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David Dawson Home work grid
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David Dawson Home work grid


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  • 1. CreativityDesign a poster on Personal Safety, Personal Relationships, Nutrition or another content area covered in PDHPE lessons.ORWrite a short descriptive diary entry on a sporting activity you participated in this weekLiteracyRead a book chapter or magazine article that depicts a healthy activity such as dancing, gymnastics or oz tag.ORRead a book or article that is about sexual identity, personal relationships, personal safety etcTechnologyFind an interactive website related to physical or mental health and complete one of the available activities on the site.ORCreate a blog account and make an entry on one of the activities of PDHPE you have been involved in this term.EnglishSend a friend an email or write them a letter and tell them something important to you or ask them an important question.ORWrite a short story about being physically active with an adult where you write one paragraph and then an adult writes one (Write four paragraphs).Physical EducationComplete a 15 minute exercise in the morning and another in the afternoon eg skipping, playing modified soccer etcORArrange to play a modified sporting game with friends on the weekend and play for 30 straight minutes.MathsGraph eating habits or physical activities eg record what you eat each week and how much of it you eat and then make a graph to represent this or graph minutes exercise over 7 daysORCalculate as accurately as you can the amount of calories consumed from snacks over the course of 2 daysScienceIdentify three muscle groups and label them used in any given exercise and explain how they are used ORTake your blood pressure, pulse, temperature before and after exercise and record the data in a journalHolistic ApproachesTalk to a relative about any issue for 10 minutes and then make a note of the most significant themes of the conversationORWrite a letter to the teacher, principle or newspaper about an important school or community issueSustainabilityCreate a vegetable patch or plant some fruit trees in your backyard if possible or grow simple vegetables indoors ORCreate a reusable sporting kit eg drink bottle, cold storage bag, sweat towels, etc<br />HOMEWORK GRID – Some activities can only be completed once (Blue Text) but one activity should be attempted everyday. Those activities marked in blue as once only can be improved upon and improving upon them can be included as a homework activity.<br />