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Grow your Business with Help, Funding and Investment



“While banks are open for business there are other ways to get finance. Bank finance is not always right for companies” – British Bankers Association via (October 2013) ...

“While banks are open for business there are other ways to get finance. Bank finance is not always right for companies” – British Bankers Association via (October 2013)

Everyone goes through hard times in their personal and business life but its not about how many times you get knocked down, its about getting up, starting again and being a success and sharing that story. Life is about a journey and not the destination! 336,000 of UK SME’s applied for bank loans between Q3 2011 and Q2 2012 however 23% of these were rejected.

For over 20 years I have been helping brands grow, sell more products and services but more importantly helping them building teams and make money.

More recently since 2010, I have specialised in understanding technology, but focused around helping business owners who have a focus in the Retail and my own companies.

To do this I’ve spent years working on myself and building my own personal brand and over the last 6 years I’ve worked with 3 very different mentors/coaches, who have helped me grow and I’ve surround myself with people who are better at doing things than me, but compliment my already growing skillset.

This has enabled me to become an international keynote speaker, with the help of 2 very different coaches, start 2 IT companies with the help of a coach. One of my IT companies received £150,000 SEIS investment, valuing the business at £1Million in less than 2 years and the other got a £5,000 Start Up Loan, with its first partner being Amazon.

2013 was the fifth consecutive year of decline for traditional bank lending. This shows how reluctant banks are to help small businesses. With all of these government run initiatives, you, as a business owner can take advantage to get the help you crave and get the funding and investment to grow your business, it’s as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Growth Accelerator – Get match funding of £2,000

2. Start Up Loans – Get £15,000 Loan into your business

3. SEIS – Angel Investors will give you £150,000, knowing the government gives them up to 103% back… Yes 103%

1 in 3 small businesses now use some form of asset based finance as they see the benefits of assisted funding.

I will be running a complimentary webinar on the 9th January at 7pm for 1 hour to share with you how YOU can tap into this under publicised reserve of knowledge and cash.

Here’s what you’ll learn and why you need to be there today at 19:00 GMT time:

1. Why your business needs a “Story”

2. How To Decide Which Funding Option Is Best For You And Your Business.

3. Top Tips On What You Need To Do Before You Even Start Looking For Funding.

4. Exactly what investors look for and the critical mistakes to avoid.

5. Plus a whole lot more.



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Grow your Business with Help, Funding and Investment Grow your Business with Help, Funding and Investment Presentation Transcript

  • Warren Knight Grow Your Business with Help, Funding and Investment 1. Tell Your Story 2. Growth Accelerator £3.6K 3. Start Up Loans £15K 4. SEIS £150K
  • Brand What you do? How you do it? Why you do it? People don’t buy WHAT you do …They buy WHY you do it
  • @wvrknight #ABP Twitter Warren Knight Advantage Business Partnerships Brand
  • 1992 Prince’s Trust 1997 UKTI - Disney 2012 SEIS 2013 Start Up Loans 2014 GA Approved Celebrating £150,000 CEO’s, Angel Investors, MP’s
  • Industrial Revolution UK has the largest GDP for online sales Globally
  • 50% of Businesses Fail in Year 1 70% FSB used Finance in 2013
  • No Clear Objectives Business Planning Poor Marketing Self Belief Poor Lack of Investment Management Why do SME’s Fail? Cash Flow Management Embrace Technology
  • Where’s the Problem? What’s the solution? Who? When? How? The hard economy has hit everyone Where do you turn?
  • 28% 11% 38% of business owners found turning to customers for help useful of business owners found turning to their bank manager for help useful of business owners found turning to friends for help useful Who do we turn to? (FSB Survey of 10,037 Business owners)
  • Funding Solutions •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Banks Alternative Lenders Princes Trust Start Up Loans UK Business Funding Centre Crowd Funding Angel Investors Venture Capital
  • Idea   generaUon   Idea   evaluaUon   Product   development   Product   launch   GROWTH   MARKETS     PRIVATE   EQUITY   Over  £10m   £2-­‐5m   PUBLIC  MARKETS     PRIVATE  EQUITY   Venture  Capital  apital     Venture  C     Private  Venture     £500k     Seed     Business     Venture   Angels   Capital   Venture     Business   Capital   Angels     £100k   £  0k   Profit   generaUon   Publicly  backed     £1m   £50k   Expansion  &   MarkeUng   3F     Friends   Family   Concept  &   seed  stage     Capital   Start  -­‐  Up   Debt/  Bank  Finance   Early  Stage   Expansion   ConsolidaUon  &   Later  Stage   Funding Requirement Business Growth
  • £3,600 Match Funding 144hrs of help from a Business Growth specialist
  • We’re here to help YOU 6 weeks of help from a specialist
  • up-to £15,000 Loan Help you write a Biz Plan & Cashflow Forcast
  • £5,000 Loan 1 day approved
  • £150,000 Business must be less then 2 years old
  • Valuation £925,000 In less then 2 years
  • Executive Summary The Problem Addressable Building on Success Market The Solution Typical Customer Timeline Financial Forecast You need to know your Business What are my options?
  • 1. How Can We help? Peer Group – Build a Better Business 10 – 15 Business owners meeting once a month
  • 2. How Can We help? Starting a Business Business Plan, Research, Suppliers, Cash flow, Premises, Sales & Marketing Finance
  • 3. How Can We help? Growing your Business Strategy, Team, Staff, New Revenue, Lead Generation, Reduce Costs, Increase Sales
  • + 1-1 Consultation
  • Warren Knight Entrepreneur Mentor Coach Trainer @wvrknight warren (at) 020 8123 3730