and implementation of complete physical security solutions which incorporates BGI perimeter security protection. INsTALLATION ANd mAINTENANCE Through our worldwide network of distributors and dealers, BGI are pleased to be able to provide installation and maintenance for our entire range of products. Installations for complex entrance designs can be handled entirely by our team as turn-key projects, or alternatively the products can be supplied for simple installation. CusTOmIzATION Many of our products can be customized to your needs. Our design and engineering team will be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to develop a solution. Access control often needs to be integrated with other security systems or enterprise IT and our specialists will ensure seamless implementation and integration with your existing environment. 25
  13. 13. For more information, please contact · BgI headquarter office 10 hasadan holon Israel 58815 · Tel: +972 3 550-0465 Fax: +972 3 558-3113 · email: